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Old 29th Jun 2007, 13:20
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I'm a big fan of the whole allocated seating thing...
It seems o make so much sense from Passenger and crew perspective...

1. No more worrying about ABP's (especially early pregnancy)
2. No more trouble with 'late' families
3. Boarding would be easier and faster
4. No trouble about saving seats for WCH passengers

...and I'm sure there are many more good reasons....from lost property to naughty passengers...

On the other hand it's not really clear to me where the big savings come in for easyjet by not doing it. You still could do it without a ticket as long as it gets on the boarding card... Virgin for example has a great system where you can pick your own seat online...and you can see which ones are still available and which ones are not....it could even be a feature to pay for....I'm sure people would rather pay for an assigned seat than for Speedy Boarding that doesn't work half the time...

Anyway, still waiting for an official response to crew continuing doing the seatbelts and the sickbags...
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Old 5th Jul 2007, 11:58
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Also if we had allocated seating, Pax who pay online for SB (speeding boarding) can then actually choose the seat they want. And if they select a restricted seat a warning comes up about the restrications of that seat (like Virgin do)
This will then stop all the SB's getting on and complaining they did not get the speedy priority boarding they paid for.

Getting back to the subject....personally i never replaced all the sickness bags or magazines it depended on my mood time and crew. So there are a few bags missing big deal. As for the seatbelt crossing thing i think its a reflex by now and harder not to do than to do. I mean cabin checks on turn arounds are like a dance routine to us by now dont you think. Who knows maybe soon we will be selling sickness bags. Do they honestly think that time will be saved by not filling up empty seatpockets and by not crossing seatbelts....
To be honest i am still doing it the old way and have attempted the 'new' way and find i am quicker and more efficient the old way. Maybe its true 'you cant teach old dog new tricks' unless it is safety related or cabin service change but that is obvious.
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Old 6th Jul 2007, 11:58
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hey, i was just wondering if Ezy had hired any Aussie crew lately? i saw on their website that they'll employ aussies on a 2 year working visa.. just wondering (if any are out there) what they thought of it..
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Old 12th Jul 2007, 20:44
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Sickness bags

I love the talk about sickness bags. I have also had crew room assistants and seniors insisting that on their flights all bags are to be replaced. Some seniors have also come directly from other companies and work as they did there... and I love it when some cabin crew silently simply refill them (still beeing faster though, I don't know how).
I find it quite amusing - at least no one has witten in an assessment again, that the items in the seatpockets were not in the correct order (Magazine behind, then 2007 Collectin, then sickness bag, safety card up front - all turned around correctly.)
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Old 14th Jul 2007, 13:37
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hey, i was just wondering if Ezy had hired any Aussie crew lately? i saw on their website that they'll employ aussies on a 2 year working visa.. just wondering (if any are out there) what they thought of it..
As far as iam aware there has been no aussie recruitment for sometime. I have been out of recruitment for a couple of months now due to there no being any recruitment days this last few months, so I have not heard of any plans to recruit aussie's.
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Old 14th Jul 2007, 23:21
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On my flights... I ask the pax to hand me their rubbish as they leave and to cross their seat belts too. Ive found the majority of pax are happy to help after I point out the reasons for asking. I then carry out a full security check of seats, toilet and galley without replacing sick bags, mags or brochures... Ive never experienced problems. My turnarounds are quick and effiecient.
Ask yourself:
1) How many pax are sick during your duty?
2) How many pax ask you for a inflight magazine to read? (When not in their seat pocket)
3) How many pax ask you for a brochure? (Again, when not in their seat pocket?)
Nuff said.
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Old 19th Jul 2007, 12:38
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How many pax ask you for a brochure? (Again, when not in their seat pocket?)
If there was no retail brochures in pockets you would see inflight sales drop trust me. Many pax dont plan on buying food and drink, but when they have a look at the brochure you will be suprised how many then end up buying. Think commision

How many pax are sick during your duty?
How many night IBZ's have you done LOL
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Old 19th Jul 2007, 16:11
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How many times have you checked the life jackets and not found one there - if the seats were allocated we'd know who was sat there!
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Old 20th Jul 2007, 15:31
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Strangely enough did IBZ last night and guess what was missing.2 Lifejackets.

Luckily one of the crew went into baggage reclaim and said to the pax give the jackets back and no more said or IBZ police will search everyone before leaving the airport. The bluff worked and the jackets returned.

No Holds Barred
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Old 21st Jul 2007, 12:07
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First of all I'm sorry for stealing this thread.

In two weaks I'm gonna fly with easyjet from copenhagen to London and I'm terrified that the seatbelt won't fit me. I've been tryin e-mailing and calling easyjet in England, but noone seems to know the lengt of the seatbelts.

