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Jobs in the region (Merged ad nauseam)

The Caribbean and Latin America Aviation has been around South America and the Caribbean since the early days. A forum for aviators from that part of the world.

Jobs in the region (Merged ad nauseam)

Old 16th Jul 2009, 01:20
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english please

I am sorry what did you just write?????
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Old 24th Sep 2009, 00:13
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i am doin flying in manila. an indian national.
wanted some info about flying in carribean.want to move there this year end....
i am 1000 hrs 800 hrs multi ...
any advice pls.
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Old 18th Jan 2010, 19:53
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jobs with taca or copa airlines

dear friends , i am a nicaraguan living in the us, i need to know how to apply for a job with taca or copa and if i have any chance with enyone of them , i live in miami but i dont know if they allow you to commute , pay and everything related to a new job , do i have to go to nicaragua to apply or el salvador ? , low time pilot with all my ratings are faa, i am flying as a flight engineer for a cargo company boeing 747-200. any inputs will be greatly appreciated,thank you.
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Old 25th Jan 2010, 15:21
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have a look at Copas webpage, if you get a glance on the rosters you should realize that commuting is not sensible... What allways helps in LatAm is to know s o inside the company! good luck though! If you do it, I think you may miss the 747...
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Old 20th Feb 2010, 16:44
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JAR license valid in South America?

Hola compañeros del otro lado del charco:

I am a spanish pilot with one question.
I have the JAR ATPL license, and I would like to know if my license is valid to fly in South America? For example Brazil or Argentina.
If not, Which is the procedure for applying there?

If anybody has some information from another south american country, I would be very grateful as well.

Muchas gracias de antemano y saludos desde España.
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Old 2nd Mar 2010, 13:08
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hola c.jibia!
from this sideshore...
all southamerican countries, as far as i know they have got their own licences, if you want to work in there you need to convert your JAA licence (which is kind of a paperwork nightmare, and at the end, impossible..)

on top of that you´ll be required to be national in some countries (brazil, Venezuela...etc).

there are so many pilots working there already in this forum, i guess they´ll have this info from experience..
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Old 11th May 2010, 02:04
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To fly in Brazil you need a brazilian passport, the brazilian license (ANAC, who can be convert but it´s not sow easy) and speak portuguese.
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Old 18th May 2010, 20:15
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In Brazil you must be a national to fly comercial, expt in some cases you can get a wayver for 6 month beeing TRI if no national is available...
Your best try would be to look at the Caribean, Suriname, Curacao, Aruba, some fly JAR there... I heard Suriname and Antilles were hiring...
good luck though!
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Old 2nd Jun 2010, 13:36
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HEy guys

Hey ,
I am new to this forum, I am an Indian national having an FAA PPL + IR, 200 hrs, and will be going to the USA to get my ME CPL,
I am planning to go to the Cayman Islands, Can anyone tell me if there are jobs available in and around the island for a low timer like me ?
Which are the best islands in the caribbean to look out for and if there are jobs what type of aircrafts would I start with ?
Greatly appreciate any help.
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Old 7th Aug 2010, 16:08
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Part 135 Operator Minimums

As a Part 135 On-Demand Air Charter Company operating in the Caribbean, we receive large numbers of e-mails (daily) from pilots with freshly-minted Commercial ME certificates seeking positions. We print in every instance or listing that "Pilots must exceed FAA Part 135 Minumums" and that since we operate single-pilot night IFR, candidates must have at least 2500 TT and +350 Night PIC, +250 IFR Actual. These are hard numbers for us, and we do not make exceptions in favor of Safety. All pilots must hold at least an FAA Commercial Multi-Engine Instrument and FAA 1st Class Medical (ICAO / CAA Requirement).
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Old 7th Aug 2010, 16:16
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Hiring Times in Caribbean nations

The "season" being the tourist season, generally starts here in late October to mid-November. The carriers generally hire September in order to have the pilots trained, IOE completed and work permits in order before the season kicks off. We require a two-year contract, and have strict minimum experience requirements which exceed the FAA Part 135 minimums.

Ask around, send out your CV and be patient. The positions are in high demand. We average 350 CV per quarter and retain perhaps two, since most are not close to qualified. We will usually send 6-10 candidates to the CP for review, and he will select 3-5 for phone interview and 2-3 for training in order to fill a single position.
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Old 2nd Nov 2010, 03:18
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lol the above can be classified as zero help heh heh heh
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Old 1st Jan 2011, 16:41
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Former Caribbean airline pilot looking for "apprentice" management position...

