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Globe Air Full Stall

Old 9th Nov 2018, 08:59
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Globe Air Full Stall

The end is approaching fast for the austrian outlaw. only 9 airplanes available to fly out of .....24. Crew vacations cancelled, Days off vanishing in limbo. Flock of crews leaving..Office staff disappearing, Line trainers ? more, they are gone. DJU and FRA are crushing the crews by threatening them, with no real luck nowadays. The famous 70's guitarist is now booking the cheapest hotel available if any, and positioning by train is the norm. Secretaries are filing FPL...
If only he was paying the social security and doing everything else properly.. but no. No lesson learnt here.
Positive points : they are thinking on upgrading to the left seat people with 700 hours total time....hmmmm Fast upgrade ? Think twice of the double illegal bonding.

I was predicting the fall within two years, I might be pretty close on this one.

Steer away and stay away, conditions had deteriorated big time, and cannot get back. Why ?

Because you CANNOT MAKE ANY MONEY with a fleet of Mustang....
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Old 9th Nov 2018, 20:56
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Oh I don’t know, the Frenchman that purchased Blink seemed to make a few million Euros pretty damn quickly!
Hopefully the wealthy people that were stung will realise soon and see the Hondajet fleet is pure fantasy and come looking for their money.
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Old 10th Nov 2018, 08:26
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He made money by taking 25% of investors money in its own fund...In the case of GlobeAir, Polytech is offsetting its benefits towards this scheme. But as an airplane operator; it starts to be difficult when you cannot recruit crews, you cannot make the requests, etc... GlobeAir has to make a minimum of 1 million euros per month of revenue, they barely do half of this, and it is spiraling downwards.
This is the end.
No more people in the office, crews abused, no more knowledge.. turn off the light, this is it.
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Old 10th Nov 2018, 09:41
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Should I even bother trying their assessment. I've got an invitation.
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Old 10th Nov 2018, 10:48
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@appfo09 In august I send the following PM to a collegue about my experience with GlobeAir and there way of communicating.

I applied for a DEC position with a homebase in AMS. Went for the assessment in November 2017.

Starts in the GlobeAir HQ with a meeting with your assessment partners, for me was 5 captains 1 F/O.

Introduction and meeting with CEO, 2 ladies of HR, Chief Pilot and Deputy Chief Pilot.

First group exercise, what I remember from it the group was divided between two points. 1 group was for emotional 1 group for the law. Tried to be myself the middle men and bring the group together. Ask questions, ask more questions and make summaries.
Then was an English test. Followed by that they gave you a blanco page and a timer. 5 minutes to write a story about yourself in English. Everybody started writing about their flying career. I choose a different approach and wrote about my last holiday. There is a native English speaker, imagine that she has to read all day the same bullshit about flying careers. Try to be a bit different.

Then the group gets separated. Individual meeting with 1) CEO, 2) HR lady 3) Chief pilot.

So three separate interviews of maybe 10 minutes each.
  1. CEO. Why Globe, describe yourself in 1 word, why you wanted to become a pilot. Are you parents pilots? (Apparently Fragner doesn’t like people with parents as pilot, cause he believes you are not genuine then). Don’t be afraid to ask questions. I brought up the question why several people were fired at there 2 years end (as you can read in the PPRuNe topic).
  1. HR lady. Name situation where you had to bring bad news to the customer. What would you do if you are ready to depart, passenger boards end your forgot the ice cube for his coca cola. Just be yourself, no tricky questions. I told them that I would be HONEST to the customer that I would ask then for 5 minutes of their time and call the handling, the company and whoever is in my phone list to get the job done ASAP.
  1. Chief pilot and deputy chief pilot interview. They gave me an approach plate of my homebase airport and asked me to give me a briefing as I would give on an ILS approach. What is LDA, what is the altitude you cross the threshold then when you follow the glideslope. They go to chart 10-9 and ask about the lighting system, the distance between the separate lights etc. They give you the AFM of the Mustang and ask you I want to know the TODR where can I find it. Just work organized and show them that you have seen an AFM before.
Another guy of the group was given the tricky question. The contract with the customer is that he can take 100 kilo of bags, he shows up with 120 kilos of bags what would you do. He said “as we all do in the business, wright 100 kilo on the mass and balance, and just take the 120 kilo. Needless to say, the guy was send home.

When this is all done you are offered lunch. And the Globe people meet with each other about the results of your performance and tests.
After lunch one group is (as a group) brought to the CEO. This was the group who had failed the interview. No individual thanks but no thanks, but as a group there where send home.

Out of my group of 6, only one other guy passed. So we were together.

We were for the simulator sessions at Linz airport. Performed by the Chief Pilot and deputy C.P. There was absolutely ZERO contact or interest in both of us. This was a bit awkward.

The session is a departure out of Linz, join the holding Linz VOR and then Full Procedure ILS approach.

