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Death of Cathay

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You are too kind. Imagine the time and effort expended by this group of inspirational leaders, to come up with this gem. Year of the Ox? Perhaps should be renamed Year of the Jellyfish, noting the constant rictus grin on CX's very own example.

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When one reads the 2019 accounts it would appear that your aforementioned “Jellyfish” is very well compensated for his acting skills.
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Progress Wanchai

You're not the sharpest tool in the shed, are you?

Don't answer that.

Where and when did I ever say I did any goodwill gestures for this company? When you ask a question and get completely ignored you should get a clue.

I have not once done anything except very strictly what my contract required me to do. I've never once answered cc phone calls, acknowledged anything including when 15 pieces of paper were slipped under my door on layovers, never done a single thing to save fuel or help beyond my responsibilities except for my fellow crewmembers for whom I'd do anything, I never report for work until exactly when my roster sign-on or van pick time to the minute, i have never once asked for a single direct, etc. This is how I've behaved for as long as I've been here. A little less than 2 decades, not to get too specific. I've always thought it was appalling that hkaoa would declare cc suspension during typhoons etc. Those were the times for us to make a real dent. So many lost opportunities. Why in the would i ever want to give more than my contract specifies? Would they ever give me more in return? I'd have to h
be very stupid to give more without getting more. But there are plenty of those stupids at this outfit. When I say WE, I mean as a collective. Personally, I never gave anything in the way of good will, because in the first few months it became clear exactly what the corporate culture character of this airline was and always has been. So I made adjustments.

Now of course we don't work under a contract at all. Cos18 is by definition not a contract. its not a binding agreement on both parties. It's changeable at any time and in any way company wishes to do so. None of us have any obligation to abide by any of it. We only do so as far as necessary to not get fired. It's nothing more than company policy amendable at will. The moment YOU decide you're not working for this company, you ignore it all. 3 months notice? If I can arrange everything so I have a layover close to home at the right time, they'll be calling my number at departure time wondering where I am. This isn't just me the individual. This is overwhelmingly how people feel on the only fleet that has actually been busting it's a$s for the last one year and gotten shafted as a reward. Again, please don't use the other fleets who have been almost entirely sitting at home while getting paid as examples of how "well, I don't see that among the crew" . Obviously they don't feel the same for obvious reasons.

And you accuse ME of showing good will, ever? What a laugh!

I didn't bring any of this attitude with me when I first joined. But I've adjusted accordingly, like a mirror. Cathay management doesn't deserve any more. They never miss a chance to prove it. This place was always a place to work at. But the money was good so we all put up with it having decided the money was worth it. But now that the money is gone, nothing worthwhile remains at this company. I know some of you are hopelessly without better options for now. So you try to justify for yourself things are not/have not been that bad. But this is a state of forced denial and delusion because the reality is depressing and dark. I understand exactly why some of you choose to look at things with thick rose colored glasses. But reality doesn't care. Like I said before, cathay is in a death spiral. You'd be stupid not to jump with a parachute if you can secure one. If you can't well then, you can't but at least you tried.
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Essential Workers 😂


Nobody gets it.. The only people you are essential to is your families and CX, AA, DL etc could care less about you as has always been the case. All they care about is "essential passengers" and at this time you governments are doing absolutely EVERYTHING to thwart their return.. Vaccination passports, pre-flight & post flight testing, quarantines ....
The industry incl ancillary industries + Boeing + Airbus are toast.. Not to mention the TRILLIONS of $$$ vacuumed out of the world wide economies..
China has done its best to kill the tourist industry in Asia, the fat lady has sung..
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More routes cut back
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Originally Posted by VforVENDETTA View Post
Progress Wanchai

You're not the sharpest tool in the shed, are you?
Neither are you if you ever thought that the AOA wanted you to do anything different than usual (e.g. continue removing your goodwill) during a typhoon.
I know there was an exemption for a typhoon, but that was mostly for PR reasons (I know, I know). NOTHING precluded you to work as per your contract and not add anything else.
It always amazed me how “smart” pilots who thought of themselves as the “sharper tools in the shed” could not read between the lines or ask a GC member what the real intent of that typhoon clause was.

