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Virgin UK - Wannabees & Recruitment

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Virgin UK - Wannabees & Recruitment

Old 5th May 2007, 15:36
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still recruiting

Hi Virginboi.

You made me panic as I'm waiting my 6 mnths to apply again (very soon). I found it straight away on line. Virgin atlantic.com, select careers, then show all jobs. Its still there, CC at the top.
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Old 5th May 2007, 15:57
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Hey I was wondering if anyone has an interview next wednesday, the 9th of May?

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Old 5th May 2007, 16:57
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I have just submitted a new application (was sucessful 8 months ago but due to personal circumstances was unable to commence employment) and the process has changed a fair bit.

Does anybody have any idea of what the lead times are from submitting the application through to the next phase?

Last time it took about 2 weeks from posting my application to being invited to interview. Do you have to undergo a telephone interview first now or is it all still decided just on the form?

Also does anybody know if you are looked on unfavourably if you have had to turn down a postion? (I gave plently of notice and reasons at the time)

Any help would be great

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Old 7th May 2007, 10:25
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Hi Waricks,

Im jst about to begin my course on the 14th, and it took about a week/2weeks for virgin to offer me an interview date. Its all done on across the net now, although i have heard some ppl have had telephone interviews aswell?

Basic stuff really, group discussion and tasks are first, then a 2 to 1 interview covering your history, what you have been doing etc, and what you can bring to the job

Hope this helps and good luck
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Old 7th May 2007, 18:56
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Ive got an interview for an inflight beauty therapist, has anyone had one recently? just wondered what the trade test consists of and how difficult the A&P exam is? Very nervous!!
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Old 8th May 2007, 20:36
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Got an e mail today offering me an interview on 24th May Only took 2 days from submitting which is alot quicker than last time.

Thanks for your reply VIR001 the interview sounds the same as last time but I still remember it being scary the first time so I am going to be getting nervous soon.

Is anyone else at interview on this day?

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Old 17th May 2007, 06:42
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Virgin Pay and Conditions


I agree that many people may have asked about this question already but with this thread being so big now I had difficultly finding a difinitive answer.

I have an interview with VS and need to know about the renumeration. I currently work for a charter airline on a mix of short and long haul so in my pay packet I receive about 1300 on average.

I know that your allowances at Virgin do not get paid into the bank but I would like to know if it is realistic to manage to keep some of these to make it into your bank account.

I know all about the basic and sector pay. I do have one other question though- is there only one pay rise as CC from the starting salary?I know on the contracts you get one after a year but not sure about after that.

Any help would be great and very much appreciated

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Old 17th May 2007, 14:10
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hi there, i also work for a charter airline out of MAN, ive only been flying a few months but my passion to work for virgin grows stronger everyday! ive been putting off applying as i didnt know how id commute down to london, and whether i could afford to etc...

I think virgin are in the process of reviewing their annual salary of cabin crew, so maybe the basic will go up (hopefully to over 11k)
however, ive discovered that u get 40% discount off virgin trains and also get id90 tickets after 6 months, so maybe i mite apply!

i would need at least 900 - 1000 in my bank each month as ive just bought a house and new car and have bills to pay

just wondered if theres any virgin crew on here that live up north, Liverpool, Newcastle, Scotland etc, and could u tell me how u commute and the cost roughly each month

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Old 17th May 2007, 20:54
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Hi, got a friend who has a selection day coming up i know there is loads of info which she has already gathered but has been recently who can pm me cheers. particularly on the group stuff. interview questions.
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Old 18th May 2007, 16:28
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Hey, anyone else with an interview on 31st May? PM me if you have
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Old 20th May 2007, 10:18
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Virgins new on-line applications

