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Fly747 16th Aug 2021 08:49

Quarantine gone crazy!
Real bad news for Cathay. And anyone who is currently travelling.
US and 15 other counties to Group A.
21 days in the hotel clink.

Backupnav 16th Aug 2021 09:03

The only way to get a holiday from this place gone mad is to resign.

Curry Lamb 16th Aug 2021 11:10

And when you finally emerge after being holed up for 21 days straight in a cage, you go skateboarding, and the Fun Police nabs you!

What is :mad: circus this place has become.

Man arrested for riding electric skateboard on road

Globocnik 16th Aug 2021 11:15

Dystopia. CHP running completely unchecked and out of control, and have completely lost the plot. And CX bending over backwards to comply. And supplying the lube.
Most countries that have not adopted the troglodyte method of control are just learning to live with it, and getting on with trying to rebuild some semblance of normality.
Indeed the only way to escape this nonsense is to eff off in fine pitch sharpish. 21 days Q. Aside from the mental health aspects just plain bloody mad. The place is :mad:

Dingleberry Handpump 16th Aug 2021 12:11

Unfortunately, HK/Aus/anywhere else seeking total elimination of C19 has gone so far down the rabbit hole that face-saving will/has become more important than plotting a sensible course out of this.

Rie 16th Aug 2021 15:41

Curry Lamb

This is something for once I have no issue with. The law here has always said no electric skateboards or electric bicycles. People push it knowing they aren’t allowed. Just look on Facebook and the 74 guys in DB with their bicycles. They know what they are doing.

Recommendation of 14 hotel and 7 home for group B-D now is what is obscene. What’s next, crew doing 14+7?

HVY 17th Aug 2021 02:07

We need more volunteers for closed loop flying. Weíre also reducing hotel allowances and plan to erode your conditions of service again. Time to win aged really well.

dabz 17th Aug 2021 02:50

You will not be allowed to do exercise in your room, no TRX on the door and the company does not care if theres no food options between 10pm-8am.

After every sector you will have to hold at the midfield terminal and there will be compulsory testing on days 1,2,3,3,4,5,6,7 etc.(day 3 requires 2 tests). Also 2 tests required 72hrs before each sector and 1 test half way through the flight.

Closed loop will consist of 21days reserve and there will be no extra money after. Your minimum hr threshold will be moved to 95hours online with other airlines(low cost airlines of course).

Also only your standard table X rest after the loop before you start another loop.

After all this the company will review whether it needs to pay you at all as the company feels you should be paying them to fly their shiney jets and CX does not care how wild the gov goes eith quarantine rules.

Oli777 17th Aug 2021 06:02

the problem isn't the government per say..


These morons on the highest level are the root cause for all of this. If everyone just took the damn vaccine (like you did when you were a baby!) then the death rate and the virus replication (as in the Delta variant.. and soon another variant) would be non existent.
BUT by not taking the vaccine and clogging up the hospitals and draining the government coffers, and allowing the virus to replicate they are inevitably causing ALL of this, world wide!

If you don't want to take the vaccine because you think you know more than scientists the world over, that is perfectly fine, BUT then by doing so you are NOT allowed to leave your house EVER and risk my families life. This is the problem, the anti vaxxers don't take the vaccine and then walk around amongst us like nothing is happening and so spread the virus and such a high rate that we are left in the world we live in today.

If you want things to change then get ALL your friends, family and workers to get vaccinated and lets end this madness. And if that means firing your staff because they didn't want the vaccine, then do it. I DID IT, FIRED THE LOT OF THEM. They will not endanger my customers of my new little business which I struggle to maintain.

So shall we all end this 21 day quarantine in hotels and invite our friends and family over again? You know what to do...

Shoebox 17th Aug 2021 08:30


The vaccines could potentially be accelerating the spread of variants. How would we know if this theory is correct? We won't because any scientist going against the WHO's narrative is silenced.

Now look at the image below and read the journal above. Can you process information critically and subjectively? Or do you just take everything at face value?

No, didn't think so. Continue yelling at people for questioning the Governments and the media. Continue labelling groups like "Anti Vaxxers" as this is EXACTLY what the new world order dictates. People like you are the virus eating away at free speach and eventually freedom to think.

Go ahead label me a conspiracist. Bah bah black on me. :}


Oli777 17th Aug 2021 09:15

I think you need to spend some time in ICU and have a little chat with doctors and nurses.

