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AT463 23rd Mar 2004 13:18

strangest freight
Just wondering what the starngest thing you have ever had when handling cargo. Be it a coffin or gold or such.
Do you get any extra money or do you just get sweet FA for it.

Ex Oggie 23rd Mar 2004 13:45

Excluding the military, which we dont talk about :mad: , most desirable was an experimental Lamborgini Countach strapped to two AML pallet's with 'P' strops :ooh:

CR2 23rd Mar 2004 13:51

A whale from Barcelona to San Diego. A white rhino from a zoo in Germany to South Africa to be let free.
My favourite: a load of empty boxes....

cargohappy 23rd Mar 2004 15:57

a clapped out old italian job mini to iceland, along with some
snow ploughs and a pallet full of cadburys mini eggs. i like the
sound of iceland.
rgds all...ch

VP8 23rd Mar 2004 19:40

Know how you feel Mike had a classic from Commercial last week upped freight by 30% but didn't tell ops or the loady!!!!

Same crap different company!!


mutt 24th Mar 2004 02:22

200 COWS.........................

On our passenger aircraft we actually have instructions on the seating arrangements required when passengers bring FALCONS on board.


Specnut727 24th Mar 2004 05:38

Here's something a little smaller than whales or cows.

I have heard that there's a daily shipment of live crickets out of Brisbane. Headed for zoos around the world as food for lizards, small monkeys etc. A friend of mine built the machine to package them, 30 to a container, with food for the flight.

VP8 24th Mar 2004 06:39

A 30% increase, ouch, that hurts!!!! Still, gotta pay for that Jaguar somehow!


Now a Porsche :mad:


bacardi walla 24th Mar 2004 06:48

I could tell you what the strangest cargo I ever carried was, but then I would have to shoot you. lets just say it involved flying under the cover of darkness, flanked by 2 nice shiny silver jets and we flew over a lot of sand.............:mad:

whoop whoop pull up - ;)

CR2 24th Mar 2004 09:21

Condom charters (B74F) to Brazil for carnival. :eek:

Zones 24th Mar 2004 11:55

With no reference to MJ or VP8's comments on commercial staff ;):

Whilst stationed at Nairobi sales office, I sold, coordinated and accompanied a load of 3 x juvenile Rothschild Giraffe (was going to be 4, but 1 died of stress in the boma pre departure... :sad: )

Aircraft - L100/20
Eldoret, Kenya to unprpeared dirt strip in Uganda.

Great fun all round! Pretty hard to beat the experience as non-pilot!


taffman 24th Mar 2004 13:14

Dont suppose you are ex SAT are you Mr. Zones:confused:ok:

Dont forget S.A.T moving the killer whale Free Willy in a Herc with UPS coulours on its tail. The plane not the Whale. :ooh:

Ex Oggie 25th Mar 2004 00:11

In EDI once saw a 124 being filled with a load of bricks !, strangely that was on its way to Reykjavik.
That must have been the Icelandic gold reserve cunningly concealed by being wrapped in sheets of sandpaper to save on the cost of security. :p

CargoOne 25th Mar 2004 00:43

The ad-hoc charter flight (widebody) from LUX to Mombasa, Kenya.
Estimated payload was 50 000 kgs.
At the time of loading it has turned to 50 (fifty) kilos (one small box).
Nevertheless aircraft made a techstop at Cairo for refuelling as initially planned, becuase it was too late to change overflight/landing clearances through the Africa.

Buster Hyman 25th Mar 2004 01:30

Had an AN124 take train carriages from MEL to somewhere in India a few times, plenty of "Mr. Stiffy's", boullion and some sort of scanner weighing 20t but we could only offload 18t!!!:ooh: :uhoh: Just ask Ratty about that one!:uhoh: :ooh: :ouch:

CR2 25th Mar 2004 08:08

Ah yes, the scanner. :sad:

Erm, least said about that the better. Blerry ozzie unions. :ouch:

acmi48 25th Mar 2004 10:32

11 elephants in a 747... offloaded with a large bucket in toe...
furniture to baudolite for ex mr maputo
kuwait airways spare engines baghdad to kuwait 1991 confiscated by saddam's men in GW1
artic foxes from oslo to harbin
dolphins from mexico to lux in a dc8
the ship used in water world from france to hawaii -the film bombed and went way over budget(not suprised)
alpacas peru to europe-spit included

the list goes on. still the strangest has to be a russian reg jet that showed up- loaded up a load of ericsson phones and filed outbound to ukfv (which is the ukraine fir) and left,about 20 minutes later another russian jet showed up legitimately for the phones and they had gone..

Buster Hyman 25th Mar 2004 10:49

Ahhh...the memories Ratty!!!:E

acmi...Do you mean the tanker in Waterworld?:ooh:

CR2 25th Mar 2004 10:50

Ah yes, those yachts used in Waterworld, forgot about them. I loaded the :mad: things. November morning -15 degrees or something horrible like that. B744F maindeck completely full, 20T payload if I remember..

Did a generator to HKG, 40ft pallet gross weight 42000KG. Tie-down was fun :yuk: .

Buster Hyman 25th Mar 2004 10:51

Stop it you guys....I'm getting all misty!:{

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