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Cathay Pilots honoured

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Cathay Pilots honoured

Old 31st Mar 2014, 09:35
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Cathay Pilots honoured

Cathay Pacific Pilots Receive IFALPA?s Polaris Award | Business Wire

Cathay Pacific Pilots Receive IFALPA?s Polaris Award | Reuters
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Old 31st Mar 2014, 09:57
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Well I hope our Company came to the party also, in order to provide them with days off, at least firm business class travel, and decent hotel accommodation for both themselves and their respective partners.

The award is a well deserved accolade for the significant feat they achieved against great odds, not least of all saving many lives in the process.
Very well done gentlemen.
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Old 31st Mar 2014, 10:17
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short flights long nights
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Very well done guys. Well deserved.
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Old 31st Mar 2014, 10:44
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Did Cathay give them any recognition or commendation for their exceptional airmanship ????
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Old 31st Mar 2014, 11:25
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Well deserved fellas.

The don.
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Old 31st Mar 2014, 11:38
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Thumbs down Zip, zilch, nada, niente

Mr Q, they effectively got nothing from the Company. It's an utter disgrace.

I know one of the guys well. Let's just say that if it wasn't for certain organisation many pay dues to, both pilots would have been unable to attend the awards ceremony... No transport OR time off was granted them by their employer.

Can you imagine if after the 'Miracle on the Hudson' ditching, 'Sully' was told by his Airline "sorry, we don't have the time or money to send you to any awards presentation. There's nothing really in it for us anyway."

People. They make an airline.

(Except when dealing with left field, un-precedented, extreme emergencies in a highly skilled manner that brings a whole new level of "professional" into professional pilot.)
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Old 31st Mar 2014, 13:41
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Congratulations Malcolm and Dave…fantastic you have both been honored in this way.

I am ashamed and dismayed that Cathay management did absolutely nothing to assist these guys and their respective spouses to attend the IFALPA presentation.

This stoops below the normal nonexistent level of good will.
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Old 31st Mar 2014, 16:47
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Congratulations.... you deserve it!
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Old 31st Mar 2014, 17:14
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Congratulations gentlemen on a job well done! Your professionalism and decision making are very deserving of the commendations received. Thank you.
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Old 31st Mar 2014, 17:33
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Make no mistake, the AOA is 100% responsible for sending and providing accommodations for these guys. The company was made aware of the award well in advance and gave NOTHING.
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Old 31st Mar 2014, 17:36
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Congratulations, you guys earned it.

But I must say that I'm surprised you guys are surprised by Cathay's way of dealing with this.

Until you start treating your employer the same way they treat you things will not improve around here.

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Old 31st Mar 2014, 19:11
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But 'Safety is our number one priority'
Time off and free hotels for two genuine heroes - and, Heaven Forbid - their wives?? How does that sit with contempt and zero respect for the entire Aircrew group?
Well it doesn't sit at all so why are we surprised that nobody in charge had the guts to help these guys.
Just enjoy your profit share and keep showing up on G Days to 'help out'.
A lot of us should be writing letters and getting pretty angry about this.
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Old 31st Mar 2014, 19:51
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Cool as a moosp
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The accident report reads like an impossible task. Only superb airmanship saved the aircraft and the lives of the crew and passengers.

It is appalling but very predictable that CX senior management decided to ignore this award. The board appear to do everything they can to denigrate the skills and competence of the pilot (and engineering) workforce in an ever increasing attempt to destroy pilot and professional self esteem. I assume it is based on the notion that if you can convince the pilots and line staff that they are worthless, they can be paid and treated as such.

As was mentioned above with respect to Capt. Sulley, the management of American squeezed the maximum public relations advantage out of that incident, leaving the American public to assume that the entire pilot workforce of American Airlines was like him. A brilliant, if slightly dubious, PR recovery.

Knowing most of the fleet management of CX I am sure that most of them tried to push it upstairs to get at least some support for this. This would have been stopped at either DFO or Board level. Yes, I know it is IFALPA and they are, God forbid, a UNION organisation but they do more research, development and implementation of flight safety and the improvement of aviation structures than any other organisation outside of NASA and the NTSB. CX then goes on to take the free benefit from this research.

Many people are alive today because these pilots had superior skills, knowledge and training, and not just that gained from their CX experience. As we see with MH370, the cost of a hull loss in human, logistics and public relations costs is massive, and may break an airline.

That senior management of CX do not see the advantage of a skilled line workforce is one of the fundamental aspects as to why CX is now losing market share to airlines who do.
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Old 31st Mar 2014, 20:06
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I watched an interview where Captain Chesley B. “Sully” Sullenberger discussed the PR campaign following the crash of US Airways Flight 1549. The FO and him came up with the strategy. The aim of which was to educate the world how important it is to have the best of the best in the cockpit and that means paying top wages. I am suspect US Airway management is no better than Cathay management. Probably far from it.

My sincere respect then and now to the amazing skill and CRM that the crew of CPA780 displayed.
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Old 31st Mar 2014, 22:07
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Arfur Dent:

But 'Safety is our number one priority'
Not any more, Arfur. Check posters inside elevators in CX City, they took out 'number one' so now it's just

"Safety is our priority"

No announcements, just sliding priorities down hoping no-one would notice.

Considering the nature of the emergency I wind the captains last name most appropriate.

Well done, guys!
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Old 31st Mar 2014, 22:59
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Another 'missed opportunity' for Cathay Pacific; they are Hong Kong's very own 'Sully' and Skiles.

Well deserved, gentlemen.

P.S. Why don't you write a book?

Last edited by Captain Dart; 31st Mar 2014 at 23:14.
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Old 31st Mar 2014, 23:26
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Thumbs down Utter shite

Remember the "Worlds Best Cabin Crew" award and the crawling, over the top dog and pony show that went along with that? And what do they do, I mean, really.....? Now here we have two genuine heroes, in the same vein as Sully and his FO, and CX does nothing....it beggars belief but does show us what they truly think of us and where the 'power' lies here. I'm personally appalled but I really can't say I'm surprised.
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Old 1st Apr 2014, 06:19
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The pilots are an afterthought.
There would be a smoking hole in Hong Kong somewhere if it wasn't for the skill and airmanship of these two fine professionals.

Public relations missed a huge opportunity showcasing this back then and have now made it even worse by what I am reading above.

People make an airline, indeed.
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Old 1st Apr 2014, 07:42
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You are an IDIOT
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Old 1st Apr 2014, 08:31
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NKAND you cannot say that!
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