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EASA Night Rating

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Notice of Proposed Amendment 2020-14
RMT.0678Simpler, lighter and better Part-FCL requirements for general aviation (Subtask 2)

GM1 FCL.210.A(a) PPL(A) Experience requirements and


The introductory sentence of point FCL.210.A(a) requires applicants for a PPL(A) to have completed in
total 45 hours of flight time in aeroplanes. This means that, in addition to the PPL(A) training as
specified in point FCL.210.A(a)(1) and (2), these 45 hours of flight time in aeroplanes may include the
flight time of the night rating training course specified in point FCL.810(a)(1)(ii) as well as the flight
time of the skill test for the PPL(A).

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Old 15th Dec 2020, 23:33
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Common sense finally prevails but if the UK lock-in the rules as at 1st of Jan it will take a parliamentary change to reflect any future EASA amendments.
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Old 16th Dec 2020, 08:41
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This is as the result of the proposal I presented at EASA on behalf of IAOPA (Europe) 2 years ago. If the NPA is received favourably, the timeline for this change means that it is likely to come into effect in EASA Member States in Q4/2022.

The UK should be able to incorporate this change rather sooner!

I also proposed the same thing for the Part-FCL LAPL(A), but for some inexplicable reason EASA has decided not to include it.....

There are other changes proposed in NPA 2020-14; another is the acceptance of part completed LAPL training towards a PPL. Delegates agreed to this at an EASA meeting in 2013, so it will have taken 9 years before it comes into effect!
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Can they drop the six month rule, very few night ratings i have done, been done in one season. I have one guy who has done 4 hours over 18 months.
Our field only does one night a week night flying. Lucky to get 3 evenings over the winter.
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The CAA could easily have dropped the rather ridiculous 6 month rule, but the way they have gone about it means we will be stuck with it and any changes will require a change to UK law. The powers that be will resist that rather than admit they got it wrong by trying to micromange FCL through Statutary Instruments.
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Originally Posted by fireflybob View Post
Have just heard of one person doing all the 5 hours of "training" in one night!

Surprised this is allowed.
why should it be:

a) not allowed?

b) regulated?

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Of course the night rating can be done in one night especially when it is after the licence issue: endurance may not be such an issue. The night rating adds to the pilots already developed knowledge of VFR perception and illusions, the situational awareness skills introduce some new rules to follow. It is a simple extension of visual flying.

States cannot make up their minds whether flight at night should be VFR or IFR and differ in views. The French incidentally have got themselves into a right pickle: whether, if and when a flight plan should be filed for flight at night, whilst at the same time accepting it is flight subject to VFR. EASA have criticised the DGAC, of confusion in its rulemaking following the latest EASA audit. To be more entangled in thinking and rulemaking than EASA takes some doing.

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Is there anything to stop much of the PPL syllabus instruction taking place at night? e.g. Radio nav, visual nav, ccts etc?
If it's in both syllabuses, written in the training record as being flown as part of each syllabus, then it should count for both qualifications.

Nowhere is it expressly forbidden.

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Which is why my response to the NPA specifies that the 25+10 training for the PPL must be by day!
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