For the rest I applaud your efforts and dedication.
There weren’t many who followed the rules of contract compliance to the letter and don’t even get me started on the training ban.
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So how long before the geniuses in the press realise that this Government have just p!!sed 40B HKD into the wind with this latest quarantine absurdity??
If these idiotic advisors and public servants aren't brought into line RFN, 40B wont be enough to last past June and they will either have to spend another 100B of tax payer's money or let the while thing fold.
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that’s funny cause last time I checked there are still plenty of expats working for Taiwanese airlines. Greener pastures? There is no such thing! Just a different shade of brown.
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I think Eithad already done that...
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Fauci , has once again moved the goalposts , after telling everyone that masks were a bad idea now he is recommending 3 masks , after telling us that we could return to normal after being vaccinated , now he says well not so fast , masks and social distancing are here to stay .
Do a little research on Peter Daszak and Fauci , Fauci was ordered by Obama to stop gain of function research into corona viruses simply because it was so dangerous , he blatantly disobeys the order and farms the research out to Daszak who in turn hands it over to a well known lab .
why Fauci and Daszak are not both in jail absolutely astounds me
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Holy smokes, you nailed it! Every word of your post, bang on.
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And we still debating how to increase quarantine days here. Woah.
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A 41-year-old Singapore Airlines (SIA) cabin crew member who was on a turnaround flight to the United Arab Emirates is the fifth person on that aircraft to test positive for the coronavirus.

But she already vaccinated...that's worrying.

She also received her first dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine on Feb 2. "As the vaccine does not contain live virus, she could not have been infected due to vaccination," said the MOH.
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Naw, that’s actually quite possible I gather. Two shots of Pfizer are required for vaccination. One only offers partial protection, and even that would not have developed fully after less than one week from the first shot.
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They are blaming the cleaners at DBX.

Are they ready to travel with only one jab?

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she operated the flight to Dubai where she was supposedly infected before she received the vaccination! It says so in the article, so she was not already vaccinated at the time of exposure.
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"All five have also tested preliminarily positive for the more infectious B117 strain of the coronavirus, the Ministry of Health (MOH) said on Tuesday (Feb 9).

She also received her first dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine on Feb 2. "As the vaccine does not contain live virus, she could not have been infected due to vaccination," said the MOH. "It is possible for one to be infected just before or just after vaccination, as it typically takes a few weeks for an individual to build up immunity after completing vaccination."

Ok, so first she got the Pfizer vaccine on feb 2, then she got on a flight to dubai, between then and Feb 9, where it was announced she had it.
It is perfectly normal to be susceptible to Covid for a significant time after the injection. Nothing to get worried about.

the guardian:
"One dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine gives people about 90% protection from Covid by 21 days, according to an analysis of Israel’s mass vaccination programme."

So it takes a while to kick in..So don't stop taking the usual precautions after you've had your first shot.
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Seriously, Cathay has been dying since 1991/92. Anyone who joined after that date has accepted progressively inferior Terms and Conditions whilst blaming the AOA, this has only enabled this agonisingly slow death. Its sad but inevitable.
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If a vaccine is 90% effective then one in ten who would catch it without a vaccine will still get it, although likely less severely, so its not surprising that vaccinated people have tested positive. Vaccines may also be slightly less effective at preventing transmission. The good news is that they will reduce the 'R' rate to a level where outbreaks will fizzle out automatically. The bad news is that this will not happen until most people have received their shots so not until the end of the year and even then its likely to be extended travel bubbles between countries where the programme has been completed. There may be restrictions to 'developing countries' for some time to come.
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At last a sound observation and logical projection of the immediate future... now, if the media could be persuaded to take this on board perhaps we might be saved the alternating demands to lock down / open up, dependent on which phase government has been bullied into following.
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