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Enough is Enough

Fragrant Harbour A forum for the large number of pilots (expats and locals) based with the various airlines in Hong Kong. Air Traffic Controllers are also warmly welcomed into the forum.

Enough is Enough

Old 15th Nov 2021, 19:42
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Not better pay there and you won't be pulling 30 hour days at Atlas....
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Old 15th Nov 2021, 21:16
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From uplinker "...The OP should probably resign, but they will have to work out their notice, so that is not an immediate solution."

When I resigned from CX with a 3 month notice clause, after a month I was talking to one of the crew schedulers who said, "We are surprised you are still working, most people don't come in."

I threw a couple of sikkies but did not think of the back pain route. Dumb as a rock as usual...

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Old 15th Nov 2021, 23:42
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Enough is enough....said pretty much every CX pilot every day for pretty much the last 10 years.

​​​​​​You always have options. Take control of your life for god's sake
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Old 16th Nov 2021, 01:32
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Take that CX!
and Express for that matter!
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Old 16th Nov 2021, 03:14
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Chrispy Kreme

I say grow a pair of balls and leave. Pathetic post. You're hoping someone else puts their balls on the line, and you benefit from management panic and an increase in remuneration. That's what I think.
Will IB Fayed is online now  
Old 16th Nov 2021, 09:55
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Wow what a bunch of losers you all are! B%$#hing on here about Enough is Enough. LOL

Looking at other threads I see a lot of people saying a few nasty things about our Instagram celeb, but as it stands she is the ONLY one that is publicly standing up to CX and the HK Gov. I think she needs a bit of credit to be honest!

If you are not following her I suggest you go and do so. Share all of her posts and maybe some of you fine specimens can grow a pair! It's all easy to sit behind a computer and cry like little useless individuals but to take a stand takes action and that is what she is doing.

Yes her posts about her beauty products and unwrapping gifts are annoying but what she is doing now is good. Maybe with support she will do even more for the pilot body in CX.
Honestly if I was her I would tell CX to get bent and report of what's really happening out there. Any airline would want her!

And NO I'm not trying to get her more followers.
YES I do follow her and share her posts
Yes I am in favour of Enough is Enough.
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Old 16th Nov 2021, 10:17
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I had a look at her posts, you seem to have a very different view in my opinion. She is certainly not standing up to anyone, in fact she states that the company have told here to stay neutral. She has declined media interviews from Al Jazeera and bloomberg etc, hardly standing up to the HK government and CX. If she was, I would expect to see her giving her real thoughts and opinions.

I am certainly not a fan of these insta heros, far too narcissistic for my liking, but I agree, she could use this platform for a good cause and exposing what's happening here to some of the worlds media and not sitting on the fence.
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Old 16th Nov 2021, 11:26
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She’s been locked in a “facility” after committing no crime in a country that is under the thumb of the country that has some of the most questionable human rights in the world. And you’re asking her to poke the hornets nest.
back to Boeing is offline  
Old 16th Nov 2021, 12:02
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Standing up against cx? Her?
5 minutes into her tenure she was rubbing elbows with the then DFO, became the postergirl of the HKG 7ís, commented on how she had to save some captainís from themselves etc.
This was at the same time the pilotgroup was kneedeep into a long and hefty labour dispute.

I DO hope she will use her platform for the pilotgroup and against the HKG government and cx, but somehow, I doubt it.
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Old 16th Nov 2021, 15:09
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Thread Starter
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You have got to be kidding me? You are either Ms. Narcissist or the boy friend. She isn't doing it to stand up to anybody, and certainly not the company. She did say she sought permission from CX before posting what she posted. That definitely is not standing up or sticking it to the company. Far from it! Looking for sympathy from her followers more than anything. Going for the heroic angle, but yet there have been hundreds of crew who have been through PB and sucked it up quietly! GO FOLLOW her on instagram? Yeah Nah!
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Old 16th Nov 2021, 19:34
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Give her a break. She’s a victim and she’s trying to do the right thing.
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Old 16th Nov 2021, 20:47
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What did she post when Dragon guys got kicked in the butt? What did she post when the based guys got shafted? What did she post when so many other crewmembers were sent to the camps? Please don’t make a hero out of her but there’s absolutely no need to villainize her either. She’s doing it for herself and her platform and it’s her full right.

Now let’s get back to the topic at hand cause I know she doesn’t give a darn what y’all think of her, now let her be.
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Old 17th Nov 2021, 01:24
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Chrispy Kreme

You're right. Better to post anonymously on PPRuNe, asking what WE'RE going to do, than actually put a post with her name on it.
Absolutely spineless.
Will IB Fayed is online now  
Old 17th Nov 2021, 01:31
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Chrispy Kreme

There is a simple solution. It you don’t like it here then resign and move on. Go find that unicorn of a better job. The AOA couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery. Expecting to band together pilots on PPRuNe who only have their self interests at heart is futile. Not once have pilots here stood up for each other.
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Old 17th Nov 2021, 06:21
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She's doing us good and the fact that you guys berate her is disgusting. She's managed to share the story of what's happeneing like none of us would have been able to and I credit her for the story breaking to the BBC, Bloomberg and other big media outlets. The story is talk of the town amongst the aviation community online because of her.
Watch her updates, she's definitely not neutral in her comments and opinions about what's going on...
triple7driver is online now  
Old 17th Nov 2021, 06:32
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agree , without her this would not have made the news outside of HK.... the power of social media. I would say you could at-least admit she's had more impact for all our benefit complaining online than most guys complaining in WA chats and at the pub.
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Old 17th Nov 2021, 07:41
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And a bit longer than just 21 days
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Old 17th Nov 2021, 17:34
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FedEx shutting down in Hong Kong

Keep watching the "real" news and FedEx will just be the first in a tsunami of corporations, head offices, banks & retail outlets to RUN from the new ground zero of totalitarian manipulated communism that is Hong Kong...
It used to be the "gateway" to China; it's now the flush lever on the toilet !
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Old 17th Nov 2021, 17:43
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FedEx is FedUp, NGOs are pulling out, the chairwoman of AmChem HK has just resigned, banking and Investment Institutions are making similar noises. The forward and Aft outflow valves are about to go to the fully open position
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Old 17th Nov 2021, 22:05
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Its good to here about this happening in the aviation side of my passion. I am also seeing the same in the maritime world with ships crews subject to constantly changing requirements and shifting goalposts to just get to work. Crews are now getting stuck around the world for months at a time when their rotations used to be 4 weeks on 4 weeks off; They have been spending up to 11 months away from families but it in recent months it has got better at only 4-6 months away.

No increase in pay, no improvement in terms and conditions and the shipowners are trying to leverage the covid issues to get crews to quarantine (up to 2 weeks in the Far East) on their own time rather than being paid.

Sorry to hear it is happening in aviation swell.
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