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Jobs in the region (Merged ad nauseam)

The Caribbean and Latin America Aviation has been around South America and the Caribbean since the early days. A forum for aviators from that part of the world.

Jobs in the region (Merged ad nauseam)

Old 31st Mar 2008, 16:50
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jobs....once again

I am a commercial pilot flying in northern Canada....low time, 500hrs, multi ifr, float rating,...pretty standard stuff. I have decided to move to Belize this fall and understand that the 2 main places there are Tropic Air and Maya. Yes, I have used the search function on this website, just curious if anyone has any new advice or info and the region. I am 24 years old, and not aiming for the major airlines. Have always wanted to live somewhere hot or abroad for a few years. Finally implementing my plan. I know the industry is booming now and figure now's the time to make the move. Hoping my low time and experience doesn't hinder me too much. I have read previous threads, and it sounds like a few years ago it was a tough go to get a gig down there. I do have standards and won't take any garbage job that is available. I have heard all about the safety factor down there too. I have emailed a few places, but no reply...big surprise, I know. Best approach to go down in the fall and show up in person? Once I leave Canada, I'm really hoping not to come back for a while. hmmmmm.
Thanks to those who choose to reply.
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Old 18th Apr 2008, 22:08
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I'm in your situation. FAA CPL, ME, IR and 800 hours. Trying to move away from the "Old" Continent to the warm, charming, wonderful central/south America. Let's keep in touch with some news.
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Old 21st Jun 2008, 00:54
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Anyone know any hiring info with Caribbean Airlines (old BWIA) or Insel-Air (out of Curacao)??
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Old 22nd Jun 2008, 03:39
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Belize the best chance

I have a friend that used to fly for wing's of hope in belize , they move people from there to mexico. they have a few single engine airplanes.
good lock.
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Old 29th Jun 2008, 07:17
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Can anyone send some info on what a 1200hr TT with 200 van time pilot could get out there?

Which operators have vans?

Any info greatly appreciated!
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Old 15th Jul 2008, 09:40
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If you are not a local, forget it. I have some friends there, they are local, it's even tough for them, and most of them have both the FAA and local license.
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Old 6th Oct 2008, 01:10
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Four Star

4 * R Hiring In Sju
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Old 8th Nov 2008, 21:08
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Having just looked at the COPA site, it doesn't lead one to believe they're actually looking for pilots.
Anyone know, one way or the other, what they are/aren't doing right now as far as pilot hiring is concerned???
This might be a good spot to pre-retire by all accounts.

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Old 9th Nov 2008, 07:17
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Latin American airline websites seem to be a poor indicator of airlines' needs for recruitment. It seems like they don't understand or consider irrelevant the need to advertise for talent on what is becoming the dominant medium in today's e-world.

In any case, they seem to have lots of Spanish kids (from the Iberian peninsula) willing to pay for their first job, and have filled the Captain talent gap by contracting Captains through a US agency.
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Old 16th Nov 2008, 12:43
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If any company have a real interest or need pilots and can not get locals or well calified locals, they must and will help to get the work permit.

I don't believe "they don't care" about work permit, unless they are not doing everything totally legal.

But look for well and you will find it.
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Old 30th Nov 2008, 14:05
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I believe that to fly a caravan in belize you need about 2000TT. Check with Tropic Air
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Old 4th Mar 2009, 03:22
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Any chance for a low timer somewhere in central or south america?... aviation here in chile is quite dead for a 250TT guy... so looking forward to move... Anywhere.

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Old 5th Mar 2009, 11:19
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Aviation is dead everywhere in the world for a 250TT pilot with few exceptions.... flight instruct... make some money... and you will be in a good position when aviation erects itself.
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Old 27th Mar 2009, 20:22
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uh...you said, "erect"..
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Old 12th May 2009, 22:28
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EMB -110 Bandeirante

I just heard of an opening for an E-110 Captain position. If interested and rated, send me a PM and I will give you the employer's contact.
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Old 15th May 2009, 11:30
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islander jobs ?

Hi there !
I'm a french national, living in Guadeloupe.
I'm currently doing some bush flying in africa operating C 206 & 210.
I have a SAA and Zambian (faa) Multi if etc..cpl and 520 hrs.
What are the chances of getting a job, possibly on islanders any where in the caribbean?
I'm prepared to personally go to the operators, but i'm wondering if i have enough hours.
I'll appreciate all the info you can give.
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Old 27th May 2009, 04:32
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So is there a List of all Operators big or small for Central/ South America & Caribbean. I wouldnt mind calling each, to see if they are willing to pick up a pilot.
Im fluent in Spanish/ English, 24years old, Bachelors Degree, Comm Multi, Inst, hold a U.S. passport- and Ive got some CRJ time, just having a hard time finding a gig.

Ive been to Mexico, Belize, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, and Colombia plenty of times, and traveled all over the Caribbean. So I know the culture (i am the culture ) so any help or point towards the right direction will be greatly appreciated.

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Old 27th May 2009, 05:35
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The best places to look for a job in the area are:

Guatemala and Costa Rica are the countries that I would recommend you to go and look for a job IN PERSON. A phone call won´t get you a job down there.

In Guatemala, go directly to the cafeteria of the Circulo Aereo Guatemalteco, wich is the place where most executive pilots hang out. East side of La Aurora Intl. airport.

In Costa Rica you should go and talk to the guys at Pavas Airport, wich is the field used for light local traffic in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Ahi tienes mis dos centavos amigo, suerte!.

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Old 14th Jul 2009, 23:52
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Salut, moi je reviens des USA, ou je pilotais des CRJ 200/700/900, mais plus de boulot depuis decembre. J'ai plus de 3000 heures, 1100 heures de jet, mais je n'ai rien touvé depuis 6 mois... en fait, j'ai meme pensé aller faire du Cessna en Afrique du Sud ! Est-ce que ta boite recrute en ce moment ? Ca peut m'interesser ! A+ Indy
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Old 15th Jul 2009, 12:48
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T'as essayé Cimber?
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