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strangest freight

Freight Dogs Finally a forum for those midnight prowler types who utilise the unglamorous parts of airports that many of us never get to see. Freight Dogs is for pilots and crew who operate mostly without SLF.

strangest freight

Old 29th Apr 2004, 09:39
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15,000 copies of Lara Croft, unfortunately the PS2 game not Angelina Jolie.
Regularly carry rocket motors for the military and ejector seat production.
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Old 30th Apr 2004, 22:58
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How about Komodo Dragons

Ok, heres my contribution. I had to oversea 3 Komodo Dragons from CGK to LAX on GA and then ship two to MIA and one to MSP.
The one to MSP went fine, if you consider you couldnt approach the cages and had to stay at least 10ft away from the fronts.
The duo to MIA was the nightmare from Hell. At 11pm on a Friday
night, Bloody domestic carrier, no naames here, decided they wouldnt carry the creatures onto MIA. So with Customs, Fish & Wildlife, and Officers from the Center of Disease control standing around to monitor the process, I had to figure out how to get them to the Miami Zoo. Thankfully cargo carriers dont have problems with animals that could kill ya by looking at ya..LOL.

Also shipped Sly Stallone's Ferrari to the Sultan of Brunei.

Just remembered the time we loaded 30tons of McNugget
powder to OZ. We all looked like Pillbury dough boys after that
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Old 1st May 2004, 09:45
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Princess Royal in Viscount - only one old lady noticed and then kept going to loo so she could walk past for a look.
Suzie Quattro - strange lady
Sir Teddy Taylor MP (before his K) Really nice guy.

Oh! You mean in a freighter?
Most amusing: Two adolescent female gorrillas, one of which (whom?) made a grab for the FO. Best offer he'd had all month!
Boring: Usual horses, flash cars etc.
Strangest: A selection of colleagues of course!
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Old 1st May 2004, 23:20
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...a 'sighting device' for one of Betty's underwater cigars.......raised on wooden pallets so that it would fit over the ramp incline. Cigar had exceeded 'peeping speed' and bent the other one 'somewhere down south!'
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Old 2nd May 2004, 09:38
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No shuftiscope LRS then?
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Old 5th May 2004, 13:38
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The SBS I suppose - on a live mission in a c-130. They were "very" strange.

Hi - Mike Jenvey - David D here ex HLA - remember?
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Old 12th May 2004, 00:15
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Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders squad on week-long morale boosting tour of various US Army remote posts in Turkey. MY KIND OF SELF-LOADING FREIGHT!
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Old 13th May 2004, 14:08
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5 Live Ragged Tooth Sharks from Joburg to Maastricht...
It was a bitch getting caviar from those guys...
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Old 22nd May 2004, 22:44
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Full loads all

Horses Calgary - Anchorage - Sapporo (hot and sweaty)

Dairy Cows New York - Amsterdam - Kuwait (hot and stinky)

'Smart' bombs Norfolk - Bosnia (can't remember the place)

Cigarettes New York - Tashkent (local politician's wife bought the charter - unloaded by hand via 10m ladder in 12 hours by a horde who received 1 box Marlboros ea for their efforts)

Glad those days are over
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Old 25th May 2004, 19:14
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How about a load of ostrich from South Africa to Christchurch. Took longer to clean than to fly.
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Old 26th May 2004, 16:13
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1. Gonorrhoea samples to DXB (all they would have to do is scrape a Dubai bog seat and they'd save a fortune)
2. Manchester United football shirts to HKG to be trucked to China, embroidered, trucked back to HKG and then flown back to Manch & sold.
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Old 27th May 2004, 15:11
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The mention of bubble wrap as a surprise shows the civvy side here - us mil types ship that cr@p all the time.

Moving 120T of salt was amusing. Was supposed to be road salt for a special and remote place. We got 120T of table salt delivered! We flew it. And it worked.
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Old 31st May 2004, 09:18
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3 Pizzas out of Darwin in a C-210 many moons ago.

About $500, Bl dy expensive pizza's.....

Numerous Crocodiles (dead of course).

And my personal favourite, a frozen indonesian fisherman (also dead of course).

Cheers, HH.

Last edited by Howard Hughes; 26th Oct 2004 at 22:39.
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Old 1st Jun 2004, 09:04
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A gorilla from JER, a carpet to Rome, 2 tonnes of suchi to Milan for a fashion show and strangest of all about 100 Kgs of mail to EMA on a sunday! WHY!!!! a van would be cheaper!!!!.

Oh the best was watching 100 upset West Ham fans getoff a B737 last saturday Ha Ha Ha!!!!

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Old 1st Jun 2004, 13:47
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watching 30,000 palace fans cry, when they go back down next season
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Old 1st Jun 2004, 13:59
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Top Dog
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On topic gentlepeeps...
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Old 1st Jun 2004, 17:41
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The strangest one i have had was an uncle sending his niece a few pairs of crochless thongs. oooeeerrrr missus. And that is absolutly true.

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Old 3rd Jun 2004, 01:57
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HOOKERS OUT OF L.A. to St. Marteen

Six in a Learjet

Six in Six out

What a life
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Old 18th Jun 2004, 15:02
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Was at EGPF in the 80s when a USAF C5A arrived to pick up an American submarine to take home for servicing.

Doing walkround at LGW prior to flight to ESSA. Loaders were considering what to do about a box about 15'x3'x2' which was leaking clear fluid. Closer inspection revealed that it smelt of fish.Turned out that a Swedish holiday maker had caught a Marlin (?) whilst game fishing in the Seychelles and was shipping it back to Stockholm. I declined to take it, never did find out what happened to it.
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Old 18th Jun 2004, 20:09
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14 live caribou in a DC-3 on skis from a lake out in the boonies to a nature park. They were tranked and hobbled.

A load of beds in a Beaver on floats in to a fishing camp. The cabin was full of matresses, so the bed frames were strapped onto the canoe strut. There was no room for a seat for the passenger that went in, so he climbed up on the matresses and lay down for the whole flight.

Live lobsters in an Otter on floats. The were loose and I spent half the time kicking the bloody things outta the cockpit.

Max Ward once carried a full sized upright piano strapped to the float of an Otter. He said his touchdown was so smooth there was nary a sour note.
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