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The Demise of Hong Kong Airlines

Fragrant Harbour A forum for the large number of pilots (expats and locals) based with the various airlines in Hong Kong. Air Traffic Controllers are also warmly welcomed into the forum.

The Demise of Hong Kong Airlines

Old 22nd Oct 2008, 20:44
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He said the eight flight attendants recently reported to have been laid off was simply part of normal staff adjustments made by the company’s Human Resources Development.
So what he is saying is that they were laid off.
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Old 23rd Oct 2008, 07:33
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approx a dozen pilots getting let go at 4pm today.

Anyone wants to guess their race ?

Hint ..it's not in the order of seniority
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Old 23rd Oct 2008, 07:34
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Yep Raymond, 50 Captains for 5 a/c and you may be losing more, sure, everything rosy la
A month ago your load factors where a little north of 50%, so everything still Ok la
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Old 24th Oct 2008, 06:28
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Always sad to see pilots being laid off, but if it must be, then I guess the ones to be laid off are the ones who are not Hong Kong Permanent ID Card Holders.
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Old 24th Oct 2008, 09:44
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You are a funny guy Guava, if they laid off all non-permanent ID holders, there would be less than 10 pilots left
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Old 24th Oct 2008, 10:07
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From Flight Global

Found this today....from Flight Global
Hong Kong Airlines has retrenched some pilots and flight attendants and unveiled a plan to focus on medium-haul services using widebodies and let sister carrier Hong Kong Express focus on short-haul.
Hong Kong Airlines says in a statement that in 2009, possibly as early as the middle of that year, it will introduce its first Airbus A330 and launch services to Australia and the Middle East.
It is says it will be "reducing the number of Boeing 737-800 narrowbody aircraft currently in use as we introduce A330 widebody aircraft into service progressively" but Hong Kong Express will be adding 737-800s.
Because of the fleet changes, Hong Kong Airlines and Hong Kong Express have just retrenched six and three cabin crew respectively and today Hong Kong Airlines will be retrenching six captains and four first officers, it adds.
Hong Kong Airlines/Hong Kong Express general manager of marketing, Louisa Wu, says the group will be suspending its twice-weekly Hong Kong-Xian service at the end of October but it may look to resume the service on 1 April when the summer season starts.
She says the group suspended services to Chengdu following May's Sichuan earthquake but may resume the service next April if demand picks up.
Hong Kong Airlines currently has five 737-800s and is due to receive its first A330 in the middle of 2009 and a second later that year, says Wu.
Wu confirms that Hong Kong Airlines will reduce the size of its 737 fleet and focus on medium-haul routes with widebodies but she says it will still retain some 737s.
Hong Kong Express currently has seven 737s and is adding an eighth in December but this is a new 737 rather than one transferred from Hong Kong Airlines, she adds.
At last year's Paris Airshow in June Hong Kong Airlines signed an agreement to purchase 20 Airbus A330s and 30 Airbus A320s.
China's Hainan Airlines group owns 45% of Hong Kong Airlines and Hong Kong Express but the carriers' other shareholders are different.
Hong Kong Airlines and Hong Kong Express have merged many back office functions and some of their sales and marketing functions but the two still maintain some different operations.
The group has stated publicly before that it may go through a formal merger but Wu today tells ATI, flightglobal.com's sister premium news site that there has been no further progress with regards to a formal merger.
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Old 24th Oct 2008, 12:15
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A couple of interesting news items on the HKA website today:

Regarding Hong Kong Airlines/Hong Kong Express Cut Jobs Issue

22 Oct 2008

On 18th October, 2008, Hong Kong Airlines and Hong Kong Express Airways ceased the employment with 6 and 3 cabin crew respectively. This is a normal staff turnover in business operations. The recent media reporting over 100 staff layoff is groundless. The two airlines reserve the rights for legal action.

No timeline is set for the merge of Hong Kong Airlines and Hong Kong Express Airways and there is no massive layoff plan at the moment. The two airlines will continue to adjust their operation and resources to meet the market demand.
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Old 24th Oct 2008, 12:19
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And this one....

Hong Kong Airlines starts medium haul passenger and cargo service

24 Oct 2008

Hong Kong Airlines will introduce A330 wide-body operations in 2009, providing medium haul passenger and cargo services between Hong Kong and cities in the Middle East and Australia. Part of the process involves personnel changes to meet the different needs of operating wide-body aircraft.

The Company has only been serving short haul in the Asia region in past years. By the end of 2007, Hong Kong Airlines have placed a firm order for a total of fifty A330 wide-body aircraft and A320 aircraft. The plan is to expand into medium haul market which may be introduced as early as the middle of 2009.

Part of the plan involves change of fleet composition, reducing the number of Boeing 737-800 narrow-body aircraft currently in use, as we introduce A330 wide-body aircraft into service progressively. A change of personnel is thus necessary to ensure that our flight operation will maintain a high standard with the new aircraft type. As a consequence, the Company will release 6 Captains and 4 First Officers today.

Its alliance Hong Kong Express Airways Limited will be increasing its fleet of B737-800 to 8 aircraft by the middle of December 2008 to better serve the traveling public in our existing regional market.
And this comes just 4 days after the SCMP quoted Raymond Ng as saying no lay offs were planned. So either Raymond was telling porkies or their long term plans changed a lot since Monday.
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Old 25th Oct 2008, 01:07
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Waht log term planning?

24 Hours in this industry, especially for a bunch of incompetents like this bunch of *&^%$S, is the long term future!

Economic downturn, and tough trading environmet....single figure loads on a B738....F%&^*d if I know how that translates to "oh we need bigger planes!"