99.5% of deaths in the US from covid have been from people who are NOT vaccinated (CDC)

Read that again, and again and again.:ugh:

Memorylapse 17th Aug 2021 09:16

You have still not changed it…

Clueless In CLK 17th Aug 2021 09:22


God help the airline if this person flies jets and thinks like that

Rie 17th Aug 2021 10:40

Mandatory testing has come down to 7 days for everyone not vaccinated at CafeCity/Dragon House and the airport now. Hopefully that means more people will be likely to jab up.

Flex88 17th Aug 2021 13:58

You know the old saying, "Life Well Travelled"...

Shoebox 17th Aug 2021 14:41

I'm glad the company are keeping us in the loop (pun unintended) with regards to any restrictions we may face.

cannot 17th Aug 2021 19:50


you are completely wrong The delta variant has a virus shedding rate that is 1200 times the original Covid 2 this is why it’s so infective . This figure applies to both vaccinated and unvaccinated people.
vaccinated people generally have less symptoms so are more likely to spread the virus without realising that they are infected .
so stop drinking the cool aid that governments around the world are spouting, they have completely denounced the effective treatments of Hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin that if used early and aggressively can cure SARS Covid 2 within a few days with no long Covid symptoms .
There are so many cases of vaccine adverse reactions that under normal circumstances the vaccines would have been pulled from the market but big pharma are making billions from selling vaccines to people . No one knows what effect the MRNA Vaccines have on the fertility of young girls or the hearts of young boys yet the. A vaccines are being pushed for young kids.
the spike protein does not stay in the arm but spreads around the body lodging in the ovaries of young girls
i respect anyone’s decision not to take an experimental vaccine just as I respect anyone who makes the decision to take a vaccine but get off your high horse and stop demonising people who elect not to invest an experimental drug into their arms ,.
vaccinated people can spread the delta variant just as well as unvaccinated people , so spend some time educating yourself on Covid instead of blaming everything on unvaccinated people

Curry Lamb 17th Aug 2021 22:07

To vaxx or not to vaxx, Iíll tell you how this is gonna play out:

Letís take a look at smokers vs non-smokers first.

Back in the 1950s, everyone smoked, in and outdoors, it was the cool thing to do.
Fast forward 50 years, and powerful tobacco companies are forced to make people aware of the dangers of smoking, personal health and those non-smokers who are not interested inhaling second hand smoke - enter the ban on indoor smoking, go do your thing in designated smoking ďchambersĒ where you may still exercise your human rights.

Same is gonna go for vaccinations: restaurants, building management, public transport, air travel, to name but a few, reserves the right to ban any unvaccinated person from entering. Youíre a safety risk to other patrons.
Itís your right not to get vaccinated, yes, but youíre not gonna go and spread your germs all over others who chose to believe medical experts and got their jabs.

Everyone pays tax, however that doesnít automatically give you a blanket right to walk in anywhere, unvaccinated, as with the smoker analogy.

Health and Life insurance companies are already calculating the increase in premiums for the unvaccinated too. Youíre gonna cough up a lot more :}

Qantas Becomes Latest Airline To Require Employee Vaccinations

dera 18th Aug 2021 05:35

Originally Posted by cannot (Post 11096833)
the spike protein does not stay in the arm but spreads around the body lodging in the ovaries of young girls

This right here is why we can't have nice things.
The vaccine is spike protein now? Haha :D

Oli777 18th Aug 2021 05:48

I agree 100% with Currys Lamb.

I think there is a huge confusion as to what vaccines actually do and what their 'current' role is. Right now it's not about not catching or spreading covid-19, it's about eliminating the death rate. Covid-19 will be around forever, just like measles, polio, HIV etc, but the chances of dying from it must be reduced to almost 0. I wholeheartedly believe that if an infected unvaccinated person (by choice) then infected their wife, husband, mother etc who is also unvaccinated (by choice) and one of them died, then they would suddenly have a very different outlook on these vaccines. We are sitting in a country that has had a handful of cases, and a handful of deaths, which we are very very lucky. Too many people forget SARS, Measles etc. A few weeks back in the news, two young parents (both unvaccinated) both died from Covid-19 leaving behind a 1 year old daughter, let that sink in and if those deaths could have been prevented, and if that poor child could have grown up with parents.

Every vaccines, anti-biotic, head ache pill, diarrhea pill, the pill, a can of coke, a packet of peanuts, a motor car, aircraft etc has risks that could kill you. Does the benefit outweigh the risk?

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