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Copa Airlines

Old 17th Jan 2019, 16:03
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Went on their website but there doesn't seem to be a Spanish language requirement. Can anybody confirm?
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Old 18th Jan 2019, 09:05
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Originally Posted by Banana Joe View Post
Went on their website but there doesn't seem to be a Spanish language requirement. Can anybody confirm?

You don't need to speak spanish to fly for Copa.
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Old 18th Jan 2019, 09:16
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Thanks, what about the American visa listed on their website? I am an EU citizen and I understand that some Europeans are flying for Copa and I would like to know if they had to obtain some sort of American visa.
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Old 18th Jan 2019, 14:00
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As an European you don't need a B1/B2 visa (tourism-business) so don't worry about it.

You will only have to get a D visa to fly to the US as a crewmember, but you can only do that once you're employed.
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Old 18th Jan 2019, 18:51
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Thank you Lepo for your replies.
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Old 1st Feb 2019, 19:08
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Does anybody know about Copa recruitment process in 2019?
I did all the screening process in September/2018, but until now, i had no aswer. I have another 6 friends in the same situation.
They did English Evaluation, but still waiting any aswer...
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Old 9th Feb 2019, 22:31
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Originally Posted by Ticodriver View Post
Hey everyone,

Some limited information here on working conditions, upgrade times, etc. If someone could point me in the right direction that be great ! Looked everywhere on here. Just little bits and pieces.

Mainly curious about:

FO starting pay
Days worked
Bidding system
Upgrade time

Any information is appreciated.

Thanks fellas.

p.s if anyone knows where you can get the application that be awesome !

Ill help you with this one.

I've been an FO at CM for 2 years now.

Starting pay is the same as everyone. They dont have pay scales here. 1 for Captains, 1 for FOs and one for Junior FOs (with less than 1500 hrs and no APTL).

FO Salary is about 4500usd for 66hrs guaranteed, and this include salary + travel expenses, and then 50usd an hour overtime. So you are looking at about 5500 a month for 90 hours.

Ypu get 9 days off a month.

Bidding system based on seniority, you can bid whatever.. Specific flights and days off.

Upgrade time is pretty fast. 3-5 years depending on company needs. Ypu need 4000 hrs total time + 1000 with the company.
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Old 12th Feb 2019, 17:30
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Hi there..
Could I get a ballpark figure on expat Capt pay on 737 after upgrade at COPA?

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Old 26th Mar 2019, 22:55
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Copa airlines

Originally Posted by STVNBRKBCK View Post
Sadly i was not able to pass the poly.. but, i got a better job opportunity in ASIA with double the salary and a wide body.. cant complain haha
Good guys, So are they hidden payments with the process of getting a job as any FO with copa airlines?? Approx how long is the training to be released online?? How much is the pay during training? Any hidden requirements besides the one on their website? ? I deeply apologize if the questions have been asked before
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Old 23rd Apr 2019, 01:11
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Everything is stopped I think because of the max. Expect to re open 2nd semester
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Old 1st May 2019, 02:24
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Originally Posted by STVNBRKBCK View Post
this is for everybody applying to Copa Airlines.
share your experience.
Hi I couldnt open the attached file. Im planning to apply soon so any chance you can repost it or send it to me to my email?

Thank you in advance!
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Old 5th May 2019, 14:59
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Can you get hired here with US ATP?
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Old 27th Jul 2019, 04:34
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Hey guys, is there any training bond with Copa?
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Old 14th Oct 2019, 14:47
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Hello Aviators,

Is the requested single and multi eng. rating a hard requirement? I don't have these anymore but I do have 500+ hours on the 737
I would like to apply in the near future.
Any information is welcome.

Thank you
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Old 15th Oct 2019, 15:18
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Any news on Copa Airlines hiring soon

There was a post on the latestpilotjobs website and also in PCC states that the company is currently hiring. Has anybody gotten an email from them after applying?
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Old 20th Feb 2020, 23:05
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Hi! could you maybe send me private message? i'm very interested in the shedule


Until you have a posting history you don't have access to private messaging and adding urls.
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Old 3rd Mar 2020, 18:56
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Why all that paperwork? no reply?

Howdy guys,

How long does it usually take COPA to answer a request for employment? I have applied about 2 weeks ago, and still received no answer. Also, STVNBRKBCK in this forum talked about 11 items needed for the application. On the COPA website only 6 are listed. Anyone out there who can help a fellow out here?
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Old 7th Mar 2020, 15:31
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Can I apply with EASA licenses or I need to convert to FAA?
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Old 9th Mar 2020, 02:29
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Theyre not hiring at the momment.
Old 24th Jun 2020, 06:00
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Originally Posted by Hothighhungover View Post
Any update on hiring? Have Copa survived the plague OK?
Copa has been grounded for 2 months already and won't resume flights until the end of July due to the restriction on internationl flights imposed by the Panamanian Government.
Recovery is also going to be slow since Copa relies on international travel to connect people through the Americas and demand won't come back anytime soon.
Tough times for everyone.
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