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Great video, until you consider that he berated the entire cadet group about racist graffiti that turned out to be a hoax, written by minority cadets.
Well said. Lets not stone the heretic till everyone gets their facts straight.

Post #24 and #25 echo my sentiments.
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Originally Posted by goingdown View Post
"If you can't treat someone with dignity and respect, you have to get out"
What the Air Force Academy hate crime hoax teaches us about the mainstream media and race | Fox News

I think this is what's called "reverse" discrimination caused by some "triggered" cadet trying to impose his/her own racial bias on what is probably a crowd of totally innocent and unassuming classmates (until this event)!
Sad, however this is the way Liberals prefer to do business. #FakeDiscrinination , and I've seen it at CX just like #Fakenews @ #CNN.
Much of this is imported and injected forcefully into our lives direct from our "quality" learning institutions; Cambridge & Oxford for example. Know of any grads from there??? Know of a company that loves to employ them??
Dignity and respect, 100% absolutely and without exception.. Triggered Snowflake SJW's ramming this garbage down everyones throats like it or not, you can cram it Zir .......
Just saying

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Damn- here was I thinking 88 in your name was due to it being a lucky number. The alternative explanation hadnít crossed my mind until now.
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Jesus Freehills. That's a bit punchy. Throwing that sort of stuff around ain't going to convince anyone of your point of view. The only thing that will bring people around to your way of thinking is sensible debate.
Ask Hillary how the name calling works out.
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Originally Posted by goingdown View Post
"If you can't treat someone with dignity and respect, you have to get out"

Didn't know Tonto made 3-star.

Thanks for that I am happy for him. Great person. Good speech.

Other than that not a real useful thread. It simply comes down to not being a pig and doing the right thing. That doesn't preclude having some fun now and then (and most pilots are or should be pretty thick skinned), but I think most of us should have been taught by our parents what right and wrong is. Neither being a pig nor being a professional victim are admirable qualities.
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