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Emirates - Crew Discussions II

Cabin Crew Where professional flight attendants discuss matters that affect our jobs & lives.

Emirates - Crew Discussions II

Old 13th Aug 2007, 12:53
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You Think, Therefore I Am
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Emirates - Crew Discussions II

This Thread is for existing Emirates Crew Only.
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Old 13th Aug 2007, 18:07
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EK freaks!

Hi all!

Since the previous thread is now closed, I'm posting here, hoping that people will follow me.
I hadn't been on the forum in a while but it still amazes me how some people get soooooo defensive when their airline is being criticized.
Where I come from, freedom of speech is a right and helps improving things. Heard of negative feedback turning into positive improvements? I guess that's why we have quality appraisal forms onboard, which certainly don't always reflect how wonderful EK is! Perfection does not exist as far as I know.
There definitely is a lot to work on but whatever you do, you can never please each and every single person. Until that happens, please show some respect towards others' opinions and views because you certainly don't hold the truth!
I think we should all stick to what Bob used to sing before we are turned into slaves:
Get up, stand up: stand up for your rights!
Get up, stand up: dont give up the fight!
And for those ek freaks: GET A LIFE!!! (Sorry just needed to let it out!)

Happy flying to you all and no hard feelings HABIBIs!!!
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Old 14th Aug 2007, 18:59
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ek freaks!

Hi Guys!

Jeremy, totally wiz you, mate.!!
It's very nice to see that still some of us carry hope!!.

This is a rumour that I've been hearing for a while now: unions will arrive soon due to a kind of "deal" or "agreement" wiz the EU. Have you ever heard such a thing before?, what do you think?, false or true?, will they do any better to the company and employees or will they only bring problems and headaches to us?

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Old 14th Aug 2007, 20:40
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Ha,ha Jeremy, yeah I could see us all singing:
Get up, stand up: stand up for your rights!
Get up, stand up: dont give up the fight!

That would be hilarious! Mind you my roster is so crazy these days that I think I am starting to lose my mind...I might just start singing weird songs at briefing. Just finished reserve and counted from 1 July-5Aug I flew 126 hours! I usually get close to 100-110 hours but never this much. The other day I was making myself a coffee in the galley and chatting with a fellow crew I opened the sachet of sugar and poured it into the trashbin and then threw the sachet into my coffee!!! Everyone laughed but it just goes to show how crazy you get after a while...I need a holiday. If they offered us unpaid leave like they did in 2001 I would surely take it.
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Old 15th Aug 2007, 02:19
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Wow, 126 hours?? Is that flying hours or duty hours? I am yet to start with EK (Oct 12 is my 'fly out' date) but have a friend there already that said 80 hours per month is normal...

Goodness, at 126 hours a month, how am I EVER going to maintain my shopping schedule and beauty regimen??

Seriously though if that is 'air time' that would be pretty tiring and I think i would also be a candidate for unpaid leave.

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Old 16th Aug 2007, 13:01
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Unions? mmmm let's see
they could be good, but who would be the leaders of these unions? how would they be chosen? and how do we know that they will represent us and not the interests of the company? ($$$$$)

man, you've flown a lot! i'm usually around the 100 hour mark, passed it on some ocations but never as much as you!
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Old 23rd Aug 2007, 12:55
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Does anybody here know if there is a way to use Skype in dubai? Everything seems to be blocked by etisalat!
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Old 23rd Aug 2007, 15:10
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Using Skype on DXB

there are two ways of using skype - computer to computer, which is free and computer to landline/mobile, which costs money. once you have skype downloaded on your computer you can use the computer to computer anywhere in dubai. however you can only use the computer to landline/mobile in the free zone, for example the greens. there is a great cafe in the greens called Berts... its next to KFC and wagamamas... they offer free wireless and make great sandwiches and juices. you can also download skype from there. good luck.

p.s. also dont forget to take your laptop on layovers and use the free wireless in some hotels... examples are entebee, london gatwick, paris, jfk(i think)... all when in the lobby.
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Old 23rd Aug 2007, 15:49
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Hey, did anyone hear anything about getting the crew out of Mileniun tower?, taking them somewhere else?, I think that its just a rumor but who knows?
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Old 23rd Aug 2007, 18:28
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No, Leito havent heard that one before.....I have heard though that they are planning accommodation for married crew. An SFP told me that it will happen sometime next year.... You will have to show your marriage certificate to be able to live in that accommodation and it is only for crew who are married,not other employees (groundstaff etc.)
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Old 24th Aug 2007, 02:00
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leito, i've heard thar rumour, i've even heard they've started to offer other accomodations... millenium is a bit expensive and apparently they wanna keep managers and flight deck there. don't blame the company, rent must be going up in that area! (just like the burj dubai) hehe
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Old 27th Aug 2007, 18:52
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Thanks! :-)

