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Gmail "losing" moved mails

Old 14th Mar 2021, 19:52
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Gmail "losing" moved mails

Er indoors has been migrating away from a desktop Thunderbird mail and proper email account onto Gmail so she can access it easily from her phone when she is out and about and still use it on her laptop PC. After a few weeks she spent Friday evening trying to tidy up the Gmail inbox by opening new folders and moving mails into them by subject/content. She did this on her laptop machine.

After a couple of hours of effort she was alarmed to go to one of her new folders and find only two emails in it rather than the twenty odd she moved there. They were/are not in deleted emails, they are not still in the inbox, they just seem to have been lost.

In a moment of panic she grabbed her phone and found that it can find the missing emails within the folders even though the folder, before opening, shows only two emails. These may be only the unread emails within the folder........ we don't know.

Is there a quirk in laptop Gmail that stops some emails being displayed after moving to folders? Anything else to cause emails to vanish from PC Gmail but remain, in the new folders, when working on a mobile phone?

Is there a recovery trick?

Help, please.


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Old 14th Mar 2021, 20:35
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Why not setup the original e-mail account and Thunderbird to use IMAP, and use a regular e-mail client on the phone to access that same account using IMAP?

Sorry, doesn't help with your issue but it would provide the same sort of service that Gmail does.
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Old 14th Mar 2021, 23:42
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I thought I was the only one to have gmails vanish. I've raised the subject on this forum years ago, but now kind of get over it with tricks - one being answering the damn email if allowable, and hoping it will be in Sent.

Their logic is bizarre, though I had wondered if my failing brain just wasn't putting the energy into learning. I have a Yahoo account which has behaved exactly as I expect for decades.

If I read in incoming, it @$#^% off to some place where read and unread join. Just a change in Bold or not. Make it 'Unread' lasts just the once, but doesn't always put it in the unread section. Move does not include an Inbox option. I HAVE to file it away at that point. It used to have, but not anymore.
When I find the missing emails in 'Read', it's often called, me, while I'm looking for the sender's name. No, it's not just when I've answered it.

I hate gmail with a passion, but I'm told I was lucky to get my name with no added numbers, and telling folk the email is always accepted quickly, unlike, which always gets me involved in spelling it out.

I expect that some investment in time would get it under control - of some sort - but in the past, I'd get it usable and then they'd F it up again.
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Old 15th Mar 2021, 08:34
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No response, so removed.

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Sorry, you can't create a label named ‘inbox’ (it's a reserved system label). Please try another name:
In Move to it's got Bin and Spam No other system label. In settings it's got lots of things with hide in pale blue. Clicking turns it black. I can't think of anything like that in my nearly 40 years of computing.

Inbox shows no options for change. I'm sure there used to be the option to move stuff back to one's Inbox.

I really don't have much use for eamil. For example, I've just watched the entire SpringClick on the Antikyrthara thread link. Breathtaking. I just resent like the blazes having to master gmail's distorted logic. I was doing better with some dear fella's olds style pencil and strangled voice teaching me Einstein's field equation. I'm not sure he'll succeed, but the battle is enjoyable.
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Old 2nd Apr 2021, 19:46
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I have a problem with gmail. When I first downloaded it in around 2004 it always opened on the inbox primary page. For some reason I did something that made it open on an email that I had received . I deleted this email and eventually deleted it from the memory so now it opens with a blank page.

How do I tell it to open with the primary email page?
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Old 3rd Apr 2021, 23:35
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Worth a mention - after bemoaning a years old gripe, I looked around in menus but found nothing of interests. Done it all before many times. However, I suddenly realised that read emails were staying put, albeit grey. Just what I wanted. Telepathic, I'd guess.

???? Settings cog wheel. See all settings. Inbox type: Default
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