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Alex Mitrokhin 25th Jan 2008 12:16

The Demise of Hong Kong Airlines
So, we are now at the stage where "Our Boss" is still working at another airline closeby (after a miraculous recovery from a long-term illness), and his boys, Little Dickie and Madame Wu Wu are fulfilling the management functions whilst the reamining management incumbents are celebrating carnivale.

"Eric the Bedwetter" over at the local regulator is having a great time playing aeroplanes with his own private aero club, and the rest of us wonder when the axe will finally fall on the remaining ICAO Level 6 speakers. Amazing chain of events, reminds me of the old Chinese curse, "may you live in interesting times".:{

eric is a loser 31st Jan 2008 08:39

11 F/O's got the sack today. These pathetic men are getting their childish ways. I hope the world comes crashing down around them.
HKA, you were warned. The rest should just pack up and leave, and let these snakes wonder why they have no crew.

Agent Mulder 31st Jan 2008 15:25

HK airlines hold u head down with SHAME
yes these guys are going down the toilet fast.....absolutely disgusting how they laid off 14 pilots....what goes around , comes around thats for sure.Lets hope alll the pilots get jobs soon with HK /Macau operators.

boocs 31st Jan 2008 15:34

I appreciate this is a rumour forum, however 14 pilots in 1 hit is quite a blow. Any main reason/s for this decision?


Chaz737 31st Jan 2008 16:07

Very sad day.

Too bad the lads from SIN don't realize that EVERY other pilot is planning on resigning ASAP. Soon they will have no pilots.

Then they will no doubt be happy.

To the boys (& girl) who got screwed, I know it seems bad now, but you are WAY better off.

Sue Ridgepipe 31st Jan 2008 23:22

11 F/O's got the sack today.
Wow that sux! I really feal sorry for those guys who left jobs in other countries, left their family and friends behind, and went to HK for a job, only to find themselves out on the street now.:sad::sad:

How could management be so incompetent to let it come to this?:confused:

I hope you guys are all gainfully employed elsewhere in the near future.

Mr. Bloggs 1st Feb 2008 00:14

I guess they talked to Cathay Pacific Management on how to sack en mass. Why, because they can. Great bunch in Hong Kong. :{

Sad to hear.

Coastrider26 1st Feb 2008 02:38

Absolutely disgusting action, at least they can look at their pretty aircraft from their offices when they are parked :}. Hope all the people involved get a new job really quick.

fruitless... 1st Feb 2008 02:53

Good guess Mr. Bloggs! The SIN mob had intensive training with AHK in CX City. :} :rolleyes:
Signals Rescue 99 were given months ago..! :ugh:
Sad indeed.

bazbogan 1st Feb 2008 12:32

A disgusting abuse of expatriate good faith....shame on you HKA!

pedro the bus driver 1st Feb 2008 13:11

I see none of the donkey r:mad:ting bandits got the boot, is this a racist thing?
Some of my spanish speaking amigos keep there jobs even after starting after these guys, with less hours...but yet only the 14 westerners got the boot.....is this true? If so even me disgusted.

skyjockey 1st Feb 2008 13:20


This looks to be the case, the new asian management do not like the people the "old Management" hired so unfortunately these poor guys are caught in the middle of these new twats power struggle. It is in fact true that several of your amigos are still employed whilst the westerners that joined before have been let go. Pretty disgusting if you ask me, good luck to you all, and to management how the f#** can you expect loyalty from any employee after treating people this way. :=

hongkongfooey 2nd Feb 2008 04:03

The right words to describe HKA heirarchy CANNOT be used on this forum.
However, words like pathetic, amatuers, brainless, racist, dangerous, liars, etc can.:mad:
These pilots have come half way around the world, some with families, in good faith, to work for, hands down, the worst aviation company I have ever come across anywhere in the world ( or heard of ). Most of them even left good or 1/2 decent jobs to come here.
Most if not all of the FOs sacked where good people and will find a job easily, it may not seem it at the moment, but they will realise it is the best thing that ever happened to them
I wish they would sack me, it would be a good incentive to find a better job sooner.
HKA had a great bunch of guys and gals and they will lose the lot in less than 12 months, nobody is going to stay at this joke of an outfit.

Good luck to the 11 ( or 12 or 14 ) pilots, believe me, they have done you a favour.

Kermit750 2nd Feb 2008 07:33

When you receive news like this you want some sort of explanation. The explanation given was financial cutbacks leading to cancellation of aircraft orders. Understood and accepted.
Enter the south China morning Post Business Section.
"Hong Kong Airlines rejected the suggestion that an expansion slowdown was behind the layoffs"
"We still want to speed up our growth, and laying off less suitable pilots is one of the steps to take"
"Most of them flew turbo prop aircraft, which are popular in Europe but seldom used in Asia."
"They would take a long time to adapt to operating jetliners"
Well gee David Lui, its all clear now. Thanks for the personal address through our friends at South China Morning Post.
.....Sorry, more to say?
"The company would hire other first officers with more flying hours on the right aircraft type to cope with the development plan."

That would have to make the guys feel all warm and fuzzy.

bazbogan 2nd Feb 2008 10:52

The 14 guys/girls to go were by no means inexperienced...I think only one of them had less than 2000TT and all the others were 4000+ with BBJ, B747 and high perf turboprop time ie:Q400 etc - so why the hell would they take time to adapt to a jet Mr Lui?:ugh:
They were all bloody good folk with good intentions, only to be kicked in the guts as their reward. I cannot understand the logic in the random sackings of those affected and why those lower in seniority escaped scott free...fair huh?:= Westerners proceed with caution is the only message I have.

The unfortunate thing for HKA is that in doing this terrible act they have intensified the existing staff members search for new employment.


Flying Mechanic 2nd Feb 2008 15:46

Even Stevie Wonder can see the writing on the wall at HK Airlines.......................GET THE HELL OUT.

Quality Turbo prop pilots will be the backbone of CX and KA future recruitment.......HK Airlines you just sacked 14 future captains, u will pay the price.

hongkongfooey 3rd Feb 2008 02:27

What experience level does this rocket scientist think 80% of chinese airlines FOs have :mad:
Putting it in print just shows the rest of the world what a joke he and his airline are :yuk:

Mr. Green 3rd Feb 2008 03:39

Goes to show again that labour protections are non-existent - doesn't matter which organization you are in. How sad - why are we paying taxes here again?

For those like me who is out of the loop, can someone please explain the real reasons for sacking these people?

womble006 3rd Feb 2008 07:22

Does anybody know what experience the F/Os who did not get the sack have, if I am told correctly , junior to the ones sacked

beerboy 4th Feb 2008 03:14

The only way that management will take any form of notice is if people start to leave, none of this standing up to management. What is it going to achieve for the chaps still here?
I think what people are doing, is flying when they can, getting what hours they can get and at the same time applying for elsewhere. In todays job environment, it was probably a blessing in disguise for those that have been sacked. The ones who are unlucky are still here, trying to rack up hours with the ever decreasing flights available.
As for the newspaper article, not even guys within the company knew about it, never mind the public. So it sounds all a bit like bravado and anger.
The latest is that the new management want to bring in their own pilots, so do you really reckon they care if you stand up to them or not? HKA is overstaffed at the moment and its probably what they want, any excuse to fire anyone who decides to put their head up.

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