Just be ahead of the aircraft and if you apply as a captain, act as a captain. Think about your CRM and stay ahead of the aircraft.

My colleague flew the complete sessions at 240 knots. Nobody told us to do so, I took my time and flew the whole session at 180 knots, giving me more time to anticipate etc.

After the session the C.P. and deputy C.P. shaked us the hand and they showed us the door. I asked for feedback, there was no feedback to be given to both of us was the reply. The promised to send an e-mail with the result the same evening, if anything happened LATEST next morning.

After three days I asked Globe if there was any news or if something went wrong since I didn’t received any e-mail. Reply: “there were still working on it”.

After ANOTHER week I got a positive reply, my assessment partner failed. So pass rate was 1 out of 6 that day.

The e-mail gave no further information so I gave them a call and they informed me that I was number 1 in the holding pool and would be flying for them (as in Line Training released) in April 2018. And the last sentence of the phone conversation was: please keep applying at other airlines as well, we don’t have a commitment to each other”.

4 weeks passed and I called for an update. Line training released April 2018 still. I waited patiently.

In February I called again, since performing a typerating, performing CRM, dangerous goods courses etc etc takes time. And February till April became a bit tight in my opinion. There answer was: you still gonna fly for us, but maybe now from June 2018.

In April 2018 I still didn’t have any information from them and decided to apply somewhere else apply somewhere else (and got accepted).

On 20 May I received an e-mail from Globe with my name wrongly spelled and the following:

“We are having you in the holding pool as a pilot and are asking you if you would still be available for this position? However, we must point out that the only gates available at the moment would be Austria / Vienna und UK / Luton. You should be living near these airports.”

I replied on the e-mail pointing out that they spelled my name wrongly. That I waited several months for information from them, with no communication from their side. And that I applied for a base in AMS and hate it when people change the rules of the game, while you are playing the game. And lastly I asked them to withdraw my details from there database.

Never received a reply...

That’s my experience with GlobeAir. I spent €250 on a plane ticket to Munich, €150 on a rental car, €120 on a hotel close to Linz. And then I am not calculating the lost income as a freelancer for the lost days…

So my advice: if you have nowhere else to go to, go and visit Globe. If you have other options...go there don’t waste your time on Globe and for the above mentioned money take your beloved one on a fancy dinner. Much more satisfaction!!

Last point, I was recently speaking with a broker (friends of mine, don’t want to disclose their location), they have their worries about the financial status of Globe.
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He made money by taking 25% of investors money in its own fund...
I’m sure he took 51% of Blink shareholders value and sold most of it almost immediately and also got his “loan” back that was used to take the 51% stake. Pretty straight forward just don’t undersrand the legalities.
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Old 20th Nov 2018, 10:21
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Hi SanHor,

Thank you for your feedback on GlobeAir.

Seems not to be a loyal company with fair conditions for anyone whatsoever.
It is just matter of time to hear that this kind of companies shut down due to financial reasons.

I hope you are satisfied with your new job.

All the best,
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Old 28th Dec 2018, 18:44
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Originally Posted by appfo09 View Post

Seems not to be a loyal company with fair conditions for anyone whatsoever.
It is just matter of time to hear that this kind of companies shut down due to financial reasons.
SanHor, sounds like you made the right choice, from what I hear that is how the company is run. Most of the office staff have never worked in aviation before, as they struggle to hire people with experience, due to low wages and bad working conditions.
Imagine the mess the dispatchers make! You can't be successful if you have a bunch of amateurs running the show.

Appfo09, steer well clear of those cowboys at GlobeAir, they are heading into Severe Turbulence!

There is lots of chatter in pilot circles about GlobeAir and most of it is scary and very negative. Glad I don't work for them. From their public profile they seem to be a very professional outfit, however you only have to do a little bit of digging to find the real
horror stories.

I heard they lost like 50 pilots, most left because pay was low, they were treated like shit and regularly busted the 60hrs duty limit over the summer. Not sure if any of that was ever reported to the authorities in Austria, as they most likely adjusted all the figures.
People were leaving so quickly, that management in Linz HQ resorted to threatening staff to try and stop them going. Now they only have about 37 pilots out of 80ish. Also a lot of the pilots who left, were not even paid their last 3 months salary!

It seems they have a maintenance base in Oxford and purchased between 5-8 of Blink's Mustang, most of which are knackered, so I expect there will be a lot of tech issues going forward. If they only have enough crew to operate 6 aircraft
how are they going to manage to recruit enough pilots to crew 24? If they posted a loss of 2 Million Euro last year, I wonder how much their losses will be this year and if it will be enough to bankrupt them?

What is worse, managements' response to losing about 90% of their workforce...…. how do we stop these pilots from leaving? OH lets make them give 6 months notice, that way we can trap them. Just shows how arrogant and autocratic their senior management is.
One dictator and lots of yes men! Anyone who has a different opinion gets fired. That does not bode well for a company involved with aviation. CRM seems to be severely lacking in their office and could lead to an accident one day. They seem to be pushing their luck and doing lots of things that are illegal.

