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Robert Weaver - Beware

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Leading on.......from further 'due diligence', the airport manager at Ormond Beach has verified that Global Air Ferry is not known OR registered at Hangar 21

Active Pilots | Global Air Ferry | International Aircraft Transfer Service

Furthermore, no company by the name of Global Air Ferry LTD has ever been registered in the UK.

Global Air Ferries LTD was registered some 14 years ago and struck off in 2003, so it very hard how to imagine they were allegedly trading in 2006

Home | Raich Aerospace Group LLC | International aviation ...
Home | Raich Aerospace Group LLC | International aviation training & aerospace consulting company
Our company was founded in 2006 as Global Air Ferry LTD in the United ... project management to individuals and companies on many aviation related issues, ...

This has all the hallmarks of the plank and I believe that whilst we have called many people loons for not doing a google check on weaver, I suspect he is netting his victims through this active back door.
Oh Dear! GAF do seem awfully confused about their history.

The early versions of their site,, saved on the Wayback Machine say very little of substance about GAF although the copyright at the bottom of the About Us page is in the name of
Global Air Ferry (PRC)
and on the Terms and Conditions page they state
Global Air Ferry is an offshore business company. Offices registered in the People's Rupublic of China. Company operations are based globally.
In 2009, the About Us page claimed that
We started our full operation in 2006 as a new ferry company owned by 2 pilots.
and also states
In 2008, our company was featured in a Chicago Tribune article on ferry pilots and ferry companies. This public exposure plus a spotless aviation record has contributed to Global Air Ferry's already pristine reputation.
The blurb on the Terms and Conditions page has expanded to say
Global Air Ferry is an offshore business company. Offices registered in the People's Rupublic of China. Address for business communications and legal inquiries: Global Air Ferry Ltd "Fa-May", Tianqu Air Business Bld "C", Beijing Int. Airport, 100621 Chaoyang Distr., China. Flight operations are commonly conducted from the US, most of the EU, Australia, Israel, South Africa, South America and most of the South-East Asia. Pilots are based globally.
The Chicago Tribune article referred to can be found here. By 2011 their site has had a redesign and the About Us page claims that
Our company was established by 2 fresh flight instructors from UK and Ireland with JAA and FAA commercial licenses.
under a picture of Russ Sherwood in his Air Force uniform. Alongside is the picture of four guys standing in front of an aircraft. This page also states that
We were first registered in the UK under "Global Air Ferry Ltd".
As Jetblu has already stated, this is incorrect as no such company has ever been registered with Companies House in the UK. The similar sounding Global Air Ferries Ltd was incorporated on 23 May 2001 but on 11 November 2003 the first notice was posted in the Gazette for the compulsory striking off of the company with it subsequently being struck off 3 months later and is therefore too early to be the claimed GAF originator. Maybe they confused the UK with China - easy mistake to make - I'm sure it's done all the time.

The About Us page goes on to explain
How did we end up in Russian Federation ?

Decision to de-register our company in the UK and re-register our company in Russia came as an opportunity, when a bigger aviation sales company "Sovrasko/Firstavia Group LLC" from St.Petersburg approached us with a long-term US-Russia aurcraft delivery contract for their sales operation. After meeting these lovely fellas in Moscow, we decided that we could really work together and merged in 2008.
A further redesgn of the site would appear to have happened sometime in 2015 with the current About Us page stating
Global Air Ferry LTD was originally formed in the United Kingdom as a ferry pilot provision and referal service. The company was formed by four newly qualified commercial pilots and flight instructors, all licensed in the USA, who wanted to establish a new standard in quality airplane transfer service from the United States to EU. After several years of successfull operation, pilot group grew larger and so did their experience. By 2010 GAF offered ferry service for any aircraft from any point to any point in the World. In 2012 GAF was registered in Florida, USA, as a part of Raich Aerospace Group LLC.
Interesting how the 2 founders claimed in 2011 ("2 fresh flight instructors from UK and Ireland") has increased (inflation?) to 4 ("four newly qualified commercial pilots and flight instructors, all licensed in the USA") – maybe as they already had a spiffy picture of four guys standing in front of a plane it was easier to rewrite history rather than find a picture with only two people in it?

