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BA pilots offered 11% pay rise

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BA pilots offered 11% pay rise

Old 22nd Jun 2019, 03:06
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Slasher, I had dinner on Wednesday with the 2 happy people still flying at CX. Of course, they are both in their last month of working for CX, both leaving for greener pastures. That's it, the only 2 happy people in CX.
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Old 22nd Jun 2019, 06:08
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Originally Posted by Paul852 View Post
Just to be clear, as I understand it, this is the amount by which the payscales rise to accommodate inflation. In addition to this all BA (and CX for that matter) pilots get an increase every year as a bonus for not dying, as I understand it. Is that correct?
As to accommodating inflation:
Hmm there are pilots in CX who stayed on RA55 who have only ever had one pay rise. I don't think KA has any A scale left but they probably were/are in the same boat.

A couple of points:
I see the civil service are expecting between 4-5% raise this year. Presumably the government has a pretty good handle on real inflation.

30 years ago a house in clearwaterbay cost about 2mill. I cant remember the rental at the time. It was a CX enclave with many pilots buying houses. Now none of the crew could afford to buy said property. I just saw the same house on the market for 68mil.

Irrespective of ones domicile salaries have not kept up with inflation.
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Old 22nd Jun 2019, 08:47
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Originally Posted by oriental flyer View Post
Itís not 11% , itís 11% over 3 years . That makes a big difference .
terrible article full of mistakes such as they can only fly 17 hours per week . Absolute rubbish some trips are almost that long
good luck to them but anyone who has an opportunity to leave CX for BA I would go in a heartbeat
Ah selective representation of facts...17 flight hours per week, ignoring of course duty hours needed to accumulate the precious flight (paid) hours.
At least one Australian operator used a similar justification to the employment commission and the omission went unchallenged such that the pilots are available at company discretion because the commission though that they were at work 17 hours or so per week.
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Old 22nd Jun 2019, 15:34
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A sucker born every day

Originally Posted by Paul852 View Post

Well here is the data. If there are 3400 pilots and lets assume that no cabin crew earn over $2M then 1828 pilots earn over $2M. So the median is above $2M.

I'm sorry if this upsets you. If you feel that CX is making false statements in its annual report and accounts then I guess you should report that to the SFC
852, a triggered snowflake, falls for the same old PR garbage CX pumps out every year.
"Total" remuneration ?
Incl overtime
Incl Check/Training allowance for those with no morals
Incl Year End Bonus for those GM level and up
Incl Management allowance for those sitting on their 3rd Flr thrones
etc. etc.

These payments skew the "real" picture massively..

Paul852 = Management Cuc
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Old 22nd Jun 2019, 15:46
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Originally Posted by Air Profit View Post
Seems everyone is missing the main point that Mole was trying to make: the fact that BA is willing to BEGIN with an opening offer of 11% over 3 years. How does that compare to our esteemed managements offer to the CX pilots? The joke only becomes less funny year after year. I'm sure it will get better soon though....
This was not BA managementís opening offer, not even close, hence why we are about to ballot for strike action.
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Old 22nd Jun 2019, 16:30
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It's great how Hong Kong tax is always quoted as being so low yet rent is the true tax.

Crew can be spending around 25-50% of their total renumeration on rent to live to a quality of life they expect to provide to their family to match the life back home and this is why people are leaving.

BA might pay a total package that's less on paper but lifestyle wise it's now better off long term.

Sadly seniority traps many before they can make the jump
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Old 22nd Jun 2019, 17:56
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The article refers to BA pilots only working 17 hours per week which comes from the calculation 900 total hrs divided by 52 weeks = 17.3 hrs per week .
what about vacations , crew training courses , simulator time , Medical’s . Not forgetting the time away from home in hotels recovering from the flight .
This is what really annoys me . People take figures when they have absolutely no concept of the reality of the job . Does anyone stop to think for a moment why the 900 hour maximum was imposed by the authorities . At least they recognise the fatigue factor and have limits for passenger safety .
its time that the airlines recognised the contribution made by crews to their bottom line and compensated them accordingly

as to the rental costs question from all wobbly rentals in those days for a house in CWB were about 36,000 per month
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Old 23rd Jun 2019, 04:13
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Statistics can be used to prove anything... 4 out of 5 people will tell you that!
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Old 27th Jun 2019, 13:28
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Originally Posted by Paul852 View Post

The whole concept of expat employment is dying fast. In finance, in telecoms and in all the other areas where it used to apply. Now there's a price for the job. Cheapest person gets it. I'm sorry if that makes you feel uncomfotable.
Fixed that for you.... I'm sure that's what you meant.

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Old 28th Jun 2019, 06:37
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I think I know who Paul852 is. If I'm correct, he is an experienced troll. He has a penchant for poking CX guys with a stick (even outside the scope of discussions related to CX industrial matters). It appears to arouse him somewhat. I would humbly suggest nobody engages with him. He's a smug, last-word freak.
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