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Freight Dogs Finally a forum for those midnight prowler types who utilise the unglamorous parts of airports that many of us never get to see. Freight Dogs is for pilots and crew who operate mostly without SLF.

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Old 6th Oct 2011, 16:35   #361 (permalink)

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Used to fly Sea World charters around the USA. Fairly standard load:

-all on the same load

polar bears

Great times!
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Old 13th Feb 2012, 10:28   #362 (permalink)
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22,000 pounds of dynamite from Ilopango to CHS during the Salvadoran war in a Herc. Military contract. We didn't worry about it, because if it had gone off, we wouldn't have heard a thing.
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Old 14th Feb 2012, 01:17   #363 (permalink)
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Four hundred fifty kg of distilled water in 5 gallon jugs going from the the mid east to the USA. I guess they couldn't boil water in the the US at that time.
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Old 7th Mar 2012, 17:54   #364 (permalink)
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A courier with five carry on bags. each with 75kg of gold. From a Middle Eastern country to Libya.
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Old 8th Mar 2012, 07:52   #365 (permalink)
Psychophysiological entity
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29,000 chicks. DC3. Pipes from cabin to our side windows to vent the poor things. 16 hours and our necks red from the particles of feathers.

Worse, more boxes than you could shake a stick at on DC3 SEN to Rochester. Full of WORMS. When hearing came back on shutdown. (it did then) you could hear a kind of slime noise. You think slime doesn't have a noise? Fly a million worms and say that. Bloody fishermen.

6 X 40 gal drums of Petrol to a colleague who's fuel had not covered his surprise diversion. Got permission to do allsorts when we needed to get the oil out of the sea.
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Old 8th May 2012, 22:09   #366 (permalink)
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A courier with five carry on bags. each with 75kg of gold.
And I thought BA were generous with 2 x 23 kg !

Did he really carry them on ?

More to the point, did he stow them correctly in the overhead lockers or underneath the seat infront of him ?
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Old 24th Jun 2012, 19:15   #367 (permalink)
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A human head on ice. For medical research rather than transplant I supposed.
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Old 16th Jul 2012, 21:43   #368 (permalink)
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saw a photo from a friend flying cargo posting a photo on facebook with cash only in the back of his A330
crazy stuff
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Old 16th Jul 2012, 22:59   #369 (permalink)
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Most memorable flight I've ever done has to be 900 pigs on the main deck of a 744F on their way to China. I can still smell them to this day
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Old 16th Jul 2012, 23:51   #370 (permalink)
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About a ton of polish (in lots of little bottles, boxed) for onward shipment to an Iranian car manufacturer. Flew it from ACI to GCI on three flights in a PA28. It had missed the boat to Guernsey and was already late, so that got it on its way fairly promptly.
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Old 14th Aug 2012, 07:50   #371 (permalink)
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6 Indian guys that had bought out the whole busines class. (12 seats) Each had two massive suitcases that were too heavy to carry by one person. 6 seats had this massive suitcase on them and the rest between those 6 seats as they were too heavy and big for the overhead bins. Content: cash money.
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Old 26th Aug 2012, 11:33   #372 (permalink)
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5 Live Zambezi sharks in a massive water tank from JNB to AMS
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Old 4th Oct 2012, 07:36   #373 (permalink)
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Gold and Lions

800kg of Gold from a gold mine strip to the international airport on a weekly basis in Ghana in a L410!

And a friend of mine carried 2 baby lions on a Hawker800 from Dubai to Sana and they destroy part of the aircraft interior, while playing and p...

Happy days!
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Old 13th Oct 2012, 20:24   #374 (permalink)
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Not really strange but unique and carried in a 20 tonne jet--

A paper bag with 5 Rolex watches and a cell phone

A small envelope with 50,000 Euro in 500 euro notes
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Old 28th Oct 2012, 22:40   #375 (permalink)
SCIOLIST (look it up) of the first order
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Fergie - the then Duchess of York on an Emery DC8 from STN.

My job was to show her around the AC and introduce her to the crew. The main deck was full of relief supplies.

Once I'd given her a quick tour - we got back on the ramp to meet some local dignitaries and the airport managers.

Discretely she then asked me 'What do I do if I need the bathroom?'

The thoughtful crew hastily erected a little curtain to protect her modesty in said on board facility.
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Old 29th Oct 2012, 21:47   #376 (permalink)
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Unless you are being particularly unkind, the D of Y counts as baggage rather than freight.

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Old 30th Oct 2012, 09:17   #377 (permalink)
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Old 9th Nov 2012, 02:41   #378 (permalink)
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Strangest freight

I did the trials to get Mrs Thatcher to the Falklands after the conflict. Internal fuel tank at the front, and caravan in the back for her. No probs until the fuel tank was filled!
Put ballast on the ramp, was OK until the internal tank was empty!
The LM had to move weight during the flight to FI to keep the a/c in trim!
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Old 9th Nov 2012, 12:58   #379 (permalink)
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Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - Original Car (always wondered why ti wasnt just flown over on it own maybe ETOPS regs )

Basking Sharks in a tank

Nobbled Race Horses (well they were once i fed them polo mints)

Pigs and I agree with 750XL on his comment - BTW word of advice you cant tell which direction a pig is gonna pee due to its curly wurly bits

Big Cats going to from zoo - those AVI boxes physically rocked when being loaded...

US Military Rescue Submarine complete with its own MACK truck and trailer. The trailer was lined with snap on type tool boxes all brand new (very nice)...

And while in Military the famous "bucket of sunshine" (those that know, know. Those that dont, dont )
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Old 9th Nov 2012, 23:18   #380 (permalink)
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Capt Chaos

Was inflight refuelling not consideed if VIP aboard?

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