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British Airways - Wannabes & Recruitment

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British Airways - Wannabes & Recruitment

Old 11th Jun 2007, 17:09
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Hi All,

Could someone please forward me Volum 6 Bars and Documentation, as def some pages are missing from mine.

Many thanks.
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Old 12th Jun 2007, 22:24
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Eurofleet LHR people waiting


I am one of the ones who have got the job with BA for Eurofleet LHR but still waiting for a call to have a course date. Does anyone know when are we most likely to be called? Any ideas when the next course is gonna be and when are they gonna call us? Any info would be appreciated.

Thank you, very much and happy flying !
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Old 13th Jun 2007, 08:07
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Your figures are correct! It all depends on how much flying and where you fly but if you budget for an averagee somewhere between your two figures any more will be a bonus.

Waistcoat will be fine!

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Old 13th Jun 2007, 09:53
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AMS, it's between approx 1500-1600 average take home on a full-time contract, and for a full month's work with no leave.

No one takes home 1200, that's way too low unless you've been off on leave, sick or training.

1900 is high but possible on the occasional month dependent on what trips you get. You won't get that figure very often unless the only place you visit is Zurich/Geneva/Basel (admittedly that's all some crew seem to bid for).

Warning: your first 3 month's pay will be very low due to training, assigned rosters (unless a friend helps you to bid) and allowances paid in arrears.
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Old 13th Jun 2007, 19:46
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you probably heard 1200 as a LGW wage??? there it is 1200 - 1500 a month.

I think LHR EF take something not too far off WorldWide

Don't worry you'll be living it up soon!

PS Bidding is easy really - just remember to check the Filter button (You'll understand soon) if you want any info PM me. I'm at LGW but we use the same system and I always get what I ask for and I am dead Junior.
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Old 14th Jun 2007, 09:43
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the crew bus is arranged by ba, some pick u up from the aircraft and some from arrivals in the terminal.
when u get to the hotel all the rooms should be ready, sometimes u are neighbours with your crew but sometimes you are spread out.
and as to what people do when u get to the hotel, well that depends on where u are and how much time you have there. usualy u at leats have a drink in the bar!!!!
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Old 14th Jun 2007, 11:23
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Anyone know how many CC courses can be run at the same time???
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Old 14th Jun 2007, 13:45
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Has anyone on here had their interview on 29th cos now its getting really ridiculous.................nearly 3 weeks not a yes not a no...........i`ve received nothing. Interviewer told me 7 to 10 days which is well gone!!!!!!
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Old 14th Jun 2007, 20:19
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thats not necessarily the case, because my group is starting on th 18th and there is a group starting on 25th this month,
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Old 14th Jun 2007, 21:00
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AMS, their is a luggage store in the Compass centre which sells various types of hold & cabin baggage - it may not be the cheapest place to buy such items but it is quite convenient.

On shorthaul (LHR), you bring all your luggage into the cabin and store it in an overhead locker or wardrobe.

You're allowed a standard wheelie + a smaller cabin bag + handbag (for girls).

Best to try not to load it with too many things as you'll be lifting/handling your own bags quite a lot!
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Old 15th Jun 2007, 07:08
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You can do pretty much everything from home on Crewlink. Rosters, leave, bidding, intranet..........everything. Its quite convenient.

With regards to baggage, get a wheelie bag with four wheels so you can drag it with ease. With T5 we will be walking large distances to gates.

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Old 15th Jun 2007, 10:46
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so u reckon its best to have a spinner case ?or just a 2wheeled bag ?

also ams-lhr
where did u find the bargain case ?
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Old 15th Jun 2007, 18:33
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Start Date?

Hiya, I'm in the same position as many others waiting in the holding pool for a start date, it's very frustrating but worth the wait! I was wondering if anyone else had an interview on the 21st May in the morning and was successful?
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Old 15th Jun 2007, 21:08
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AMS-LHR I know what its like when you havent flown before but I am sure that by the time youve finished training all the little questions you have will have been answered by trainers and anyone you train with who has flown before! Though you never have all the answers - ive flown before and still have plenty of questions!