The only way that GlobeAir keeps running is because of a cheap workforce. First officers work less than minimum wage and commanders are paid just enough to keep them interested, and if you do the company a favour, or agree to lie about your actual duty time they give you extra money to buy food. Hush money!
Probably safe to say that most of the people in the office are fresh out of school, with no experience. Who would in their right mind work for a bunch of amateur cowboys like that?

I also heard that out of their big recruitment drive, they only managed to hire a few pilots. Does not sound like they will be operational for the summer, especially if more pilots go.

CL300 is right, it is virtually impossible to make money with an air taxi, low cost operation. I don't think GlobeAir has ever made much of a profit in its 10 years of operation. The only way the have become market leader is because the competitors have going bust.
If their customers really knew how the company was being run, they would not go near a GlobeAir mustang!

I would not be surprised if GlobeAir ceases operations in the near future.

Found these reviews from previous employees;

I worked at GlobeAir (Less than a year)
Unfortunately I have nothing to say here
ConsExtra hours up to 80 hours per week, which is illegal, without any extra salary. Nights shifs plus working on public holidays and sundays with no compensation neither substitute of a public holiday for another day, which is also illegal. The contract,
made in English is also illegal, as the contract has to be in the national language (german in Austria).
The management is constantly abusing and manipulationg their employees.
salary is very low.
Pilots are making contstantly overduties work time.
The management gets into your private life in order to manipulate you better.
The worst experience in 10 years !

I worked at GlobeAir full-time (More than a year)
The Nespresso coffee machine. And I met a few nice people - who left very soon, by the way.
Abusive management, and, specifically, one of them used manipulative manners to manage the team, which turned into an insanely high turnover rate.
Overhours - taking about 15/20 overhours each week, which makes it almost 60hrs/week - were the standard, and surprisingly they are still applying the same, illegal rules. I can't believe how they have not shut down yet.
Advice to Management
There is no management per se. The hierarchy is based on favours.

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GlobeAir grows fleet with former Wijet Mustangs - Flight Int.
Meanwhile, GlobeAir has recorded another strong year on the back of robust demand from the European charter market for small business jets. Revenue flights climbed by more than 13% to 8,466, producing a record turnover of €28 million ($32 million). This compares with 7,475 revenue flights and a turnover of €21 million in 2017.
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The figure means nothing, and we have to award the communication prize to FRA, Mister communication. Facts are that GAC is short of some 50 pilots for the season....And FRA is still not aware of all the one's whom are going to leave next month.... Last week there was 37 pilots on the Payroll.. Do your maths...; Company is doomed...
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Its about time, isn't it ?
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SWBKCB I ran that story through the bullshit converter, and this was the result!

Revenue flights climbed by more than 13% to 8,466, producing a record turnover of €28 million ($32 million). However with 2,540 of those flights empty, operating costs are estimated at €30 million ($34.5 million). That is not GlobeAir's only problem, attrition of talent has drained it's pool of pilots by 50%, a mere 40 currently available to fly its fleet of 16 Mustang, leaving the company to take drastic measures to bolster pilot numbers, by enslaving new recruits with more stringent contractual terms and conditions. The outlook for 2019 is a great concern for the Austrian Air Taxi operator, as we project they will struggle to make a profit and could well see another loss in the region of €2 million ($2.3 million) or more!

GlobeAir's CEO stated, "The biggest problem in aviation are pilots, they whine like little children and are lucky to get paid at all. That is why GlobeAir is working hard to rid our operation of pilots, by investing in remotely controlled aircraft. Only then will we be able to realise a profitable operation. By creating a truly unique service, our wealthy clients, are becoming accustomed to paying peanuts, for monkeys to fly their private jets"
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Hope GAProzzie got some good lawyers
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You do not need lawyers when the truth is told and documented by evidences do you ? People at GAC HQ have been shafted so much, that all of them went with a pile of evidences from which only one would suffice to halt the company for good.
But people are settling off court, and to date no atomic weapon has been activated ( obviously); for this summer, it will be very hectic if it lasts.
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From their "Careers" Page for First Officers

-> Minimum annual gross salary €28.700, higher salary subject to experience within AOC environment
You are paid better working the apron @ EDDF
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I think you guys were looking for this! Pretty much speaks for itself.

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Globair Interview

HI guy's , Did anyone recently pass any interview at Globair. If anyone can share is some Feedback
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Hi Guys. I've just got an invitation right now. I'm also curious abot interview feedback.
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Have both of you even read this thread? If not, I'd suggest to start with that before thinking about actually going for an interview with this company .
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Hi Bereyb,

if you don't mind could you please specify the date you were invited for the interview? Thank you!
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