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HVY 15th Nov 2021 19:24

Temp Bases
Pilots aren’t welcome in Hong Kong anymore.

Who’s interested in taking a temp base so Debs and her ilk can secure their Christmas bonus?

mngmt mole 15th Nov 2021 23:42

The irony of the company now suggesting (effectively) bases for their crew just highlights how terminally dysfunctional CX has become. Temporary airline job...perhaps. Career...forget it. Turn out the lights.

dabz 15th Nov 2021 23:48

Will those who take the deal have to pay HK tax? HK doesnt deserve the tax money.

HKGDTT 16th Nov 2021 01:26

Imagine that... I remember before I took VSS( glad I did) many including myself proposed reverse rostering or just pile us up anywhere else and operate in the meantime all this C19 bipolar rules settled... CK and others replied on the bluebag : NO CANNOT
or let me operate, and finish duty out of HK so I can spend the 2 weeks anywhere else to see family, plus us AL and then come back and operate the loop cycle...: NO CANNOT...
imagine if CX still had some bases elsewhere to rapidly maintain the freight ops! Is this made up or what?

viking avenger 16th Nov 2021 01:38

I’m sure the pilots from the closed bases who lost their jobs and were not allowed to return to hkg for lack of work visas might put. Up a bit of immigration and tax authority resistance to this TERP proposal

main_dog 16th Nov 2021 02:04

Which is probably why they’re only suggesting temp bases in jurisdictions where they haven’t closed bases.

But, yes, the irony of it all…

viking avenger 16th Nov 2021 02:06

And why would anyone vote for continued 1/2 pay on the one remaining base that has yet to close? Vote to stay home on full pay.

S22 16th Nov 2021 02:09

Or get yourself a 320 rating quick if you are a Brit


Will IB Fayed 16th Nov 2021 03:09

As someone who was unceremoniously dumped from the base this year, would love to know the details of exactly what they are suggesting with temp bases? Not because I'd think about going back for a second. So happy I pocketed a payout and left. Such a toxic place, HK AND CX. More for a bit of schadenfroude.....:}

404 Titan 16th Nov 2021 03:59

For CX crew that aren't a US citizen or hold the appropriate visa, buyer beware. There are serious questions regarding immigration requirements and income tax in the US that need appropriate legal advice.

Dingleberry Handpump 16th Nov 2021 05:01

I suspect most are going to go with the “we’ll get away with it” option. Hard to prove you’re living there if you’re bouncing in and out on a C/D visa.

Very grey.

S22 16th Nov 2021 06:09

and how has “grey” worked out in the past😂

CodyBlade 16th Nov 2021 08:57

It's like an Alchemist and a Rainman incharge of a madhouse.

ron burgandy 16th Nov 2021 09:50

I think you’ll find the DFO’s yammer post last week was a fantastic own goal, and pushed a lot more people to resign, on top of an already steady stream.

They haven’t been able to offer a “temp base” or reverse roster for years, it’s always been a cannot. As late as a few days ago a manager on Yammer again said cannot.

Now, all of a sudden, they can facilitate it! And I n 6 weeks time no less!

This is a desperate attempt to stem the exodus and plug the flood gates which have opened as the world reboots and jobs for ex-CX crew abound.

At this point, for many, it’s not even about the money, it’s about not being treated with contempt at every turn by every manager in :mad: city, and getting out of a city that now sees and treats us worse than criminals.

Bangaluru 16th Nov 2021 09:51

Will IB Fayed

2-4 months operating out of the USA, in hotels with allowances. Can be cancelled at short notice, no other details re tax, visas etc. Expressions of interest.

ZootBoot 16th Nov 2021 10:21

ron burgandy

Apparently someone spat on a crew member whilst they were making their way to work this morning.

I know it will never happen, but even if we went back to COS08, I wouldn't stay here after all of this. The true colours of the organisation and the city have been shown and I don't need that in my life.

Klimax 16th Nov 2021 10:33

The yellow yoke is finally spilling over? It took a long, long time for most of you blokes to face who you´re working for and the superficial toxic air of HK. In fact, it took the crises of the China Wuhan virus for the true colors to finally shine through and make it clear what a bunch of clowns that you´re working for. The only good thing out of HK is the PR card - it´s worth something. Glad I left the circus 12 years ago - It was already a circus back then!

controlledrest 17th Nov 2021 03:33

Company asking for more cargo crew volunteers for Closed Loop. I suggest we should ALL withdraw from Closed Loop, forcing the company to establish Temp Bases.

It would work for the company and certainly work for us.

Company must commit to pay accom HKG and Temp Base, living allowance for additional food costs if unable to make own meals, cover all medical expenses, pay a 'duty' pay if grounded due covid (likely once in a base area, living a normal life) and meet all tax obligations.

8driver 17th Nov 2021 03:46

You forgot the part about the guarantee to keep the one remaining base open under current CBA as replacement workers are brought in. And to bring the partial pay 777 drivers on the base back to full pay and get them current as soon as possible as replacement temp base workers are brought in. I know you meant to include that but it slipped your mind.

As far as the part about being "likely" to get COVID, you really crack me up. I live in Florida. No one in my family there has had it. Schools open since September 2020 and most restrictions off since summer 2020. PT all over the place, no COVID. My family in upstate NY HAS had it, despite the draconian restrictions that existed in that state last year.🤷‍♂️

triple7driver 17th Nov 2021 06:00

These temp bases are a real kick in the teeth for us based guys (or formerly based...)... to think that management refused all of our efforts to fly and relieve the pressure off the HK guys...

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