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Temp Bases

Old 17th Nov 2021, 05:14
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You have my sympathies. I would hazard a guess that these new rosters being US-based is because they haven’t shut the US bases. Well, that and everything else being turn-around-able.

TERP out of FRA or YVR or [insert abandoned base here] would be a lawsuit waiting to happen.
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Old 17th Nov 2021, 06:12
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These bases are just a carrot to dangle in front of the naive crew so that they perform during the holiday rush.

There is no way any company tax lawyer has, or will, approve this setup. It is highly illegal given the closure of bases, and as stated, the fact that we have US based pilots.
I can guarantee you that the IRS has already been informed, and they are standing by to issue fines.
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Old 17th Nov 2021, 07:15
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we have to pay tax in the USA now anyway, I doubt we would get fines on top of that.
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Old 17th Nov 2021, 09:30
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This is all smoke and mirrors and a sign of complete desperation. Legal issues aside, which country is going to allow HK PR's to come and reside temporarily for work, even if they hold a passport? Most people can't even get into their home countries or reunite with loved ones who are marooned overseas. The Penny Bay Roster is going to be the final nail in the coffin. For every hour of stick time, you do an hour getting your cranial cavities swabbed and then 21 days in a container for good measure. I think I would rather be in a Uiighur concentration camp.
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Old 17th Nov 2021, 10:15
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It's a monolithic organisation that has become reactive in business planning. For decades it has has had government support and a monopoly, how else could you create the Swire Prince's rotation management? Beverage executives becoming airline executives, where else in the world does this happen?

Please show me any proactive management this company has demonstrated in a crisis other than staff cuts and slashing staff conditions? Another Al Dunlap approach to management... We all know how this ended, you even have a DFO who thought he could run down protesters at HK airport, that is a special manager.
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Old 17th Nov 2021, 11:05
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In the immortal words of Sir Humphrey Appleby..."I couldn't agree more but I will certainly try".
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Old 17th Nov 2021, 22:24
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Maybe some people won't come back and instead take up the USA's offer of resident visas for HK card holders. Back door way of getting a green card.
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