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Memorylapse 18th Aug 2021 05:56

Oh my Oli777. You should consider going back to school first. My suggestion is to focus on your spelling. Good luck, future cadet!

dabz 18th Aug 2021 05:59


You're using too much common sense, logic and reason. The people in the hk gov chp don't think like that. I'm sure theres some political input into their decisions too.

The real challenge is getting these people to come back down to earth and make good decisions... were all doomed.

Curry Lamb 18th Aug 2021 10:22

Below clip from an article written by an anti-vaxxer, who did a 180 when her loved ones succumbed to covid, sums up the whole debate perfectly:

"The irony to me is that people who are anti-vaxxers, which a lot of our friends are, end up fighting you about it. I ask myself why - it's as if they're trying to convince themselves, not you."

She urged people to "assess what their hopes are".

"And if you have hope for the future, for yourself, for your family, for the country and for the economy, then you have to do what's best for the greater good and not just think of yourself,"

Pogie 18th Aug 2021 10:29


I have not read anything so full of stupid since this pandemic started. You are a perfect example of the Dunning-Kruger Effect.

CaptJackSparro 18th Aug 2021 14:49

It's already been proven that people with the vaccine can handle a higher viral load than those who aren't vaccinated, and therefore will spread the virus more easily asymptomatically to those who aren't vaccinated. The only people at risk at this point are those who still haven't taken the vaccine- hospitalizations are only coming from this vulnerable group. The zero covid policy that HK/NZ/Oz have is unsustainable at this point because the virus is already endemic. With the delta variant as contagious as chicken pox the only solution for us to normalize is to have a fully vaccinated population. Nobody supports the HK government, but this is a public health issue and people are trying to make it political! Get your vaccine and get your friends on it FFS so that we can open the borders!

FlightoftheNavigator 18th Aug 2021 15:52

Anyone who thinks that a 70%, 90%, 100%, (110% vaccine rate with ... characteristics) vaccination rate has anything to do with these HK lockdowns and restrictions is delusional. Politics politics politics.

Oasis 18th Aug 2021 16:50

Somehow I doubt HKG would open the borders even if 110 percent were vaccinated.
Seems like they are sticking to the '0 cases' strategy.

One day they will have let it go, but it's hard to say when they will see the light.

triple7driver 18th Aug 2021 17:15


Oh the naivety... you really think that anything will change after even a 100% vaccination take up? The government already clearly doesn't trust the vaccines because they stopped the antibody tests (which from the beginning is ridiculous).

You think HK will be able to mentally cope with an explosion of cases even if everyone is vaccinated? Get real and grow up. The HK public has been so brainwashed into COVID-0 that they won't be able to cope with any cases and won't put up with opening up of the borders. Lockdowns and restrictions are here to stay for a LONG time

controlledrest 18th Aug 2021 21:01

Border policy wont matter. In due course Delta will be spreading in the community and fatalities will be inversely proportional to the vaccination rate.

NZ had tight borders, it now has delta spreading. With very low ICU bed numbers and low vaccination rates they will be stacking the bodies up high.

Going to happen here too. After six weeks we will have our herd immunity and you might as well fully open the borders.

hyg 19th Aug 2021 06:26

many of the public don't want the border open because they don't want the border to open with the mainland..... On the other hand, the Gov is desperate to open the border with the mainland

Curry Lamb 19th Aug 2021 09:54

Meanwhile, if you have a nice pair and lots of money, quarantine doesn’t apply to you:

Nicole Kidman keeping away from HK people, says govt

Ecam321 19th Aug 2021 11:51

Singapore removes quarantine for Hong Kong, Macau travellers as travel bubble bursts for good

Again Singapore government taking the lead in common sense, putting these muppets governing HK to absolute shame.

Bueno Hombre 22nd Aug 2021 10:25

Very good. Stop the senseless overbreeding of the human monkey.

Bueno Hombre 22nd Aug 2021 10:33

Yes of Course ninny HK government have an agenda almost totally controlled by CCCP.. Live with it or leave if you can.. In 1996 a Hong Kong Tycoon who I bumped into in Saipan, told me "Only the fools are leaving"

Bueno Hombre 22nd Aug 2021 10:51

Curry Lamb

Ah ,maybe we can all present similar exemption requests ,. Then we might by similar erosion cancel these ridiculous quarantine requirements into Hong Kong. My esteemed ground school instructor told us that the work of water in carving the stone , works exceedingly slow but prevails in the end.. I think in that case he was referring to the dinosaur attitude of the UK CAA

Globocnik 22nd Aug 2021 13:06

The UK CAA no longer exists in any recognisable form. And with your water analogy, the only result with the HK Administration ( I won’t dignify those :mad: with the word government) will be a waste of water. They take intransigence to a new extreme. In fact they make the good folks at the CAA seem like positive gazelles by comparison.
A Sisyphean nightmare more like.

CaptJackSparro 22nd Aug 2021 17:21

Sadly it's not 1996 anymore. Hong Kong is accelerating in its decline as we continue to lose business to Singapore as they offer a more attractive environment with less political instability and now Singapore even has the foresight to abandon the zero covid policy and focus on vaccinations once they realised this :mad: show is endemic. We'll continue to lose out as the rest of the world moves on.

The departure of young middle-class families leaving the city will only accelerate at this point. We've already had almost 2% of the population emigrating away in the last 8 months. We need community groups to promote the vaccine and decouple this narrative that vaccinations are political. COVID is a public health issue and people need to understand that there's a time to fight for personal freedoms and against the overreach of a coercive government but this isn't one of those times.


Can you provide peer-reviewed articles/studies on this claim of yours that the MRNA vaccine will have an effect on the fertility of young girls or the hearts of young boys? Youtube conspiracy videos don't count as peer-reviewed articles.

It seems that you somehow think that your research is more accurate than the overwhelming consensus of scientists around the globe - It would be really eye-opening if you can share with all of us where you're getting this incredible insight from?

Threethirty 23rd Aug 2021 07:38

Didn’t take too long to find, myocarditis is well known about in adolescents post vaccination.




Globocnik 23rd Aug 2021 08:00

Rare myocarditis they say. And goes on to say the benefits outweigh the risks, and indeed myocarditis can also be a RARE side effect of smallpox vaccination, which thankfully we have almost wiped out. Due to vaccination.

Ecam321 23rd Aug 2021 13:39

Bueno Hombre

Actually humans are Apes not monkeys but the sentiment made me chuckle.

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