I paxed out to BKK last week for simulator, recurrency etc on the following flights:

17/18 August EK40 BHX-DXB
18 August EK384 DXB-BKK
23 August EK385 BKK-DXB
23 August EK39 DXB-BHX

Ok, I travelled in my humble FO's uniform but the service on all 4 legs was exceptional - I felt like a VIP guest at times. Based on that experience (my first), Emirates gets my vote - thanks all. :-)
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Old 7th Sep 2007, 14:32
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Did anybody go for the flight on the 380? If so,tell us how it looked inside. I'm quite curious to know how large economy is. How did the crew cope on that flight?
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Old 8th Sep 2007, 23:45
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all very quiet here guys...

anyone flown on the A6-EWA 77L yet?
I know it's doing the afternoon LGW, might fly on it as pax in a few days...
looking forward to the new ICE system and airshow!
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Old 9th Sep 2007, 09:47
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The flight was very short unfortunatelly because I wanted to be there much longer so that I could take more pics., anyway, 2 hours flight and the crew were excelent, did a quick service, (gave an iftar box like) and colllected it quick, also gave us the chance to keep the box as it did say A380 or something like that, after the meal service they were very organized and called by sections so that everyone had a chance to go around and take pics.

We boarded by bus, the aircraft was parked outside the engeneering center and we had about 30 min. bus ride as we had to go all around the airport, passing CBC and T2, once on board the aircraft had the Airbus interior, downstairs F/C 1-2-1, and Y/C 3-4-3, upstairs J/C 2-2-2 and Y/C 2-4-2, all with very nice colours and big galleys. We disembarked using the 3 airbridges and everyone inside the airport was by the windows taking pics of the beast, pretty impressive.

The cabin crew was all EK and so was the captain, of course there were Airbus people all around because at the end of the day it still their baby, but it was a nice feeling to see those red hats on boarding.

All in all it was an amazing and unforgateble day, just to know that 55 of those are on the way and possible an other 55 will joing later on, its an overwhelming feeling.

About the B777-200 LR, I will fly it as pax on the inaugural flight from GRU-DXB next month, I cant wait for my J/C seat
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Old 9th Sep 2007, 11:49
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well i hope you enjoy the J seats, i've seen them on the A6-ECA and they are AMAZING! and those screens are gigantic!
the crew for your flight has already been rostered, i was expecting more brazilians!
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Old 14th Sep 2007, 12:04
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First time EK flyer, converted for life!

Firstly, apologies for gate-crashing the crew thread.

I have just returned from a whirlwind trip from Aus to the Greek isles. I traveled EK PER_DXB_ATH late August and returned yesterday.

I am truly impressed with the level of professionalism displayed by the CC.

Some of the local carriers here could quite comfortably take a lesson!

Congratulations to all, and I shall certainly be flying EK whenever I can in the future.

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Old 20th Sep 2007, 17:17
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What do you guys think of the new procedure of collecting blankets before top of descent? A lot of crew dont seem to like it...however I prefer it that way. It saves so much time after you have landed. It's kind of funny in a way...we are doing the cleaners job (collecting blankets,headsets) and the cleaners are doing our job (checks) In other airlines which I have flown with they actually collect the menu's back from the passengers too! I hope that doesnt happen with us. That would be way too embaressing. I personally think we shouldnt give menus in Y-class. It should just be placed on the ice system and pax can check it out on their pvs. Saves a lot of paper and trees. Nobody reads the menu anyways.
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Old 26th Sep 2007, 09:33
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I am shock!!!

Hi guys!!!

Im flying for Emirates for more than a year, and been flying for two other airlines in the past.
I was reading feedback of passengers and Im shock with their opinions abouth us (cabin crew). I know that there is many diferent kind of people, but still...
We have such a good training and than the cabin crew is not able to take a drink to passengers. Hallooooo!!! There is 8 of us in economy, one can take a call bell. Sometimes we are very tired, but they pay us for doing it.
Maybe, Im old fashion or wathever,but I like passenger saying they had a good time on board, or "thank you for serving us so good".
Look around and youll see how many of crew dont belong in cabin. This is not job for everybody. They pay us to smile.
Some of your coleagues want to be in the cabin makeing somebodyes day.
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Old 18th Oct 2007, 08:33
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Cuckoooo....anyone around....are you all flying and not having time to check PPRuNe....
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