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Ryanair Interview and Sim Assessment (merged)

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Ryanair Interview and Sim Assessment (merged)

Old 12th Oct 2017, 09:17
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Originally Posted by XanderFly View Post
Thank you Martin. Hope your assessment was succesful. One final question; when have you first uploaded any documents? In other words, what was the date of your initial application?
I sent my initial application in the beginning of July.
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Old 12th Oct 2017, 11:49
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I've uploaded all the required documents, but there is still the following message when I connect to MyCAE training portal :

"to complete your Training Request, you are now required to upload the documents listed below. Failure to upload these documents will prevent your request from being processed.

•CV (English version)
•Copy of ATPL written exam results (original)
•Copy of CPL result (1st series; partial; 2nd series; etc)
•Flight school report (English version) **
•Copy of MCC Certificate (Original)
•Copy of Multi-Engine Instrument Rating (MEIR) result
•Medical Class 1

Wich I did 4 weeks ago and checked but the message is still there when I login.
Has anyone the same problem?
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Old 12th Oct 2017, 18:11
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This message also appears on mine whenever I log in, it is just information. If you already have all the docs uploaded don't worry
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Old 12th Oct 2017, 20:22
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My experience

Me: British 23yo cadet graduated from CTC integrated in February 2017.


* 02 May 2017 - application submitted
* 17 Jul 2017 - email "your online application is not complete" (i emailed tech support asking what this meant as all my documents were uploaded. No reply)
* 28 Jul 2017 - email - "still interested?"
* 04 Aug 2017 - email - "thanks for telling us you're still interested. Your profile is still not complete"
* 24 Aug 2017 - email - "expect a call in the next 14 days" (I hadn't done anything to my profile)
* 31 Aug 2017 - phone call
* 04 Oct 2017 - assessment

I had no interview questions on the phone, it was all admin. He told me my flight report had to be signed, and to email him a signed copy. Once I did he called back and offered me a date. If you need to change the date, you'll have to wait a week or two for another call.

Simulator Assessment

As PM:
LPL Wallasey 2T rw 27
T/O: auto thrust, disconnect at 1500'
General handling
Show position on the chart
LPL RV ILS rw 27

As PF:
LPL Wallasey 2T
General handling
Freeze sim
Passenger heart attack. We were able to DODAR, NITS, set up for the approach
Unfreeze sim
LPL Procedural ILS rw 27

Charts used are Navtech. Our assessor was friendly and helpful, reminded us of pitch/power datums, and fine tuned the thrust throughout (it was the same for everyone who had him).


What model number are our 737s
How many seats
What protection does it have against ice
What was the DA42 Crosswind limit
How do you calculate crosswind in your head
What was the cruise speed
How long would it take you to travel 40 miles
What is V2
Where is the screenheight

What's your background?
Why did you choose your school?
Why did you want to become a pilot?
What are you doing at the moment?
What was the hardest part in your training?
Where do you see yourself in five years?
Why didn't you join easyJet?
Where else have you applied?
What are your weaknesses?

Do you have any questions?

I asked "what is the selection process, and why are there such random wait times?
They said "no idea... there is no process. It's terrible. Everyone is processed within two weeks but after that, no idea. Everyone will eventually be contacted"

The interview began with admin, a series on disjointed tech questions, then the HR questions. The atmosphere went from pop quiz, to interview, to conversation. They don't require very in depth answers for the tech questions. I had answers for all questions asked of me, and my study was from boards like this and other interviewees.

Unfortunately I was unsuccessful.

Good Luck
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Old 13th Oct 2017, 08:03
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femfly, couldn´t you apply for easyJet?
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Old 13th Oct 2017, 10:38
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Do you mind me asking what the situation was with EasyJet, were you sponsored by them, and what was your reply when they asked 'why not EasyJet?'
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Old 17th Oct 2017, 10:23
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Hello Guys and Girls,

Do you have any updates on the Ryanair CAE TR programme? I applied first week of August (a week or two before Ryanair starting cancelling the flights). Their low-hour intake seems to have stalled..
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Old 18th Oct 2017, 09:28
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Ryanair application

Good morning,
Here is my situation:
I applied on CAE website on the 13th of August;
On the 17th of August I received an email from Pilot Provisioning stating that Ryanair was interested in my application, but the application was still incomplete and I needed to upload some missing documents;
Finally, after receiving the last document from CAA, on the 15th of September I completed the application and notified CAE.
CAE answered: “Thank you for completing your application. Please note we will contact candidates who are selected and found suitable by the airline in due course”.

It is been more than a month so far......
What should I expect......... PFO?

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Old 18th Oct 2017, 09:36
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Doesn't anyone read this thread? Some get called in a few weeks, some (just like myself) take over a year to get called. Just have some patience and hope you get an invitation somewhere else as well haha
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Old 18th Oct 2017, 10:12
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I was not wondering about the time it takes to be called for assessment, but about their centence “Ryanair is currently interested in your application”........Do they aswer everybody the same when applying?

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Old 18th Oct 2017, 10:23
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Yeah it's just standardised all the way, if you get the mail about the incomplete application you can expect the email about the call soon, but even that can take a few months.
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Old 18th Oct 2017, 17:54
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Hi people,

I am going to apply shortly with Ryan Air. Does somebody knows something about the telefon questions of the first interview?
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Old 18th Oct 2017, 18:41
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Please read the thread and you’ll find the answers.
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Old 20th Oct 2017, 09:06
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Good morning guys!

Yesterday, i received an email from CAE and they will call me within the next 14 days. Are they asking if you failed any atpl exam? I failed 3 subjects in the first sitting but i passed this 3 subjects in the second sitting. Is it a problem for them?
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Old 20th Oct 2017, 09:47
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I got an email from them as well, yesterday....finally after 6 weeks (Initial application).
I don´t think so. I heard from guys who also failed 3 subjects and were invited for an assessment. So, don´t worry.
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Old 20th Oct 2017, 14:04
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I have just completed the training request on the CAE website and uploaded all of the required documents. Is it normal to receive a confirmation email that you have submitted an application?

I have received no email and also no active training request is visible on my profile?
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Old 20th Oct 2017, 14:09
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I've tried to modify and old request and I was getting an error, also tried to create a new account and same thing..

Update failed. First exception on row 0 with id a10a0000009Ymp6AAC; first error: CANNOT_INSERT_UPDATE_ACTIVATE_ENTITY, TrainingRequestTrigger: execution of BeforeUpdate caused by: System.NullPointerException: Attempt to de-reference a null object Class.TriggerFactory.CreateHandler: line 289, column 1 Trigger.TrainingRequestTrigger: line 3, column 1: [

I've reported this to their support email, so not sure if there any issues on their side.
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Old 20th Oct 2017, 19:13
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Hi guys!

Just finished my ATPL integrated course and I'm wondering if there're real possibilities of being called for the assessment with just 170 hours TT

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Old 21st Oct 2017, 21:23
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Originally Posted by flyer65 View Post
Hi people,

I am going to apply shortly with Ryan Air. Does somebody knows something about the telefon questions of the first interview?

I applied 8th of September. Email about getting a call at the 18th Oct. Call was the next day.
They didn't really ask me anything I just confirmed his answers like “you passed CPL and IR at first attempt? Me: Yes“ You have a valid ME/IR? Me: Yes“
It was a 5 minute call. After that he emailed me with the assessment date and details....so very easy going!
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Old 23rd Oct 2017, 09:48
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Good luck flybabyfly! When is your assessment day and how much time they allow you to prepare before the assessment day?
I applied on the 5th of September, to date no answer yet.
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