Former airline pilot, Caribbean national (including CARICOM), looking for starter management position almost anywhere in the Caribbean region.

Any position and location offered will be considered. All emails will receive a response.

Some formal management training and practical experience
ATPL from three countries, SCPL from one (none current)
Over 12,000 hours flying time, including turbine
Life-long learner and self-starter
Loyal team player with excellent communications and interpersonal skills
Strong leadership capabilities and training skills when necessary
Intelligent, good inter-personal skills
Hard worker who knows and respects own limits
Technically and computer literate
Experience in creating and maintaining documents and charts
Excellent command of the English language
Wide range of interests.
No Degree, but probably have alternative equivalency

Willing to relocate or commute

Expectation of remuneration:
US$2,000/mo plus accommodations and vehicle for first six months, negotiable thereafter.

Email [email protected] for Resume/Profile and more info.
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Old 6th Jan 2011, 15:05
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jobs in brasil

looking for contract work have canadian AME M1 and M2, FAA A&P, and am getting my brasilian and EASA licenses shortly.
preferably would like contract work on fixed wing or helicopters, currently working touring as a helicopter mechanic.
i have RNE, CPF, permanent resident visa, looking for something preferably in RJ or ES.
anyone know of anything or can suggest some sites or links that might help me?
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Old 9th Jan 2011, 08:28
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Air Turks and Caicos


Im looking for information on Air T&C from anyone working in or around that area. Wondering about how the company is doing and if its worth an employment investment?

Thanks very much

PM appreciated
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Old 24th Feb 2011, 15:19
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Working in South America

1.) You need to be the right person with the right experience, in the right place at the right time. Always.

2.) In Argentina, to work, you need a work permit or a permanent residence, the first is possible to obtain if you have an employer willing to take you instead of local talent, the second is more level US green card class of difficulty to obtain. I guess this goes for most South American countries. As was said in other replies, preference goes to locals in a big way. Contacts are invaluable, most, if not all jobs are had via these contacts.

3.) You need to be able to speak Spanish reasonably well. If not, forget it, period.

4.) Exceptions exist, but count your VERY lucky numbers to run into such possibilities.

5.) Remember the sky´s the limit.
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Old 3rd Mar 2011, 17:09
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Aplica ya¡

Apply to Lan Perú ,and Lan chile , NOW¡¡
There is a lot of Spanish flying here
Suerte ¡
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Old 7th Mar 2011, 14:02
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Learjet 45 Captain looking for contract work...are there any down that way
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Old 13th Sep 2011, 15:51
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12000 TT willing to work for 24k a year?

This does not add up.
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Old 9th Oct 2011, 17:47
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Avianca pay-scale.

Avianca is currently hiring direct A-320 check airmen/instructors (per contract) who can be no Colombian nationals. For FO you should be Colombian or have a work permit which the company is not willing to sponsor a this time.
Note: the pay scale below is not for the direct entry captains.
Pilots salary as of 2009, it is tax-free for airline pilots per colombian law.

(Valores en pesos colombianos)
Cargo Básico Prima de Vuelo Salario Global
Piloto A330 / 787 $ 1.002.094 $ 10.137.778 $ 11.139.872
Piloto 767/757 $ 932.180 $ 9.430.491 $ 10.362.67
Piloto Familia A320 $ 838.050 $ 8.184.936 $ 9.022.986
Piloto MD-83 $ 794.360 $ 7.758.234 $ 8.552.594
Piloto Fokker 100 $ 732.857 $ 7.504.491 $ 8.237.348
Piloto Fokker 50 $ 671.358 $ 7.250.710 $ 7.922.068
Copiloto A330 / 787 $ 462.406 $ 5.309.953 $ 5.772.359
Copiloto 767/757 $ 430.145 $ 4.939.491 $ 5.369.636
Copiloto Familia A320 $ 378.548 $ 4.435.479 $ 4.814.027
Copiloto MD-83 $ 355.444 $ 4.164.770 $ 4.520.214
Copiloto Fokker 100 $ 336.723 $ 4.001.765 $ 4.338.488
Copiloto Fokker 50 $ 318.003 $ 3.838.761 $ 4.156.764

