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strangest freight

Freight Dogs Finally a forum for those midnight prowler types who utilise the unglamorous parts of airports that many of us never get to see. Freight Dogs is for pilots and crew who operate mostly without SLF.

strangest freight

Old 22nd Jan 2019, 18:45
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Are there crews that still switch into pajamas in air?
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Old 24th Jan 2019, 10:33
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Not a freight dog but an executive jet pilot. Was tasked to fly 1000 car steering wheels from UK to Spain.
Apparently they ran out due to a strike.
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Old 24th Mar 2020, 19:50
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Originally Posted by eeeaddict
Are there crews that still switch into pajamas in air?
oooooh yes
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Old 21st Apr 2020, 11:12
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Young Elephants

Originally Posted by AT463
Just wondering what the starngest thing you have ever had when handling cargo. Be it a coffin or gold or such.
Do you get any extra money or do you just get sweet FA for it.
Young elephants from Sri Lanka to Japan in a DC8. Obviously first time flyers. No known safe tranquiliser was available and they could have easily kicked their way out of the fuselage at any stage of the flight, especially on spool up for take-off! Extra money - you must be joking.
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Old 7th May 2020, 10:02
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Heard about this from a former GF in the airfreight business back in the early '70's, a light plane was bringing a loaded coffin and other small packages from Mt Isa to Brisbane, and had a fuel stop in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere, at altitude about 20 mins later, the pilot, the only 'living' thing on board experienced a nudge on the shoulder, fearing the worst, he slowly turned, to see a black cat, it must have snuck on board during refuelling earlier. Much relief. !
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Old 26th Oct 2020, 01:47
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Weirdest **** I ever moved was a dugong. Like a sea cow. All 900lbs strapped into some weird plywood frame with a few handlers to squirt her with water and damp towels. Made a hell of a mess.
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Old 28th Nov 2020, 02:44
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See and avoid
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'World's Loneliest Elephant' Moving To Sanctuary, With Help From Cher

Kaavan the elephant has been languishing in poor conditions in Marghazar Zoo in Islamabad since 1985, according tothe animal welfare group Four Paws International. He was brought there as a gift from Sri Lanka at 1 year old..On Sunday, Kaavan will move to an animal sanctuary in Cambodia, where he will be able to socialize with other elephants.

..."Transferring an adult elephant on a plane is something very, very rare," said Four Paws spokesperson Martin Bauer. Previous transfers he knows of have been much shorter distances between zoos in the U.S.

"An elephant transfer by plane on this scale I think has never happened before, so we are writing history here," he told NPR.
Or maybe not, but it's a good sound bite.
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Old 28th Nov 2020, 08:15
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Originally Posted by visibility3miles

Or maybe not, but it's a good sound bite.
who is doing this charter?
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Old 28th Nov 2020, 15:13
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See and avoid
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I don't know.
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Old 5th Feb 2021, 16:44
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Originally Posted by eeeaddict
Are there crews that still switch into pajamas in air?
Shorts & Tee shirt in the tropics for sure
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Old 27th Mar 2021, 12:09
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Originally Posted by SaulGoodman
who is doing this charter?
Aviacon Zitotrans

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Old 2nd Apr 2021, 06:40
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Anyone dropped a space ship from a plane ?
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Old 17th Jul 2021, 07:13
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Originally Posted by eeeaddict
Are there crews that still switch into pajamas in air?
Ha Ha would love too
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Old 18th Jul 2021, 21:15
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5000 minks on a 757F from Billund to Gander. Truly awfully smelly passengers! As luck would have it, YQX closed on us and we diverted to St. Johns (YYT) where the b****y ctitters were offloaded. Felt like incinerating my uniform after this flight.
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Old 19th Jul 2021, 13:25
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Avoid imitations
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I was once tasked to pick up an entire inboard flap from a three week old Boeing 747. The entire thing had fallen off that aircraft as the flaps were lowered during the IGS to the old Kai Tak airport, Hong Kong.
Strange thing was, it was lying slap bang on the piano key markings of the then not yet commissioned CLK airport!
It was far too long to fit in the S-70 cabin and the CAD reps who had tasked us wanted me to put it in a cargo net and fly it underslung. I refused, because it would be a dangerous load - after all, it was meant to fly....
We fitted it across the cabin, "P stropped" to the floor and facing upside down and backwards. Flew OK at 50 kts with both doors open and we safely recovered it to its intended destination at Kai Tak.
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Old 8th Nov 2021, 12:35
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40 Juvenile Adult elephants from Africa to shanghai.
Less strange ones are A320 engines, horses etc.
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Old 8th Jan 2023, 07:35
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A few coffins over time (HUM), first one I saw I didn't know what it was in the dim light, as they are covered in muslin cloth, fortunately a loader told me right before I was about to step on it to reach my bags.
Tractor parts, flowers for a florist show.
Full pallets of newspapers, the normal plane had gone tech and we were called in. Our plane didn't have floor rollers so each pallet had to be trolley jacked in.
Another airline I worked for, in the pax underbelly I recall they once transported live bee hives, on another occasion a live leopard for the zoo. The pilots sent a acars that the cockpit smelt of pussy...
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Old 27th Jan 2023, 17:09
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When a PPL flew himself into a misty hillside his fellow club members borrowed a coffin from the local undertaker to prove it would fit into a Partenavia. It did -- just about -- and as the deceased didn't mind a bit of a squeeze they flew him home.

The same airfield witnessed the arrival of three pedigree sheep in the back of a Cherokee Six -- I don't know how they were confined as cargo did not include a sheepdog ...

My Paro needed overhaul of its wobbly prop at Scottish Aviation in Prestwick. To avoid its hefty landing fees I fitted my prop into a friend's MS880 which easily managed a short grass strip some 20 miles south. My friends at SA met me with their families which I took for a brief joyride to see their houses, they left with my prop wedged between and over their apparently happy kids, and my beautifully rebuilt prop was returned the same way.
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Old 18th Jun 2023, 15:51
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Originally Posted by Ayrton
oooooh yes
And by the way:
700 small foxes into Russia
Usual police tanks into Africa
and across the Atlantic a ferry flight with only a couple of O-rings for a fuel pump for a stuck 76

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Old 18th Jun 2023, 19:30
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Live oryx in Oman.
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