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Cathay US Bases

Old 31st Mar 2016, 16:08
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its easy to spot when they are lying.

Their lips are moving.
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The best thing you will do for yourself and your wife. Smart decision. You may have to take a step backwards, but you will be able to make a leap forward.

Originally Posted by plainpilot11 View Post
I interviewed in the summer of 2011 and was promised, with my wife sitting at the table with the "gal" who was interviewing and answering questions, that bases were "ongoing" and that I would be on a base "in no time at all." It was a lie. They flat out lied to my face. I've been at Cathay over 4 years now and I'm still based in Hong Kong, and very shortly resigning. I've been looking intensely back home in the US and things are just too good there to stay at CX hoping for a base in the US. They really have NO intention of every opening up bases again in the US, and if they tell you they are, it's a lie. Ask my crying wife every time she wakes up.
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Old 1st Apr 2016, 05:40
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How about a new rumour for fun? I heard that Captains are not having their visas renewed in the US... So if the company admits that a Canadian doesn't need a US visa to work in the US, as long as they live in Canada and don't exceed the 180 day limit, does that mean that one day (say a NYC base opens for example) it could be staffed with Canadian pilots??
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That is correct. The only people willing to increase their overtime threshold are Canadians. Therefore they have swept under the bus any immigration laws in order to completely drive a wedge in the flight crew.

For the avoidance of doubt - it is illegal to work in the usa if you are not on a citizen, green card holder or holder of a work visa. People do it every day in fields across america.... and a handful of those people get sent back home. Is it possible to work in the USA and not have the legal right to?? Absolutely..... but what happens when you get caught??? Look it up.

The US is onshored girls, not that it matters.... because it was a requirement to have the right to work in your base since before the 2008 basings agreement.

How about this.... lets just not increase the size of JFK, and keep things like they are. Having a JFK base would be really bad for everyone.
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According to NTC 016-069 there are to be 200 CN and 380 FO slots to be opened in NY through calendar years 2016 and 2017. There is a caveat though--since this is part of the new 'onshore' company the applications need to be made at the NY CX satellite office located at 360 Furnam Street, Brooklyn, NY.

For those fortunate enough to have a layover there, there's also an excellent investment opportunity in that the bridge near the above address is being privatized and shares are available at a special CX discount of $500 USD each and give full partial ownership--as well as a continuing fractional royalty of toll money collected by traffic going over the bridge. You can ask the desk clerk at the crew hotel who is familiar (just tell him or her you're interested in buying the Brooklyn Bridge).

I also heard that we have a special staff deal for time share slots for those vacationing in Washington DC -- 300 USD for a week. The location's great (1600 Pennsylvania Avenue) and you can make inquiries at the front gate.

At this point, if you believe ANYTHING said or written about future plans of basings (or anything else) before they really happen I genuinely feel sorry for you.
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Somebody thought the Canadian captains needed visas. Of course, the Canadian FOs would have also needed visas, but... they're expendable (or more correctly, easily relocatable to HK.)

Then, somebody thought the Canadian captains DON'T need visas.

Obviously, only one of these options is correct. Time will show which one...
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Old 1st Apr 2016, 22:34
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Doesn't matter!!! The Company has a fair and equitable policy, "the right to live and work" for all bases. If that changes, scores of Americans leave. It's that simple. Don't tell me that CX doesn't care about 100+ fully trained and qualified American FOs leaving. They do!
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Although that is the NEW policy, I know plenty of pilots working in the US who don't have a right to work in the US.
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