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Pay Talks on 13th Dec

Fragrant Harbour A forum for the large number of pilots (expats and locals) based with the various airlines in Hong Kong. Air Traffic Controllers are also warmly welcomed into the forum.

Pay Talks on 13th Dec

Old 22nd Dec 2010, 05:30
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Yep, there's definately something fishy about it if it's taking this long for them to make up their mind about it. The longer it takes, the more obvious it will become. Sadly, our golden chance to negotiate with the only language they undertand over the busy holidays is very quickly passing by. Think about it... How do the other work groups here ever get anything they want? Is it ever via anything other than hardball language (action)? Nope. Why would we expect anything different? Do we think we're special? They certainly don't.
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Old 22nd Dec 2010, 10:02
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Their minds have been made up, they are just taking a little time to write the explanation and newsletter that comes with the raw facts of the deal.
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Old 22nd Dec 2010, 14:36
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It took them a day a to make up their minds (Friday-Saturday) but so far a week to explain the deal? Just put out the raw facts and let the explanation follow.
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Old 22nd Dec 2010, 15:38
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Agreed, our biggest bargaining tool is (was) the Christmas travel season. CC won't have nearly the same effect after the holidays.
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Old 22nd Dec 2010, 16:45
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With respect F10, going CC during the holidays would be an absolute PR disaster. The travelling public will know that all the crews, and groundstaff, are working their butts off to get them home to their families after the UK wx dramas. Take the brownies for that and keep your powder dry for a more appropriate occasion where families aren't directly inconvenienced.

Anyway I am very confident that we will get such a stunning surprise that the words CC will be deleted from our CX dictionary eh?
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Old 22nd Dec 2010, 16:51
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Come on guys....just let us know the offer already....
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Old 22nd Dec 2010, 17:02
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To the GC: Fellas, it has now been almost a week. Plenty of time to tidy up any loose ends. You can't expect the members to remain patient much longer. We have a right (yes, right) to hear the details. If something is not out by Thursday you risk a rising backlash. It doesn't matter what your reasons are for the holdup, it has now been almost a week....enough. Send us a breakdown of the offer. We are all grownups and can make up our own mind on what to think.
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Old 22nd Dec 2010, 18:56
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There is no excuse for this delay or lack of communication from the GC.
I am beginning to lose confidence in them.
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Old 22nd Dec 2010, 19:42
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They are out buying their Christmas hats
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Old 23rd Dec 2010, 00:57
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just popping out to get the SCMP, probably going to find out more there!
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Old 23rd Dec 2010, 01:07
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jeez boys, the offer was made on a friday + the holidays + these guys are doing this on their TIME OFF! I want to know too but cut them some slack. It should be out by today anyway.
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Old 23rd Dec 2010, 03:00
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Cool Any guesses?

Ok, I'll go with:

1. 5% and 4% rise in base pay in 2011/12 respectively, with
2. 2% rise in HDP for same period, in return for:

ANOTHER "one off" option to switch to COS08(11??) for RA65.

Any advances on this?!?
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Old 23rd Dec 2010, 03:15
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34% payrise and another 25% on top of that due to the productivity increases that the CAD were paid to bring in, in CAD 371.
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Old 23rd Dec 2010, 03:23
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Its out, check your email my fellow members....
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Old 23rd Dec 2010, 03:40
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can't wait ...

for the first moron to post the AOA Pay offer update on PPRuNe.
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Old 23rd Dec 2010, 03:42
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Don't post any details here. Keep the non-members in the dark!!
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Old 23rd Dec 2010, 03:50
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....just had a look.....words fail me....
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Old 23rd Dec 2010, 04:11
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HKAOA pay offer

don't post anything...don't post anything...don't post anything...
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Old 23rd Dec 2010, 05:00
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Absolutely. Please don't post any details.

And let's not start slagging off the AOA. This is a 100% more than we would have got without an association. Our fellow pilots have tried their best.....and all of it in their spare time. Thanks for trying.

That said, I'm not surprised at the offer. This is how much the company values us. Same team, different dream.
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Old 26th Dec 2010, 14:15
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An example as to why the offer is woefully inadequate: This from the Daily Telegraph, today in London. As a review of this commentary shows, we can expect inflation of 5% or MORE in the coming year in the UK. This latest pay offer doesn't even address the past TEN years of inflationary erosion of our salaries, never mind the hyper inflation that is about to burst upon us. If we lock ourselves into this inadequate 28 month deal, we will be even further behind by the end of it. We need to demonstrate now that we deserve and demand a proper pay offer.

"As recently as February, the Bank was forecasting CPI inflation of 1.5pc by the end of 2010. That estimate has proved to be woefully wrong. But it was clear a long time ago that would be the case.
Every single month this year, inflation has been either on, or above, the "upper acceptable limit" of 3pc. Measured by the far more accurate RPI measure, inflation has spent several recent months at 5pc or more.
The November inflation number was driven by the high price of food and clothing. What's even more important than the specifics is that, with the Bank's monetary policy committee having down-played repeated inflation over-shoots, the UK's inflation-fighting credibility is now being widely questioned.
Survey evidence shows inflation expectations just surged to their highest level for more than two years, a sign that above-target price increases could become embedded in the minds of consumers.
People questioned during November expect CPI inflation of 3.9pc in 2011, sharply up on previous estimates. And that was before oil prices jumped another $8 a barrel this month a rise that will soon feed through into motorists' petrol costs, hiking inflation concerns even more".
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