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Rico_Corp 21st Sep 2021 03:07

Cody, a little off topic... however, since 1997 PRC already owns all land in HK including St Johns Cathedral as stated in the Basic Law. All land in HK is leasehold except St Johns Cathedral. Most leases expire 2047 (except HK Island which is mostly perpetual, with a few 999-year leases dating back to the 1800s too). HK Gov has already stated there are 30,000+ leases expiring in 2047 and they intend to renew them all (most likely through legislation).

CodyBlade 24th Sep 2021 14:05

Sure, but who will pay the leasehold top up?.

hyg 24th Sep 2021 14:34

Of course gonna be the owner of the apartments above the land

Fly747 8th Oct 2021 06:19

Ending crew quarantine exemptions?
We know that the HK gov want to open up to the rest of China at the expense of everything else. In order to do that we have to do whatever is required to fall in line. This was discussed in todayís Legco health panel as below:

Wong Ting-kwong: We now know the mainland wants HK to abide by their COVID-19 rules. Scrap airline crew quarantine exemption etc. Do you think we can meet these requirements? Which will we do first? Many of us envy the Macau system. How are we going to do that in HK?

Itís going to get worse before it gets better.

dabz 8th Oct 2021 06:26


Ahh this could be the first step towards HK CAD getting dissolved and turned off.

Welcome to China and all of China's lovely aviation rules...

Rie 8th Oct 2021 08:20


Air Macau are back to Red Tail flying again. Keeps everyone in a job and planes busy.

Any full length quarantine on international will see the closed loop here grind to a halt.

From what I hear the boys in the office have been receiving a fair few emails regarding crew not exactly staying in their rooms on layovers. The minute immigration hears of this it'll be off to Penny's Bay for 21 days for all crew no matter freight or passenger.

Fly747 8th Oct 2021 09:13

Wots red tail flying Rie?

Dingleberry Handpump 8th Oct 2021 09:23

More absolute :mad: from rie.

Outside of the pathetic penal colony and Jacindaís CCP outpost, which countries do you think have hotel staff monitoring anyone?

Rie 8th Oct 2021 09:50

There is nothing :mad: about it. I have seen screenshots of the emails. Many pilots have been reporting Cabin Crew for going out and about during layovers. Standard responses are interesting. If anyone gets ahold of them that'll be it for closed loop. It'll be full lockdown.

Also red tail flying is Air China operations. Wet lease. Been happening for years but was put on hold for a while. They have been back at it for a while. But that's what close ties with China bring.

YeahNahYeah 8th Oct 2021 10:35


I missed this part. Something similar happened in Canberra a while back, and a whole bunch of big blocks in Deakin, Forrest, Red Hill, etc had their leases extended for hundreds of years.

I believe they now have 999 year leases instead of the 99 year ones.

8driver 9th Oct 2021 05:37

Probably reporting other pilots as well. Nothing like working with rats and snitches. I wonder what it's like to be someone that would send that kind of email? I pity their existence.

Rie 9th Oct 2021 08:56

Put it this way, from the names I have seen they make the bunks. Snitches unfortunately don't get stitches, they climb greasy poles.

Please just remember if you are going to take a leisurely stroll to not post it on social media. Many people have been caught out this way. Eyes are everywhere. A quick jolly to Thailand for a beach based sick day rings a bell.

As dingleberry says I could be speaking :mad: though.

Jamesd03 10th Oct 2021 06:15

Perhaps a bit of empathy for the bunk makers or snitches may help.
Everyone's doing what they can to survive. Sure it could help them climb the pole. But here and now we all just want to get back in the air and more importantly to home after. Untraceable cases create the most havoc. Case and point Carribbean Coast. If someone is selfish enough to skirt the rules and not only endanger themselves but force their fellow crew members into 21 day Gulag, making examples of a few of them will go some way to making sure we all stay on the same page and provide valid and accurate data to make our case for exiting this madness.

anxiao 21st Oct 2021 05:06

A thread drift here about testing. I have heard of the appalling treatment of passengers and crew when being tested at HKIA, from general rudeness of the airport health staff to outright verbal aggression and the delightful woman who aims to give the back of your skull a swab whilst taking a nasal/pharyngeal sample. One pilot reported that she draws blood from him each time he tests.

I have just seen how it is done in the civilised world. I needed to drive someone to a testing station in Canada today after she was in contact with a positive case at her place of work. The online booking was straightforward and the same morning. A testing station was within 5 km of her home and there were many stations scattered throughout the Fraser valley. Arriving 15 minutes early we were directed politely to a drive through lane, and given a bag containing a test kit. This is a saline gargle, which you expect into a tube, and put into a sealed bag. As she did not have a Canadian medical number we waited two minutes until they gave her a temporary one from the computer. We were told it might take 24 to 48 hours for the result and that we should self isolate until then.

Six hours later she got a text saying she was negative. If it had been positive we would have been required to self isolate at home for 10 days or 14 days, depending on various circumstances.

So no abuse by health and security staff. No four to six hour wait in punitive conditions at the airport for a result. No threat of being taken immediately under police custody to hospital if positive. No incarceration of family, friends and the entire population of your tower block in the disgusting Pennys Bay. No repeating this procedure ad nauseam for crews rotating through HKIA.

So yet again we see the Hong Kong government under its masters treating its people with disdain and contempt for their decency and civil status as a citizen of their country.

I know that asking the question "Why" in Asia can lead to madness in the logical mind, but I cannot help but think that beyond the need to punish the Hong Kong people for its transgressions over the past three years there must be an alternative answer in the the "Follow the money" vein. Who is really making the money out of all these unnecessary testing procedures?

Flying Clog 21st Oct 2021 11:18

Hong Kong showing it's true colours.

And that's why it's a stampede to get the hell out of here.

CodyBlade 21st Oct 2021 14:36

anxiao how long you been living in Asia?

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