Only one month till my training!!!!
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Old 17th Jun 2007, 21:14
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Hello Matt

Great, there's some great advise here, exactly what I was looking for. Thanks.

Last edited by DECOFLY; 17th Jun 2007 at 21:16. Reason: Meant to be private message
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Old 18th Jun 2007, 10:26
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29th May Assessment Day...

Hiya, I saw your post about your training date. Had my assessment day on the 29th May and was given my lovely congrats email on June 1st which I was chuffed to bits about am waiting waiting for a training date. How long did you have to wait? I am working for Lhr Eurofleet? Is anyone else out there in the same boat can;t wait to start....

Thanks much Jo Jo
Old 19th Jun 2007, 22:03
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Welcome to BA! Your posts remind me of my first joining the airline some years ago, all the questions and excitement! I'm sure you're going to have a ball!

When you nightstop, 99% of the time you will return to base with the same crew as your outbound. However, in a few instances you will be on a different itinery to the outbound crew and join a different crew for the return sector. I do recall some split duties (last flight out, first flight back into LHR) having this arrangement, although I'm longhaul crew now so I stand to be corrected.

Earliest report for Eurofleet is the 5am Paris. A trip that you really want to avoid if you're coming in on public transport. However, when I was on EF I always bidded for late starts and I rarely saw this trip on my roster. You would be surprised how many crew like this one - gets you back by about 11am IIRC! Not bad for a days work.

The Aurora across the road normally charges around 60 per night. It's fair to say that it is increasingly difficult to book a room here, the last couple of times I tried they were fully booked up. In fact even some back to back crews on longhaul often stay in the Aurora Park in Colnebrook as it's often chocka! There are other, less expensive, options all along the Bath Road and most will do a crew discount. Also, keep an eye out in the Compass Centre - there are lots of ads for B&B's, crew rooms etc at good rates and some are run by crew or ex-crew.

The facilities in the Compass Centre are good. There are showers, washrooms and storage areas for your luggage. There's also the infamous canteen, and a coffee shop (singles bar). However, the Compass Centre is winding down it's operations as most departments are being relocated in preparation to the opening of BA's saviour (haha) that is Terminal 5. I'm guessing by the time you come online there will be only six or so months before T5 opens so perhaps there will be less facilities available than there are now.

There are also 'quiet' rooms in the Compass for those who wish to get a few mins/hours shuteye before operating. You are not able to 'camp out' here overnight though - I know from experience! The Compass Centre most definately closes down once the last of the crews have been sent home from standby. If you're caught after that you'll be turfed out. I have known people to sleep in their cars before!
Anymore Q's, give me a shout!
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Old 21st Jun 2007, 11:31
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still waiting...

Hello guys!

Im glad to know there are some more people waiting for a course date same as me and i am not on my own. Does anyone know when next people waiting are gonna be called to offer a course date? The waiting is so horrible! :-( Any idea when next courses are gonna be? Please someone help us, the waiting souls...

Thank you and happy flying !
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Old 21st Jun 2007, 18:52
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Hi Guys

Are any of you on the course that starts on the 20th Aug, and need accomodation?
Im going to be starting on this course. Im going to be commuting from Manchester so im looking for a place to stay. Is anyone else out there who is looking for a place to stay during the course and looking to share???

Im a clean well presented and house broken guy who will be 30 by the time the course starts.

Any info or if any of you are looking to share some where get in touch.
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Old 22nd Jun 2007, 19:02
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CSD's and Pursers don't allocate working positions - you choose your working postion based on your seniority number.

the CSD/Purser will have a crew list with all the crew on that flight listed into seniority order within grade.
the CSD then goes down the list calling out names and you respond with your choice of working postion on the aircraft you are due to operate on.

on your first flight you usually are rostered to fly with someone from your course - but this is not guaranteed.
you're not 'watched' really. you just tend to get thrown into the service (makes you learn fast!).
however, you will have to get the CSD/Purser to sign a form for you saying that you have operated on that aircraft for the first time and hand that back in somewhere at compass centre upon your return to LHR.
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