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Displaced Local Crew

Fragrant Harbour A forum for the large number of pilots (expats and locals) based with the various airlines in Hong Kong. Air Traffic Controllers are also warmly welcomed into the forum.

Displaced Local Crew

Old 28th Dec 2020, 03:16
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That’s a refreshingly mature post. The unfortunate circumstances that this year has brought to us all has wide ranging implications. Pilots have a unique inability to comprehend scenarios unless they’re at the centre of it with some degree of control over.

The severe restrictions placed upon businesses has had a devastating affect on the labour workforce. The Hong Kong government, like virtually every other government that relies on a work visa program to cover shortfalls in skilled labour, is reviewing its General Employment Policy (GEP) across a range of industries and occupations, not just aviation and pilots. To suggest that if a handful of expats simply “go home” (forgetting for a moment that the requirement for PR is that you’ve made Hong Kong your permanent home) will solve the government’s GEP issues is naive in the extreme.
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Old 28th Dec 2020, 05:59
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I am hanging around Hong Kong as I own my flat here, have nowhere else to live and only have a rating on my Hong Kong licence which limits the options for jobs.

Consider those made redundant when they next hire, that's a good way to value pilots who've spent many years flying aircraft and making money for the group.
As you said, don't forget who the enemy is, CX management breached immigration law when they made Permanent residents redundant and kept Visa workers. You can't blame KA pilots for that.

What's coming next is that CX and most Hong Kong airlines will run short of crews when months after months Visa workers end up going back home and CX won't have any other choice than offering jobs to ex-KA staff.
As I said, not our fault, if anyone is to blame, it's a management that, after spending 6 months doing nothing rushed a redundancy and forgot immigration and labour law.

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Old 28th Dec 2020, 06:26
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Fully agree with the typical knee jerk reaction of CX management.
They only had 9 months to consult with lawyers, Govt officials, Immigration, unions etc etc.
Some things will just never change.

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

Unfortunately there’s not going to be a massive re-hiring and recruitment drive for the CX group. Lean and mean would be the only way forward, couple of 320/321 flying the “rice bowl”. And a handful long haul destinations on the A50 for rich locals bailing out.

Tourism for HK is dead in the water, transit flights, hub-and-spoke model yesteryears news.

What was once labelled as Asias World City is now Just Another China City, and CX just another LCC competing with the high rollers.

Last edited by Curry Lamb; 28th Dec 2020 at 07:53.
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Old 28th Dec 2020, 13:17
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Why do you think CX or its lawyers didn't think of the visa issue, may be that's the way they wanted it... thinning the herd by the 'oh sorry it's not our fault that the HK gov doesn't wanna give u a visa'.... don't forget the 2 party nominated secretary on the board
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Old 28th Dec 2020, 14:16
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Originally Posted by mngmt mole View Post
There is virtually no country that will displace its local talent for the sake of expats.
This is rife in HKG across many sectors. If you know anyone in the corporate jet area ask them about how pilots from just south of HKG have come in and displaced locals offering to work for half or a third of the pay. They had the 852 pilots group on Facebook setup for this. The owners don’t care, they get their hired help cheaper and keep the difference.
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Old 29th Dec 2020, 04:18
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How much were the displaced KA lot given when they shut down? 9 months salary? more?

Pretty sure CX will be asking for 6 months of that back if they're forced to rehire, and then invite them to join HK express with their airbus rating on COS21! That'll quieten those angry voices outside immigration pretty quickly.....
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Old 30th Dec 2020, 09:38
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CX is not going to be forced to rehire KA crews, however they will need pilots to fly their aircraft when borders open.

If Cathay can't hire outside of HKG and keep on losing the Visa workers who else can they hire other than PR pilots looking for a job in HKG?

Don't be mean with HKE, it's the future of CX, wait to see some of your longhaul moving across, with a bit of luck you'll go there as well unless they choose to make you redundant.
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Old 30th Dec 2020, 17:07
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CX needing pilots? Have you had a look at the seniority list? CX presently has around 3145 pilots on that list. I doubt CX will go back to a pre Covid flight schedule within the next 5 years. For 2021 the first 6 months flight schedule forecast is less then 25% and less then 50% flight schedule for the remainder of the year, maybe 50% of those pilots on the seniority list are needed. Considering the recent mutation of the Covid virus and increased travel restrictions worldwide, the above forecast might be optimistic.

Next decision by CX management, affecting pilots, will be the result of the basings review in March 2021. Now that will be interesting.
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Old 30th Dec 2020, 18:00
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You mean the cheapest pilots on the payroll?

if anything I wouldn’t be surprised if the bases are going to grow, to fix the visa issue so many are facing in HKG.
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Old 31st Dec 2020, 07:06
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What you forget is based pilots, as “cheap” as they may be, do nothing for the HK economy. Unlike resident pilots who spend lots of money in HK, creating employment, business and opportunity via the multiplier effect of every dollar being re-spent countless times in country.

Pressure will be brought to bear on CX to minimize bases in order to keep that money recirculating in country. You can be sure that in these difficult times every dollar matters for the HK government and directly or indirectly they can influence outcomes.
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Old 31st Dec 2020, 07:56
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Spot on Lucille.....(except for the fact that based pilots pay full HK tax)
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Old 31st Dec 2020, 09:40
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No we don’t!
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Old 31st Dec 2020, 10:53
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To the indifferent & uninformed observer It would appear as if management are keeping the base pilots as a 'reserve group' of pilots should there prediction for a recovery come true in the late stages of 2021, the majority of the bases are now on 6 month salary reduction schemes so cost the company an incredibly small amount and buy management time to decide if CX needs 3000 pilots or only 2500! If the answer is the later, then the HK government not issuing work visas nor renewing them takes care of that for cx.

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Old 31st Dec 2020, 11:58
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HK based pilots are on 6 months salary reduction "deals" as well.
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Old 5th Jan 2021, 17:41
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I guess you dont realize that most based pilots pay full HK tax just as you do and a very high number hold PR.
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