It's time again to try again for Virgin, attempt no;2! Before I filled out the postal forms and now it's internet based. I am just confused about the lack of detail required compared to the old forms. That is, no education history dates just exams taken and grades. Also Work history, asking for some work history rather than all?? Again no dates asked for just company,duties,skills used and gained etc. Can I go wrong with this as I feel it's too simple? What have any of you done who have completed this recently?? Also they don't give a word/character max for the 3 questions.
Any hints out there much appreciated.
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Old 20th May 2007, 22:23
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Hi can anyone help?
I need to know if virgin are particularly 'fussy recruiters'! Basically i had an interview set up and i couldn't make it so they rearranged it, this then happened again another 2 times (but only due to flying commitments, going tech, unexpected nightstops etc). They were very helpful in rearranging but on the final time I couldn't make it due to a family crisis and i didn't let them know i couldn't attend.
I haven't been in contact since as i have been sorting out the above situation but wanted to re-appy. Do you think they would agree to see me again? I was thinking of writing a letter or even just re-applying again online.

Can anyone advise me?


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Old 22nd May 2007, 14:09
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Hey just seen your thread you have your interview Thursday, goog luck I have my interview Friday really worried cant seem to find any information on the exam or trade test , although i have been informed it's not a easy test if you have'nt revised? have you had much luck with gathering any info?
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Old 22nd May 2007, 14:13
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Hi, just thought i would let you know i also have an interview coming up as a inflight beauty therapist, when is your for? we can give each other a few tips?
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Old 22nd May 2007, 19:37
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Hi, I have an interview for IFBT too, next thurs. I heard the A&P exam is quite easy- level 2 stuff and its multiple choice but will definately still revise! Not sure about the trade test though, guess it'll be massage or manicure??
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Old 24th May 2007, 12:27
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anyone got and interview tomorrow for Main Crew??? am well excited!!
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Old 25th May 2007, 10:43
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does anyone start their training on the 29th?

have you had the info pack with all the work in it ive completed the e-learning and then looked at the disc and found more work plus some tests at the end do they all need to be revised and completed by the first day of training?

plus the flat 'training' shoes is this a particular pair or some some flat shoes that are practical?

anyone that can help would be much appreciated

getting very nervous about it now!

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Old 25th May 2007, 15:18
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Hi does anyone else have an interview on 6 June?

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Old 25th May 2007, 19:34
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Virgin Salary

Hi there,

Salaries are all going to depend on how much you fly, but my last three months salaries have been 990, $970, $865 (this was low because I had leave for 5 days, so only had three trips that month.

This is made up of the following:

Base Salary: 848
Flight Pay: 18.20 per sector
Commission: 1 - 4 per sector

Then you are taxed and pay union fees. So if you work on a figure of 900 then you'l pretty much always come out on top. Now this is what goes into your bank account.

Allowances are fairly good, here are some examples:

USA 1 Night Trips 70 - 130
USA 2 Nights 110 - 130
Tokyo 2 Nights 130
Dubai 1 Night 105
Jamaica 2 Nights 140, 5 nights 330
Barbados 1 Nights 100

Anyway, so basically the allowances are quite good. If you don't go shopping, you will save about half of your allowances, if you keep your spending in check. The allowances are based on eating all your meals through room service. Obviously you will not do that. Breakfast in the hotel is usually 5 - 15. That is the only meal always eat. I usually eat out for the rest of my meals, or if i'm in the carribean, then I eat by the pool, which is usually 10 - 15. You should never have to touch your bank account for day to day expenses. Just save your cash and change it when you get back. Travelex changes money without commission for crew.

I have compared this to salaries with BA LGW, Charters and Easyjet. Virgin comes out almost the same. Easyjet is always going to be higher. The salary at Easyjet is about 30% higher, but the girls in orange work about 60% harder, so I still think Virgin is better off. Plus you have the amazing Staff Travel Benefits. 7 Free flights a year!!! Plus all the interline agreements.

You don't do this job for the money. I would still do this if the salary was half what it is. And I have a mortgage to pay....

Good luck to everyone, hope to see you out online soon.
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Old 26th May 2007, 12:13
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I also have an interview 6th june at 9.30am, at The Base. Does anyone know how far The Base is from gatwick airport and if theres any buses that stop by it?

still unsure whether to attend interview, id be commuting from north west england
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