Good luck to them I say...I just feel sorry for the way the guys and girls were treated last week, and wish them all the best in finding better jobs!

And to the WORMS (snakes are big and visible) grow a set!
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Old 25th Oct 2008, 01:53
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mates, please stop use these 'NOT A HELPING' describes, many thanks! snakes Singaporean…. monkeys South American…. pigs Local…. cheap incompetent SEA..
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Old 25th Oct 2008, 03:19
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vhhh hka,

If you want others to stop name calling, I would suggest that by being blatantly racist and naming (initials) western pilots on here you are not going about it in the correct manner.

However it doesn't really surprise me, as it has been typical of the hka (mis)management, one set of rules for some and none for others.

Grow up.
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Old 25th Oct 2008, 03:43
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Vhhh hka.

Not sure what you are getting at, however in an attempt to decipher your almost incomprehensible post, consider this. The people you describe:

a) wouldn't need to be told 3 times to go around
b) wouldn't have the stick shaker go off twice at cruise level
c) wouldn't take-off in a typhoon
d) wouldn't take-off on taxiway A
e) wouldn't exceed the G limit on landing and fail to report it

I'd have some comfort travelling onboard a HKA flight knowing they were up the front.

I hope that is what you are getting at.
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Old 26th Oct 2008, 02:07
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Hey! that's 15 initials..? Hmmm.... so we know, why these 12 got sacked....
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Old 26th Oct 2008, 06:26
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For what reason then?

I'll give you a hint ; Ethnicity

It's quite clear that this is the case when the CP - Training says he'll see to it that all australians are fired. And that poor excuse for a human being is allowed to hold an Australian passort

BTW, any argument to suggest how the Indonesian pilot who was laid off proves that race was not involved holds no weight. He doesn't fall into the same cateogory as the others. He should have been laid off regardless due firstly to the attitude he displayed during his training (read email accidently circulated around to all HKA pilots) and certainly because of the taxiway Alpha incident which he tried to cover up.
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Old 26th Oct 2008, 15:33
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The Korean cabin crew was fired because she had made a complaint about RS and his constant harrasment. TL was fired because he had discussed about RS's dangerous antics with the reversers. KL was fired because he had tried to expose these idiots to CAD (eg the stupid captain who wrote on the training file for his trainee captain......."good handling in the 35-40 kt crosswind take off....or something similiar).

For those still at HKA do you really want to walk on thin ice around RS. One day he might not like the look of you and your head will be on the chopping block.

If any of you have contacts in the labour department or media PLEASE highlight these events to them. Its time something was done to get this guy out.
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Old 26th Oct 2008, 18:48
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Severance payment

Hope the guys/gal sacked last thursday are aware of Severance Payment. If not, click on the link below to the Hong Kong Labour Department:

Labour Department - Publications

Chapter 8- Termination of Contract of Employment
Chapter 10- Severance Payment and Long Service Payment

After sifting through the convoluted write up, my understanding is that in addition to payment in lieu of notice (ie, the measly 1 month payout), if an employee is dismissed by reason of redundancy then you are entitled to Severance Pay. The employee needs to serve a written notice to the employer requesting Severance Payment within 3 months of the dismissal. It goes on to show how to calculate the amount due to you.

Best of luck to all 10 of you..... and unfortunately, best of luck to the 15 unnecessarily listed above.

Make those M*&%ther F*!kers pay! This sort of genocide shouldn't be allowed to occur in this day and age.
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Old 27th Oct 2008, 07:20
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Sorry to hear about people loosing jobs. Very unpleasant for all concerned.

However I think a few posters on this thread need a reality check. It doesn't matter if your are a US, Aust, NZ, UK or whatever. When you are a foreigner employed in someone else's country you are a guest worker, nothing more. When you are not wanted you are out, period. Why should a foreigner be kept on and a local loose his or her job. It don't work like that anymore.

How would you feel being an Australian for E.G., employed in Australia, by an Australian company who employed foreign guest workers also. Then recession and redundancies, raise their ugly heads and you are put off and a foreigner is kept on. Would you like that? Of course you wouldn't and you would not accept it.

Before you try and shoot me down for my views I have been an expat for over 30 years in various countries and continents and I know where I stand on this one and have been the victim "locals win again" many times. When this becomes unacceptable I will go home, to be a "stranger" in my own country!
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Old 27th Oct 2008, 08:12
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Buddy, you'd be right if they lost their jobs to locals.

Not the case Western pilots fired for being
Western. Its about the idiots who can barely walk upright out of the jungle let alone fly a jet.

Last edited by AAIGUY; 27th Oct 2008 at 08:39.
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Old 27th Oct 2008, 08:13
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I think everybody understands what you are saying, however the amount of local (read Hong Kong citizens) pilots is around 5. Unless the HKSAR now recognises Indonesians, Singaporeans and Malaysians as their fellow countrymen you are way off the mark with what is going on here. I politely suggest you re-read the posts from earlier on to get the full history, as it has nothing to do with the local pilots and everything to do with (expat) management.

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Old 28th Oct 2008, 18:15
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Does it surprise you?

Garuda co-pilot withdraws too fast claim

The co-pilot of an ill-fated Garuda plane which crashed killing 21 people has dramatically withdrawn his earlier claims that the plane was ...
Article | ninemsn news

Hiring direct entry captains from Indonesia indicates that HKA management are looking for certain qualities in their pilots; chances are airmanship is not high on the list but if you can fabricate a story and lie through your arse, you're probably just what they want.
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