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Hong Kong Express

Fragrant Harbour A forum for the large number of pilots (expats and locals) based with the various airlines in Hong Kong. Air Traffic Controllers are also warmly welcomed into the forum.

Hong Kong Express

Old 9th Oct 2014, 22:27
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I applied before I looked at this thread. Currently flying an ERJ in the US, but I think I'll stick to my regional here. Thanks for the info guys.
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Old 10th Oct 2014, 15:53
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Don't let PPRuNe ever put you off anything. Full of negativity from wannabes and bitter people. Give it a go if it interests you
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Old 7th Dec 2014, 15:29
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HKE Interview - tickets and hotel

Can anybody please tell me if HKE or HKA provide airplane tickets and/or hotel to attend the interview.

Thank you
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Old 9th Dec 2014, 10:02
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Pilot's row over speaking English in cockpit of HK Express flight 'destroyed career' | South China Morning Post
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Old 9th Dec 2014, 10:39
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Fark! That ain't Eddie the Eagle is it!??!?!

Yeah, sorry, couldn't resist....
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Old 18th Dec 2014, 20:54
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I just applied there for non type rated first officer A320. I sent my résumé to their recruitment e-mail and through smart recruiters using my linkedin. I have about 1741 hours mostly multi turbine. I've been laid off for 8 months now. Im presently working as a record keeping assistant. The job doesn't sound so bad. As for the Hong Kong living doesn't sound much different than life here in the caribbean. I hope they send a response I'm very interested in seeing what they have to offer.
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Old 18th Dec 2014, 21:15
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That's a good question I read somewhere that Hong Kong Airlines pays the ticket from a Hainan Airlines gateway. Seeing that they are sister companies I would like to assume they do but I too would like some clarity on this matter.
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Old 18th Dec 2014, 23:26
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"Hong Kong living doesnt sound much different to life in the Caribbean?" Please do a touch more homework than that. Is the carribean listed in the top most polluted places on earth now days? 11deg and rain as i type... Even just goggle Hong kong, see what you come up with. We do however have very few deaths attributed to falling coconuts here admittedly.
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Old 19th Dec 2014, 00:18
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Ok clearly your touching one aspect of the situation. Name one decent airline in the Caribbean region. The caribbean is a large region and if you put it together things aren't that great for the islanders on a whole. If you want to individualize it's even worse because as a pilot in the caribbean region you're flying old aircraft for peanuts. If your lucky enough to get on a nice aircraft it's still peanuts.

Living in a a shoe box like some said here in the forum isn't any different than still living with your parents which happens a lot in the Caribbean region. If you're worried about the cost of living that's everywhere some places better than others. Average salary of $2000 in the caribbean barely gets you anything descent to live in. If you're at LIAT you get paid in EC which is even worse than the dollar.

If you're lucky enough to be from the U.S. Virgin Islands you might stand a chance with a regional in the US hopefully you get on to a major or legacy if not they have the chance to bail with descent jet time and get a job else where because everywhere hires US pilots yet they don't hire expats for no positions. So after all that explain what's the difference now between living in that shoe box having the opportunity to fly something descent and flying a crap making peanuts living in your parents house? Hong Kong doesn't sound so bad. The caribbean is pretty but living wise you're in for a bumpy ride. The difference is opportunity which isn't blooming in the Caribbean region at the moment.
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Old 19th Dec 2014, 02:00
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One aspect, ok, lets look at a few more. You might want to ask how many pilots on local terms can afford to house their family in something that would be considered liveable in any other country, "but it is HK you should expect it to be small." Why? No one ever seems to ask that, those that ask, leave.

