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Death of Cathay

Old 8th Feb 2021, 20:05
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The guys I know in cx are not unhappy. A little frustrated , a bit humiliated and certainly silenced. But life goes on . Basic Skipper salaries are around £8000/ month, plus education allowance & housing .15% tax. An Easyjet skipper on furlough will take home around £3000 after tax in the current climate . No housing, medical or education allowance.

The only thing both groups have in common is that they earn good money for sitting at home and doing all those diy chores that flying got in the way of .

Not a single pilot has left cx since the salary downgrade, not a single moaning minnie.
Says it all really. .
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Old 8th Feb 2021, 20:21
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Easyjet is an LCC, and even though CXi is fast moving in that direction (sic), you cannot compare cucumbers with dragon fruit. Especially when it comes to housing and education. Worlds apart - literally.
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Old 8th Feb 2021, 22:19
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- no viable business plan
- no long term unpaid leave or crewing plan which would provide any certainty for staff and their families
- no communication from the fleet office or other departments (other than rehashing the evening news in sporadic updates, at least the training scabs and geriatrics in the sim center are kept updated)
- no office staff or resources to ensure salaries and provident fund payments are correctly paid or paid at all
- no resources to answer questions from bewildered staff
- no worries

If you've been sitting on your hands for the past 12 months.... enjoy the ride. CX is now the airline equivalent of a failed state.
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Old 8th Feb 2021, 23:56
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Originally Posted by CodyBlade View Post
All those days in a hotel. Can open the window at Headland?

NO, cannot la
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Originally Posted by kahaha View Post
Not a single pilot has left cx since the salary downgrade, not a single moaning minnie.
Says it all really. .
At least 25 didn't sign over to POS18, they left. Each week in the propaganda newsletter there are announcements of promotions and resignations. Today another 3 leaving. Wait for the house allowance to unwind, the numbers will sore.
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Originally Posted by controlledrest View Post
the numbers will sore.
I like your (unintended?) pun!
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It is sad to see a once great airline in her final death throes.
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Find a better source.

There is an average of 2 a week resigning and fleet office is openly saying they don't know how they will man the airline once things pick up again. There's no manpower planning in place for the near future.

The group of cathay pilots whose attitude and level of good will or not matters right now for this company to survive is only the freighter pilot group. They have not been sitting at home collecting free paycheck and getting on with DIY projects and catching up on whatever. The rest are hardly doing any flying at all if any. Their good will is of very little value at this point. And of course they're not nearly as pissed off as the freighter pilots are. The rest can volunteer all they want. They'd have to be qualified on the 747 first before they and their good will be of any use or value.
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Old 9th Feb 2021, 07:38
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You do know many (not all) Airbus guys/girls have also been busy enough to enjoy weekly COVID tests & holidays at The Headland.

With the deepest of respect to my mates on the jumbo - youíre not the only ones. As for not getting your leave, yes thatís appalling.

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Originally Posted by kahaha View Post
Not a single pilot has left cx since the salary downgrade, not a single moaning minnie.
Says it all really. .
Not correct. Some have left. Not many, but some. More will as options eventually open up again.
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Old 9th Feb 2021, 08:18
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I can foresee HK becoming like Taiwan in terms of pilot employment. As time goes by all the expats will be gone all the desperate locals will rush in and get a job, then become disgusted with the management and leave the airline for greener pastures elsewhere. Actually I doubt this will happen as well, locals are more concerned with emigration and most likely not join Cathay. In a few years Cafe Paciic are probably gonna be as desperate as US regionals
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It is just numbers & it is all relative. In the current climate, 8000 a month sounds damn lovely to me.
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8,000 a month, or even half that would be riches beyond my wildest dreams, having had no income for a year since two UK international airlines I flew for went bust.
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Veruka Salt

I know there are some airbus and 777 flights going on. But a very small number. Only a very small number of airbus and 777 crews can possibly be utilised by the company. There will always be a small percentage of so called volunteers on any fleet. But since there are only very small number of flights can happen on airbus and 777 fleets, cathay will have enough volunteers to crew them no matter what, for now.

But when it comes the 747 fleet which is the only money making operation in cathay right now, the manpower resources are being used 100%. Majority by far are extremely pissed off to be shafted the same as the rest when they have been putting up with everything and continuing their operation. Even if a small percentage of 747 pilots volunteer to be shafted even more via this new scheme/scam of even more loss of health mentally and physically, there still won't be enough to operate anywhere near enough flights on 747 fleet.

Again I repeat myself... it's the 747 pilots' good will and further sacrifice that cathay needs and has use for... they don't need nor can they use the same from airbus or 777 pilots unless and until they transfer them onto the 747 fleet. This will take way too long to make a difference in time and they all will become disgruntled and unwilling to volunteer for more abuse with no reward in short time anyway once they experience the same as the 747 crew do.

It's been mentioned in management meetings which include all other departments that they know the amount of what they have offered to pay in, compensation during those 14 quarantine days is ridiculously low and isn't sure to attract enough volunteers but that they hope there won't be enough volunteers so they can show proof to hk government their operation isn't sustainable although they've tried. So yes, even management does not want to see volunteers. There's a big political game being played behind the scene and cathay is afraid of offending the hk government.

The issue of why hasn't cathay done anything to secure it's own vaccines to vaccinate it's own work force asap has been brought up in meetings. The answer was that they were warned strongly by hk government that they won't look favorabley upon anyone sidestepping hk government vaccine program.

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747 pilots NOT being used 100%. Let that sink in a bit.....
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Geez you’re full of it.

I’ll ask again. After all this company has done to its employees over a 30 year period, why did it take you until October 2020 for you to remove your goodwill? Ignorance? Lack of empathy as you weren’t personally affected? Whatever people’s motivations may be, goodwill is hardly going to be one of them.

As for the company rolling out its own internal vaccination program, that’s hilarious. Perhaps it explains why they are unable to produce a roster, use the JCR or produce a sensible pay slip because they’ve got Dorris, Apple and Pink busy working on how to vaccinate you. I wouldn’t trust this circus to run a chook raffle.

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All airline workers in NY State are eligible for the vaccine, not just AA/DL/UA. I am getting the second jab next week. Should be the same everywhere, you guys are essentials workers. That's messed up.
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Relax. Everything will be fine. Our fearless senior leaders just sent out a cheesy CNY message.
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Isn't it a given that someday Cathay Pacific will just essentially become China Pacific?
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A CX mate sent it to me. Good God your DFO comes across as a real wet fish.

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