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Strewth 24th May 2016 05:05

Recruitment for HKA A350 introduction and expansion in earnest with imminent commutable salary packages announcement.

Pilot Recruitment - Overseas Schedule 2016

Frogman1484 24th May 2016 05:47

That says 320 & 330...nothing about the 350 and nothing about commuting rosters🙄😒

OK4Wire 24th May 2016 07:16

I can't see what Strewth wrote, but the ad does say this:

Due to rapid expansion and A350 aircraft introduction

mr did 24th May 2016 09:05

As soon as the vast number of commuting antipodeans start getting very real alternatives to the hunted miserable lives they now lead, CX will be turned inside out.

The Chinese carriers, Air NZ, QF and now even these guys??

Cathay better move fast or this wont just be about training captains.

CEA330Driver 24th May 2016 16:07

Can you feel yourself being 'sucked in' by the lure of a 350? If so, be warned from those working there already. Hong Kong Airlines/Hainan are notorious for making promises they can't possibly keep.

bringbackthe80s 26th May 2016 11:58

Also I thought that due to Hong Kong CAA restrictions you can't join as a direct captain unless you have 500 hrs on type?

Strewth 27th May 2016 04:45

Hong Kong Airlines have offered commutable roster packages to Aircrew, including a 20/10.

Packages are expected to be offered to new Aircrew and progressively implemented from July 2016.

Hong Kong Airlines Pilot Recruitment

Sea Eggs 28th May 2016 02:30

For F/As...

Free Travel Privilege
Employee and his/her family & friends (for single employee) will be benefit from the free and the lowest fare travel arrangement
All destinations flown by HK Airlines and its partners
Free tickets, maximum 10-round trip per year
2 more round trip free tickets will be granted to the employee who has completed 5-year of continuous service

Trafalgar 28th May 2016 15:27

Krone. Well spotted. You would think that they would have a native english speaker proofread these things. The fact they can't even manage that should tell you about the rest of the operation. Although, CX isn't much better these days. The CEO and the DFO can't even seem to spell the name of our aircraft properly. What a sad state of affairs HK aviation has become since the bean counters took over. :rolleyes:

mi68guel 31st May 2016 03:48

Originally Posted by Krone (Post 9390332)
From their website :
" 4 years working experience as an airlines pilot"
Terrible english . Not a good start !

How many languages do you speak? ...and write?

cxorcist 31st May 2016 04:28


If I were to publish something in another language, I would make sure a native speaker proofread it beforehand. I think the problem is not the English, but the unwillingness to ensure external comms are properly checked. It raises the question... Where else do they cut corners? I suspect most everywhere. It's the Hong Kong way, even and especially at CX. It's ironic because CX is so highly esteemed in HK. Maybe Kongers respect CX for cutting corners so well. Yet that begs the question... Why does CX get hauled into court so often by their employees in HK and worldwide?

Strewth 1st Jun 2016 04:53

Jesus wept, here's my hypothesis as to the origins of "s".

In essence minuscule s is a simple screening tool; used, deters Zeus, his mates and occasional imbecilic pedants.

HKA has always recruited directly onto whatever fleet they need to crew . It Will be the same for the A350. Join now and you will be stuck on whatever fleet you join on . (sic)
Standard practice in HK, what's your alternative. Regarding your 350 assumption, incorrect, excluding limited experienced crew. Been awhile since you spoke with a HKA pilot, excluding crew choosing to remain, upgrades and recent joiners the vast majority of crew are on the fleet of their choice.

Ill be waiting for those HKA european A350 bases with my EASA A330/350 rating.
... but for the time being im happy to save my nice strong HK dollars .
Ritalin ran out, semipro soothsayer, learning disabilities and or disorders, basic comprehension failures, my first thoughts.

Ps. I wont be holding my breath , from airbus.com "
Deliveries of the newly ordered A330-200s will begin in 2012, while the carrier's first A350 XWB will arrive in 2018"(sic)
Wish you would, shit just happens in your world mate! Crews contractually type frozen for two years on joining, currently less.

Can you feel yourself being 'sucked in' by the lure of a 350? If so, be warned from those working there already. Hong Kong Airlines/Hainan are notorious for making promises they can't possibly keep.(sic)
The world spins, time and tide. HKA appears to be working to correct past failures with a fluidity in the crewing market others fail to accept.

Also I thought that due to Hong Kong CAA restrictions you can't join as a direct captain unless you have 500 hrs on type? (sic)
It's okay son, rest your head.

GMEDX 12th Jun 2016 21:39

HKA recruitment briefing
1400 this afternoon at Sky City Marriott. Same time next Monday too.

jetjockey696 13th Jun 2016 02:10

Did anyone go to the HKA roadshow in HK. today..

How was it???

Australia2 13th Jun 2016 13:02

Allegedly quite interesting but short on $$$.

GMEDX 13th Jun 2016 14:06

A load of current Airbus pilots turned up from both Dragon and Pacific but they weren't prepared. If they want ready to go experience already CAD licensed then they will have to do a lot better than that. Better $$ and better answers.

Australia2 14th Jun 2016 17:58

GMEDX et al,

Agreed, ultimately market forces will decide.

