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A380 experiance

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A380 experiance

I have just flown in the Singapore A380 to Sin and back.Wow! I must say that the ride in the back was extremely comfortable. I must say that the passenger experience is much nicer that our 777 Economy cabin and our A330 cabin. It is very quiet compared to the 777 cabin, it is wider and feels more relaxing.In the isles while the trolley is moving down the isle, you can still move past it without any problem, try to do that on any other aircraft!.

The business class cabin is so much better than anything at CX. The seats are so wide you could fit two people next to each other. The whole feel of the cabin just screams exclusive. Lets not even comment on the first class suits!

I know that most of the Boeing boys swears by the quality of the 747-8. It is a very nice aircraft, but having experienced both types from the back, I must say that the A380 its in it's own class when it comes to a passenger experience

As more of our competitors are getting A380's if CX wants to remain relevant and compete with them, they will have no other option but to go the A380 route
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Does it make money?
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They would not be ordering more if it did not.
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Try Emirates A380 First to Bangkok (about 5,000 RT)

UNBELIEVABLE, makes the CX F product look like poo.

Did Thai A380 F to Bangkok a few weeks ago, and it too was Fabulous.

Both serve Dom, and very nice expensive reds and ice wines and anything else you can think of. You really don't want to get off.

I have a Malaysian A380 F experience coming up in May I am looking forward too.

It really is from a passenger point of view the best of the best.
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...It's hard to generalize about a specific airframe as there are so many configurations offering varied spaces to passengers, especially in First & Business Classes where passengers may or may not be cocooned in their own cubicles. Not all A380s are equipped with leather seats, showers and pubs.
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I fly a lot, both in business and economy, with a number of airlines. The 380 is good, with the main attributes being quietness and space. On the down side, it looks like nearly all operators have fewer toilets than in the old 747s; this is a serious annoyance on a full flight. Also, the bathroom fitouts on the 380s can look cheap, and are aging badly. Have a look at some of the original SQ aircraft and you'll note that effect.

It's true CX are looking a bit tired, but they remain one of the better service airlines, especially in terms of understanding one-off requests and responding with something other than a standard script. I still shell out preferentially for SQ when the connections etc are good, but it's not the premium service it used to be. EK are 'OK' but the weak link is Dubai Airport, as many a QF pax is about to discover. Silly inbound security systems, hoards in all directions, and laughably inadequate shower facilities for business class pax. Pretty average service on EK, too. However, the limo pickup for even lowly business class is a nice touch.

What else? We'll you could go BA and get service doled out strictly according to the class you're flying that day. You could go QF and be ignored the whole flight, which is preferable to going United and being snarled at. VA will put on a show for you and make you wonder why you're not enjoying it more I could go on...but don't feel too bad about CX just getting you there safely and having pleasant, obliging crew. The HK connection point is OK, too. But upgrading the frayed carpet would be a nice rouch.

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You right about the toilets. I thought they could have been in better condition for a relative new aircraft.
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The two showers in EK F are pretty freaking awesome.. as is the stand up bar and lounge.

Also the fact both TG and EK (even Air Canada) from take off till landing is a huge plus over our offering. Nothing pisses me off more as a pax, then the 20,000 ft, "cabin crew please prepare the cabin for landing" call, and then you have to put your Kindle, iPad,or headset for watching inflight movie away.

Then you hold @ Abbey...

No real reason for it. For Pax service they win.

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True why the hell isn't the IFE up and running as soon as you get on the A/C and why can't we use it till after landing, other carriers do.
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Can't cope with power changes. It could still be on sooner though
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With my experience, EK and SQ's CC are genuinely nicer and down to earth! Now bring me more champagne
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Where's the STP spell checker when we need him?
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Speed of Right?

CN30YXU Quopte:- "The idea was proposed to CAD - they have a working committee addressing this and we shall see the results in about 3 years."

Good Lord! As quick as that!
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