First Officers hired after 2007 2 years locked salary, after 2 years goes as previously noted:
Para los Copilotos con dos años de antigüedad o menos que ingresen a la Compañía a partir del
abril 1° de 2009, la remuneración mensual será:
(Valores en Pesos Colombianos)
Cargo Básico Prima de Vuelo Salario Global
Copiloto Familia A320 $ 298.070 $ 3.492.503 $ 3.790.573
Copiloto MD-83 $ 279.871 $ 3.279.277 $ 3.559.148
Copiloto Fokker 100 $ 265.131 $ 3.150.930 $ 3.416.061
Copiloto Fokker 50 $ 250.390 $ 3.022.583 $ 3.272.973

International perdiem:
Viáticos Internacionales
La Empresa pagará a sus tripulantes las siguientes
cantidades de acuerdo con la programación
de su permanencia así:
Por programación o permanencia mayor de
doce (12) horas y hasta veinticuatro (24) horas
que incluya un período de descanso:
Vuelos fuera del continente americano USD73.oo
Vuelos dentro del continente americano USD71.oo
Por programación o permanencia menor de
doce (12) horas que incluya un período de descanso:
Vuelos fuera del continente americano USD47.oo
Vuelos dentro del continente americano USD46.oo

Domestic perdiem:
Viáticos Nacionales
A partir del 1º de abril de 2009 la Empresa reconocerá
a sus tripulantes, de acuerdo con la
programación de su permanencia, las siguientes
• Por programación o permanencia mayor
de doce (12) horas y hasta veinticuatro (24)
horas que incluye un período de descanso,
la suma de $40.578.oo.
• Por programación o permanencia menor
de doce (12) horas que incluya un período
de descanso, la suma de $20.304.oo.

International and domestic navigation bonus:
A partir del 1° de abril de 2009 la Empresa
reconocerá las siguientes primas de navegación:
- Para Operación Internacional:
Por programación o permanencia mayor de 12
horas y hasta 24 horas, que incluya un período
de descanso para Comandantes y Copilotos:
Vuelos fuera del Continente Americano: USD28.oo
Vuelos dentro del Continente Americano: USD22.oo
Por programación o permanencia de 12 horas
y que incluya un período de descanso, para
Comandantes y Copilotos:
Vuelos fuera del Continente Americano: USD13.oo
Vuelos dentro del Continente Americano: USD13.oo
- Para Operación Nacional:
Por programación o permanencia de 12 horas y
hasta 24 horas, que incluya un período de descanso,
para Comandantes y Copilotos: $28.116
Por programación o permanencia menor de
12 horas que incluya un período de descanso,
para Comandantes y Copilotos: $15.302.
Prima de Navegación por Vuelos
Internacionales sin pernoctada:

Por vuelos internacionales que impliquen ida y
regreso en el mismo día, sin pernoctada, se reconocerá
la suma de USD22.oo por cada vuelo.

International command and multi-crew bonus:
La Empresa pagará a partir del 1° de abril de 2009 una Prima de Comando al Piloto que actúe en
condición de Comandante asignado a los equipos A330, B787, B767, B757, A320, MD-83, F100,
F50, siempre que actué como responsable total de un vuelo comercial internacional realizado en
la siguiente forma:
a. Primer Comandante de tripulación múltiple internacional: USD 38.00
b. Segundo Comandante de tripulación múltiple internacional: USD 26.00
c. Comandante de tripulación sencilla internacional: USD 26.00
Cuando se presente la Figura de Relief Pilot, es decir, un comandante y dos copilotos al mando del
vuelo, la Empresa pagará una prima de comando así:
a. Comandante de tripulación Múltiple: USD 43.00
b. Copiloto más antiguo de tripulación Múltiple: USD 24.00

All this figures were as of 2009, you have to add the IPC (Colombian cost of living increment) of 2% for 2009 and 3.17 for 2011, also the salary is tax free per colombian airline pilots tax law.
In addition to that you have full medical insurance, company tickets, zed fare tickets, transportation from and your house, 30 days vacations from year 1 and until retirement, 1 extra salary per year per Colombian law, and some other perks that are not mentioned here.
Also Copa Colombia will be make public the annoucement to start hiring direct entry captain for the emb-190.
Good luck
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