Skippers - 147K for 75 hours ( plus the loyalty around 20k p.a) and 4 weeks leave ? Not many about to leave the CPG on that basis, even for an A50 surely ? (Mid 2017)

Commuting (long distance) option was 8 GDO's plus 2 days annual leave attached to allow 10 days free from HKG per month.

On my math that leaves 28 minus 24 equals 4 days in total left for annual leave ? Suddenly the boat shed deal of 14 weeks in the cleaner air doesn't seem that bad. That's more than 1 week per month anyway on a salary that is . . . well significantly better. Watch out though CPG, it may well work for the younger folk amongst us without the benefits they don't enjoy that are fast disappearing anyway.

They need 30 "crews" ASAP - NZ, regional Asia, Spain, more Oz and North America multiple ports - maybe they will be forced to revisit the salary on offer, here's hoping for us all. That HKG licence and Airbus rating has to be worth something to them ?

Interesting times we live in.

Best to all in the 852.

ROW_BOT 16th Jun 2016 07:31

To all considering leaving CPG to join HKA;
Verbal promises from HKA management have NEVER been worth the paper they (aren't) written on. They will say anything they think serves their needs on the day, and shrug their shoulders afterward when they change their minds.
The Contract is littered with phrases like 'at the discretion of the company' and 'the company reserves the right' - so they can always legally cover their asses when they turn the tables on you.

Pay; The so-called 'loyalty' payment mentioned above is no such thing. It is a DISCRETIONARY annual bonus (DAB) which the contract explicitly states can be withdrawn (and IS regularly) if the company so wishes. It is in fact a good old China style 'punishment bonus' which is levied for any screw up you may make, from reporting 5 mins late, to going sick too often, to getting hit by lightning, or forgetting to sign some piece of paper you were required to sign. And unlike CX/KA where you may have the backing of a half decent pilots association to argue your case, you will have no such thing in HKA. YER ON YER OWN, MATE! So don't go spending that cash until you've been a good boy for a year and its safely lodged in your account.

Staff travel at HKA is crap. There's a lengthy and torturous ticket application process, the company routes are limited (for expat commuting) and Interline agreements are sparse. The ID90's tickets are often more expensive than a full fare flight with another carrier.
Refunds take months. No jumpseating in uniform allowed on PAX services. GD travel on freighters only - and with lengthy application process through DFO.

Commuting; If you've been told you'll get get a Commuting Roster you've been lied to. They binned the nascent commuting system a year ago, and lied for the last year about replacing it. They've recently begun dangling it again, but with a total of about 5 Captains and 5 FO's slots reputedly available. This is widely seen as a 'marketing ploy' to suck in the unwary new joiners who think they'll also get the promised commuting deal. Don't bet the whole program won't be cancelled again as soon as they've signed all the dopes they need. At the companies discretion, of course!
By the way, the commuting packages they've offered require you to take pay cuts, and to surrender your meagre annual leave (28 days) to get on it.
Hainan Group (of which HKA is a subsidiary) offers pilots in its China based airlines some generous and flexible commuting options and salaries way above HKA. Management at HKA say they can't afford to extend such benefits to the large numbers of expats in Hong Kong, so this situation will never change - as they'll always need large numbers of expat pilots here!

No such thing. Pay your own.

Respect; Rock bottom. Expect to be treated like an idiot, and held accountable for every error, even those created by the companies own policies. Collective punishments and generalised professional criticisms are de rigeur. A witch-hunt atmosphere prevails.
Senior Captain? Nevermind, expect to be hauled-up/called-up by every Tom Dick and Harry office clerk to explain yourself to him if you put a foot wrong. Soul destroying. Morale is in the toilet.

Rostering; You'll be granted legal minimum days off, with legal min turnarounds and legal min rest. If a flight is cancelled they'll put you on reserve, even if they have a million reserves already. Swops are near impossible. Want to commute on Days Off? They roster you to work up to midnight on the day before a day off, and you'll be started at 0600 on the day after your days off. It is company policy, intended to frustrate commuting on a duty day. By the way there is no contractual minimum number of Days Off, only an OM-A policy of 8, and the legal minima.

A350; Be careful of promises. Once you're hooked anything may happen. The long serving guys want those seats too, and there'll be hell to pay if they are pushed aside to attract new joiners. You may not care much, but think back to when CX set up the separate freighter fleet and ignored the seniority list. Not a pleasant working environment for many who availed of the opportunity.
Remember, if HKA do it to them today, they'll do it to YOU tomorrow.
And forget about bases. HKA have mooted it before on the A330, but always turned out to be more hot air.

HKA has become a flying school for guys who want a free rating or an upgrade. Its regarded by most as a stepping stone to their next (and better) job. A penance to be sucked up until you have the magic quals to move on. A bit like Ryanair in Europe. Not a career choice, just a job opportunity. If that's all you need, welcome aboard.

Strewth 30th Sep 2016 10:18

Hong Kong Airlines recruitment CAE London Gatwick 2-7 November, A320/ A330 type, non type rated crew.
HKA London Selection 2-7 November 2016

The nine A333 to be delivered over 15 months are in addition to the fleet and A359 orders.
A333/ A359 orders

izu 30th Sep 2016 12:31

Do anyone knows when you send your application A320 rated&hours to Hong Kong Airliners you get any confirmation back that they have your application ?

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