How many local pilots still live with their family? A LOT. The lure of the big shinny jet is what keeps people coming, but that luster wears off quickly when you start to see the reality of living in one of the unhealthiest environments on earth with nothing to show for it at the end of the month except a few hours in your log book. Use it as a stepping stone, lucrative expat jobs in HK are a thing of the past. Spiraling cost of living cost of living that is not accurately measured in inflation figures, homes that are inadequate prison cells, and spiraling medical costs for untold damage we are doing to ourselves with every breath of chemicals that the government is too scared to measure accurately, and when they do, the actual figure becomes classified as a "State Secret". "Locally produced food" is affordable, but just google 'food safety china' and see why it is cheap. Then google "City Super" or "Taste" and see what you may have to pay for imported produce. Then google "Mislabeled produce at HK supermarkets", and see how much of the expensive stuff really is imported, or just mislabeled.

Also, the term shinny new jet is a myth. 30 days in HK air quality and the airframes are anything but shinny. The choice you are really making, is where would you rather be poor?

Last edited by Lowkoon; 19th Dec 2014 at 02:06. Reason: adding pic...
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Old 19th Dec 2014, 12:34
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That my boy I agree with you on it is truly where we would like to be poor. I think most are unrealistic about what they can get out of life. The way it sounds is like most of these pilots want to move to Hong Kong and bring along their families and apparently bring in all the bread without their spouses having to work. Not only in Hong Kong but anywhere in the world, not on a pilots salary at least. The air quality thing yea that's a bad situation but I'll relate it to the caribbean again during the hurricane season the people have no idea how much Sahara dust is in the air the whole time bring who knows what with it. I've heard most days the visibility is around 8km and on other days it's clear. In the southern caribbean their is an island of the coast of Venezuela called Curaçao and they have an oil refinery you want to talk about air pollution the air stinks sometimes and the fumes stay in the air a long while. My mental picture of Hong Kong is like that of New York a concrete jungle. New York's air quality is shit too man Las Vegas also and out west there is also the dust in the air. After a few drops of acid rain not even a car will look shiny anymore lol. I can't really say much about the food but most US foods aren't healthy either. With all those additives in it heart attack waiting to happen. I think most people find Qatar or Emirates the best choices but again you have air pollution and dust in the air but your salary is tax free though . To me it consist of 2 questions first like you said "Where would you rather be poor?" And secondly "How long would you like to stay poor?" Just remember poor is a state of mind and everyone's defination of poor is different.
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Old 27th Aug 2015, 17:05
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Any kind soul here can update info some info for HKE.?

Stuff like pay to expect for FOs and time to upgrade if you have are 5000 jet hours..Tks. Asking on behalf for a buddy..

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Old 28th Aug 2015, 04:19
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Sounds a bit like

. "Mornin' Doc - Err.... My "friend" has a Wart on his ....etc"
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Old 28th Aug 2015, 05:31
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White None...Tks for the update. I am sure your English grammar got a pass when you applied for any jobs in HKg.

Btw..if u have nothing nice to say, jus zip it mate!
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Old 28th Aug 2015, 15:22
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Sorry - Can't get Zip over Wart

(My friend that is)

Seriously - if I had any gem for you mate I'd give it, I just don't. Meanwhile we're generally trying to keep ourselves sane by the use of.....Humour??
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Old 28th Aug 2015, 17:29
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.. that was [email protected] hilarious - sorry for the bloke who did not pick that one up though.. Maybe he'll pick something else up from his "friend"..
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Old 27th Nov 2015, 07:57
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The contractual 8 days off a month, are those in a row or sprinkled?
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Old 9th Dec 2015, 18:02
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Does anyone have any information regarding the new interview screening? I shall be going over in early Jan.

Any info greatly appreciated.
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Old 23rd Dec 2015, 07:00
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some are a breath of fresh air..

HKE Insider; you're a voice of reason in a sea of gibberish.
Can you advise what chance of an interview a1700 hr ATPL with recent A320 tr (but no t-o-t)?
Tkx in adv.

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Old 27th Dec 2015, 13:59
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Hiring Requirements
Just apply. Seem to prefer time on type. Sometimes not.

Days off
Normally around 10 days off per month scatter throughout the month. Normally one block of 3 or 4 days off in a row.
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