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Appearing soon in your inbox a survey for you to undertake
Please answer all questions truthfully
The password to log on is unique to you and should not be shared thereby allowing us to identify all respondents .

We haven't promised that we won't take retaliatory action against those who supply answers inconsistent with our philosophy , and the replies you give may be used in any subsequent disciplinary proceedings at a later date

If you want an accurate reflection of how the aircrew feel without the threat of retaliation allow the survey to be conducted anonymously otherwise everything is perfect .
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There are no coincidences in aviation, ask yourself why is a survey been timed to be submitted during a period of industrial tension?

Some adminer didn't just say "I know lets have a survey next week". This would typically take 4-6 months to plan.

In other words one more distraction to take our eyes off the ball. This was planned and timed at the end of last year. CX management have many distraction plans, what will it be next ? Perhaps an advert in Flt Int wanting DEFO??? Close ties with XXX? All freighter flying to be conducted from bases to save costs (you'll have to join a new subsidiary co). A dirty media PR war?
Expat benefits under fire in banking and commerce sector CX just bringing its position in line with market forces etc.?

Whats next?

Why waste your time if you don't like the answer don't ask the question.
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Never, never, ever fill in a Company-issued Survey.

Surveys are for the Company's benefit and not for yours...
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it allows them to find out what is adequate and what can be trimmed from your benefits, its probably not to see where they can improve.
Its all about cost, thats what it is, "where can we save money?" is what they are actually trying to find out."
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It's part of their 'psy-ops' and would have been advised by the industrial relations consultants that they have paid a lot of money for. I've seen it before.

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so simple , just delete.
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What's the big deal ?

If you don't want to put in the time don't fill it out.

If you do, fill it out with your true beliefs. Don't sugar coat it or use it to vent--just an honest assessment of what's going on.

If they hired shrinks to do this, they would better have spent their money in coherent negotiations. Or reading the internet or just asking the girls downtown. It's no secret that things aren't going well in terms of worker satisfaction and this is becoming unhappier by the minute.

Up to you but if someone comes back later and says "our survey is rosy" and you didn't fill it out, just like an election, you don't have much to squawk about.
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Do NOT fill in this or any other CX survey.

It's a well known fact that CX is a huge believer in the Gary Becker logic of economics and human behavior. ie, all our decisions and actions can be predicted using a formula with just a few simple known quantities. I know you control freaks out there struggle with this logic but it does seem to work.

We've all filled out one CX survey (the shrink test that wouldn't be used in the selection process but would be used to get a cross section of the typical CX pilot). They know how we think.
The unknown is what we're thinking at the moment. Give them this and the equation is complete. They can plug any CX instigated action into the formula and come up with the resulting pilot/AOA action. Scary thought but Gary won a Nobel prize from it so it can't all be magic. They'll do the least possible to make the equation equal an acceptable answer (Which may well be to do nothing at all)

Currently we're a known unknown. The control freaks want a known known.

Knowledge IS power. Don't give them the knowledge.
Would CX management ever fill out a survey originating from the AOA? They keep their cards close to their chest. I've no idea why we'd want to show ours halfway through the hand.
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Guys. Seriously.... Do any of us believe that this management DON'T know what we are thinking at the moment...???! You would have to have been resident on Mars the past 10 years to not have figured that out. They know just how contemptuous we are of them, and they are certainly under no illusions as to what the issues are. Don't fill in this survey. It can only possibly be to provide them with further insight as to our weaknesses and divisions. There can be NO benefit to us personally in filling this out. CX know exactly what we want. This survey is for other nefarious reasons.
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When they come for your neighbor. Dont say anything. That way you can slip by. That always works.
We loose because we are cowards.
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Please people, in times of industrial unrest, let us maintain civility of grammar!

It's LOSE, not LOOSE!
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+ 1.

I also remember a classic 'howler' during the last 'unpleasantness' at CX in one of the company's notices; it referred to Flight Ops 'mangers'.
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You crack me up. I love your last sentence:

"No obvious one sided questions that are onesided."

So, not only are you a company sellout, you are also retarded. Hope that A350 is worth selling your soul for, genius! Where can I get one of those awesome lanyards? Do they make them in French?


The survey is actually an IQ test. If you fill it out, you are surely below 100. If you think it's a good survey which can only be used to effectuate positive change, you're below 80 which makes you officially retarded. Congrats!
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I can't see an upside to filling it out so I won't.
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With cxorcist...

I'm sure it will get filled out. And those that do, are you the 62%?

Because that will lead to another award!

Scroll down this link: nkedin%3Ashare%26activityId%3Dactivity%3A5864589827952893952 %26contextId%3DGNcnvgZtbBOQU%2B9YXSsAAA%3D%3D%26isDigested%3 Dfalse%26isFolloweeOfPoster%3Dfalse%26actorType%3Dlinkedin%3 Acompany%26pageKey%3Dbiz_company_feed_mapper_public%26feedPo sition%3D10%26actorId%3Dcompany%3A7097%26objectId%3Dcontent% 3A90c169654c1da1ba5ab8e28d8570f954%26rowPosition%3D1%26objec tType%3Dlinkedin%3Acontent%26moduleKey%3Dcompany_feed&trk=fe ed-body-name

Most attractive employer
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Please note this entire process is administered confidentially by ***** Surveys and there is no one from Cathay Pacific or any other third party who will be provided with, or will have access to, your individual results, nor can any individual be identified from the responses. We encourage you all to take a few minutes to complete the survey, and thank you to all who have already completed it. Itís by telling us what you think, that we can initiate changes in the future.

Hmmmm don't think I believe that for a nano second
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No kidding. Again, part of the IQ test. Will we pass???
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Survey? Which survey?
If nobody does it, that sends a clear enough message to management!
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Dan Buster

You do those learning modules?

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Since I don't fly the 400, I think I'm safe from the Bus.

I appreciate the name calling. Glad to read I hit the nail on the head

Enjoy your weekend!!! Don't spend all your time on Learner's World.
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