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Originally Posted by Ticodriver View Post
Hey everyone,

Some limited information here on working conditions, upgrade times, etc. If someone could point me in the right direction that be great ! Looked everywhere on here. Just little bits and pieces.

Mainly curious about:

FO starting pay
Days worked
Bidding system
Upgrade time

Any information is appreciated.

Thanks fellas.

p.s if anyone knows where you can get the application that be awesome !

Ill help you with this one.

I've been an FO at CM for 2 years now.

Starting pay is the same as everyone. They dont have pay scales here. 1 for Captains, 1 for FOs and one for Junior FOs (with less than 1500 hrs and no APTL).

FO Salary is about 4500usd for 66hrs guaranteed, and this include salary + travel expenses, and then 50usd an hour overtime. So you are looking at about 5500 a month for 90 hours.

Ypu get 9 days off a month.

Bidding system based on seniority, you can bid whatever.. Specific flights and days off.

Upgrade time is pretty fast. 3-5 years depending on company needs. Ypu need 4000 hrs total time + 1000 with the company.
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