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Ryanair Interview and Sim Assessment (merged)

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Ryanair Interview and Sim Assessment (merged)

Old 1st Apr 2017, 14:10
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They use it as a filter. At the end of the day, as a pilot, it doesn't matter whether you scored well or not in your ATPLs. Having said that you are expected to have sound knowledge in certain topics like performance.
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Old 2nd Apr 2017, 10:30
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Thank you!
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Old 2nd Apr 2017, 14:02
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Ryanair Application Form

Hi Guys and Girls,

I'm currently going through my RYR application form and have heard from others that you have to be careful when selecting preferred bases so as not to be seen as fussy, particularly if you are from the UK.

If I were to prefer UK bases but be up for moving anywhere, what are the best selections to make? One UK base just in case then the rest Eastern European? or is the best thing to put purely non-UK bases?

In addition to this I'm finding it difficult to find out what the current exact TR costs/ initial contract pay is if anyone could shed some light on this?

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Old 2nd Apr 2017, 14:47
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CEA Ryanair

Afternoon All

I have sent an application to Ryanair through the CEA website and I haven't had anything to say that it has been submitted and I am unable to edit my hours or when the last time I flow was.

Does anyone know if I should of had confirmation that it was submitted and how I can edit it or who I contact about it. I have tried the email on the Portal but had no response.

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Old 2nd Apr 2017, 20:46
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Hi there Pilots,

What about loogbooks? Are they looking for faults? Update a loogbook sometimes can be a real head ache. Dates missing, instructor signatures missing....etc.

Any information apreciated.

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Old 2nd Apr 2017, 21:46
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Thanks for the answers guys! I have been unlucky to get 74 in 5 subjects, but at flying I'm way better, got a first time in CPL/IR....Also I think what will help me on the other hand is that I have some experience in the Flight Ops...as this is my current job, as long as they call me for the interview I will be happy so I can show them what I'm made of in the sim. Fingers Crossed!
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Old 2nd Apr 2017, 21:55
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Originally Posted by KingAirJimmy View Post
In relation to what RYR is looking from people, especially in regards to atpls, I know of people that have had some fails and still got accepted, but I think they are looking at overall picture.
The reason behind this, is to see if you will be able to go trough the type rating.
Ryanair 737 type rating aint easy at all, its a tought going that requires a lot of effort and discipline and the time frame they do it in, you have to be sharp to get along with it. There will be exams, tests, etc and you have to do extremely well. If you tought atpls were hard, think again. So I pretty much think this is on of the reasons behind their assessment filtering.
That makes perfect sense, I understand that if you have 14 fails there was clearly an issue.

I'm just curious to what their 'limit' so to speak is? I'm assuming 6 or around that number would be acceptable? I'm clueless To what their filter would be.

Again, thank you.
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Old 3rd Apr 2017, 00:17
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Hey guys,
I received the PASS email on the 27th of March and I'm going to start on the TR course FR1707 in East Midlands

I won't describe my interview and sim session, because I don't want to be misinterpreted or give your mind the opportunity to be biased
to take it to easy or too hard.
What can You say of a day in the Ryanair assessment building ? Everything was so relaxed and everyone really kind!
The questions to be expected are the same that you can find around the web, nothing more, nothing less...
Same thing for the sim session, look at 2/3 scenarios and give it your best shot, they will not try to trick you, which does not mean you won't get any problem...

For my preparation I used:
-ATPL books (Technical)
-Skyinstructor (Technical)
-The complete airline pilot interview work book (HR)

and then practice practice practice... write down your ideas and try ask yourself, WHY? WHY? WHY?
Be true, there is no need to boost them... they already have a big ego... and more than 11500 people working for them!

At last I would like to congratulate with those who didn't pass the assessment, for I am no better than them. You did a good job to get everything ready for the big day,
keep it up and the success will come!
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Old 3rd Apr 2017, 20:01
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Originally Posted by ego180 View Post

What is your total time? Are you a Flight Instructor? Do you hold any other abilitation/rating?

My understanding is that above 32/33 you have a chance for an interview only if you have something more than the minimum 200ish hrs of a frozen ATPL...

This is based on my observation for tha last 5 yrs.

I know some guys aged 35/39 called for an interview but they all had some of the above ratings/experience.
Hi there, I'm 34 with 230 hours, Mcc joc from simtech so might want to amend your undestanding because I got an invite for interview in few days
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Old 6th Apr 2017, 14:46
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Wow, that's nice...I'm 36, 250hrs, no fail in atpl nor in the sep/mep/cpl, applied on line and after 2 months no one called---
Will go on waiting and searching around
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Old 7th Apr 2017, 06:00
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Hello guys...
i need a small info...is there any scheme where if the candidate cannot afford to pay for the type rating the company pays for it and then deduct from monthly salary??
any info is much appreciated.
Thank you in advance.
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Old 7th Apr 2017, 08:53
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No. It's a self funded course, no exceptions however pretty you may be!
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Old 8th Apr 2017, 16:07
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Has anybody here ever had a second interview with Ryanair, i failed my assessment last summer and Ryanair pilots were telling me they call again in 6 months
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Old 10th Apr 2017, 10:08
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Someone lucky who would have had a second chance to repeat the assessment since August 2015? I mean..Someone who was called twice with same profile updated?

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Old 10th Apr 2017, 11:35
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Good mornig guys,

This message is for the spaniards applying to Ryanair, or for those who are already hired.

I am looking for all the paperwork we need for the interview, and I have NO idea how I can get the BACHILLERATO/ESO diploma translated to english and in a valid and official form.

In the other hand, do we also need the scores for each subjet of BACHILLERATO/ESO?

Is there anyone who has done this process before and the HR accepted it who can give me the correct way to do it?

I have searched in google with no luck...

Thank you so much, and please PM me!

Last edited by CL215; 10th Apr 2017 at 11:57.
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Old 10th Apr 2017, 12:47
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Hey CL215,

If you already have it in spanish, just look for "translation agency" around your location, I'm at Mallorca and I used Alphatrad, though they provide their services all around Spain, it cost me 72€ because I needed it in 72h, if not it was only 60€ which I think is reasonable. But any other official agency will serve the same purpose, what you're looking for is a "traducción jurada" I believe for it to be "official".
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Old 10th Apr 2017, 14:12
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Thank you so much for your fast answer Marcssr!

do you know if we need the scores? or with the certificate is enoguh?
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Old 10th Apr 2017, 19:30
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Not necessary, mine had the grades on it, but they won't mind if they aren't there, plus it will be cheaper to translate (depending on text quantity of course).
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Old 11th Apr 2017, 05:37
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About airline sponsored type rating

Hi, Are you gonna sponsore your type rating or is it sponsored by a particular joint partnership airline with CAE..? Is true that Europian airlines,sponsore ones type rating with a bond? And how much hours did you gain while finishing your Flight schl training. because I've gonna start my training with 2fy Airborne,an intergrated pro pilot programme of 13 months with 283 flying hours of total.And previously I contacted them,they replied saying" the type rating will be sponsored by the joint partner ship europian airlines with CAE"...Please help me I'm really confused...Thankyou!
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Old 11th Apr 2017, 10:01
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Hi Folks, I hope someone might be able to shed some light on the whole recruitment process at Ryanair?
I applied in august last year (2016) and have still heard nothing back, My application on the CAE website is still there and active, I update it when I can, but still nothing. I am still waiting for my flight school report from my school (long story) so i'm hoping that that will be the solution. If anyone has anything informative to add that would be appreciated.
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