So ihope someone heres know, doesn't have to be the precise length. Does it fit someone whos overweight?
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Old 21st Jul 2007, 14:30
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Don't worry, easyJet carry extrension seatbelts. Therefore, if the regular seatbelt on the seat doesn't fit you, then just ask the crew for an extension, no need to worry.
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Old 21st Jul 2007, 23:11
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Join Date: May 2006
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Firstly thank you for giving this subject any thought at all and trying to inform yourself. Most people wouldn't bother.

Like offstand said, easyjet (and I believe most airlines do) carries extension seat belts so there is no need to worry about the length of the fitted seat belts. Just take a seat, try to use the seatbelt and in case it does not fit ask one of the cabin crew for an extension. They should provide you one without making a fuss about it. They are easy to fit but if you should have any problems the cabin crew can easily help you.

Make sure you take a seat with an orange headrest as the seat belts are slightly longer in those and in case that you do need an extension the cabin crew won't be able to allow you to sit in a gray head rest area which might mean quite a bit of hassle for you (and the crew) trying to find you another seat. As well, if you feel you might struggle with one seat it might be as well worth considering to purchase an extra seat as flights do get fully booked sometimes, especially in summer. However, if it's only the seat belt length that causes you concern don't worry, that's no problem :-)

I hope you'll enjoy your flight :-)
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Old 26th Jul 2007, 17:11
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Had to position to BFS the other day from LTN. (yes it was a night stop )
Anyway, I thought I would use this time to see what the boarding is like from a pax point of view.

Well to be honest everything is normal as you would expect as a airline pax until you get to the gate.

As i was one of the first to the gate I easiely found my particular herding line 'A'. So their I stood looking around as you do, pax starting to fill their particular lines. BUT when the gate starts filling up pax start to loose which lane to go in and basically start piling in anywhere, No organisation what so ever.
So the gate staff start boarding SB line so off they trot out to the a/c but the gate is then left unattended, so it then turns into more of everyman /women/child for them selves and basically just walk out to board. This explains why so many pax board complaining they were boarding A but ended up last. It was a complete mess to be honest, and no controlled.

Then all boarded nice and early, but they were some pax missing. Now what should of happened ACCORDING to NEW regulations for ground staff is....... The gate is supposed to be CLOSED -10mins to dep, allowing time to offload, change loadsheet and offload bags ready for OTP. But yes you guessed it this did not happen. 5 MINS AFTER dep time a family turned up and was allowed to board, and then they wanted to sit together (this is one thing that p*sses me right off). If they turned up at the gate on time like everyone else managed there would be no problem. Oh and guess who ended up moving to allow them to sit together ME.
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Old 26th Jul 2007, 21:38
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A bit of reassurance for Hajdii-

Unless you are very,very overweight you shouldn't have any difficulty at all.
I was worried about the same thing but had no problem.
I'm a proper fat bloke at 24 stone(approx 150kg) with a 48 inch waist and managed a 737 seat without even needing a belt extender.

Happy flying!
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Old 28th Jul 2007, 12:12
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Blimey this thred is now becoming a passenger advice line.

Which to be honest is all good, we are happy to help
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Old 30th Jul 2007, 15:11
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In some way it may not be so bad if there was sufficiant gate staff in the gate orgainzing the boarding, and ensuring correct people board at the right time.

I think the worst thing with free seat boarding is on a airbridge
Everone tries to pile straight into the first 4 rows blocking up the aisle on causing queing up the bridge and a slower boarding.
Funny thing is after boarding everone is cramped in to the fisrst section of the cabin, yet the pax who went to the back are nicely spread out with plenty of room.
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Old 1st Aug 2007, 20:25
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hi!first post here so good night to everyone!im writing from lisboa,im part of the ground handling team that you visit everyday in lis!almost everyday i do easyjet flights,either check-in or gates and i agree that the assigned seats would be really great as the boarding process would be a lot more civilized.it would just take longer in the check in process as passengers would be arguing about seats there and not inside the plane...,either way making it simpler and cleaner in the gate..anyway,looking forward for your next visit(tomorrow probably)..

see ya next time on lisboa!
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Old 1st Aug 2007, 21:13
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Hola Lisboa,

I was there the otherday from LTN goging to CDG. How are you? (I have no idea who you are though)

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Old 1st Aug 2007, 21:30
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hmmm i was in the GVA ck-in,the GVA gate and in the LTN gate,i didnt do the LTN-LIS-CDG turnaround..anyway you guys seem really concentrated all the time in puting the plane shining and ready,you have no time for the sunny lisboa
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Old 2nd Aug 2007, 17:39
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Great to have you onboard with us. Nice to have ground staff join us for discussions and their in put.

Look forward to more of your posts.
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