Also, no mention of the re-registration in Russia before the claimed registration in Florida in 2012. This, in any case, seems to have been superseded by a move to Virginia as at the bottom left of the page it states
"Global Air Ferry" is a DBA name of Global Air LLC, a registered in the State of Virginia Limited Liability Company. Registered VA LLC#: S5692969.
A search of The Commonwealth of Virginia’s site confirms the registration number of S5692969 and gives an incorporation date of 14 July 2015 with the contact details as given by Jetblu above. So at least one statement on the site is correct.

Reading through this all again, I guess I have way too much spare time on my hands!

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I can't belive this is still ongoing!!!

I was doing my PPL at Ormond beach acadamy in oct-dec 2005 when I met weaver, always thought there was something a bit odd about him!

I suspect he uses the Ormond beach address as the airport is fairly well known to him.

Surely the CAA or FAA can revoke his licence with the amount of trouble he is causing?

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Old 17th Jan 2016, 15:35
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Weel, here goes

My personal experience. I approached him unbiased and came out OK.
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Nice click bait.
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Old 18th Jan 2016, 11:18
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Originally Posted by Journey Man View Post
Nice click bait.
How is it click bait?
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Old 18th Jan 2016, 13:54
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Because you didn't put the whole story, obviously intending people to come back again and again.
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You may think that you have too much time on your hands, but i am impressed, to say the least, at your detective work!

Nicely done history of this teflon-coated prat.
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Oh, don´t give MKA such a hard time. He is working on the story and it is on the ferry pilot site and his own.

Not everyone has time to sit and write all the time. OK….he could have waited until he was completely finished, but reading it on the other website, I thought (and told him) a well-done "cliffhanger," waiting for the next installment.

Here is a guy who knew going in, having read PPRuNe and STILL saw a wee bit of benefit and is making a report. Daring, fool-hardy……???? Waiting for the next installment.
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Old 19th Jan 2016, 07:53
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Originally Posted by Tourist View Post
Because you didn't put the whole story, obviously intending people to come back again and again.
No not really. I didn't feel like writing the whole story. Was a spur of the moment thing.
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Click Bait, Spur Of The Moment

MKA747, dont insult our intelligence please??

You have had many months to consider your actions.

You and your Dad also had the opportunity to assist the authorities in trying to locate your paymaster but you chose not to follow that option.

Yet now, you expect the ferry fraternity to look upon you as some kind of arbitrator who gave Weaver a chance? or is that arbi-traitor.

Lets first consider that Weaver was the only person who would give you the oppportunity to carry out an oceanic ferry flight with ZERO oceanic experience.

Now many who know about RW, would not be in the least surprised that he allows a young pilot to fly without the consideration of legality, but surely a young pilot, wishing to make an honest and professional career in aviation, should be more dilligent towards adding any negativity or adverse information to his flying resume.?

Now RW claims that you undertook that flight, without being insured??
Admittedly, this is in retaliation to your blog post, but does that claim appear to hold water??

With zero oceanic experience, would you have thought to tick all the other boxes that would have also contributed towards you making your first ferry a legal flight, or were you also prepared to break the law, and do whatever it took to get a foot on the ladder?

Bear in mind, you already admit to knowing all about Weaver, and had previously frequented this very site when things started to go wrong.

Accoding to you, the owner of that aircraft had to pay additional money directly to you to facillitate the delivery of his aircraft after previously paying RW the amount in full so from the customers point of view, this ferry bore a lot of resemblace to many others that have failed at the hands of RW.

At that point, did you feel it necessary to publish your findings?

NO, you thought it suited your own interests to see if there were any more scraps hanging around, and as it turned out, there were right??? in the form of an A36 to the Phillipines.
Did you manage to get RW to insure you for this one or was that a secondary thought?

BTW you mention you had kept a private insurance policy a secret from RW and you actually had your own personal policy???
Well if you had the funds to pay for such a policy, you wouldnt be pimping yourself out to the biggest conman in the industry!!!!

It would appear to me that you werent actually intent on doing the ferry fraternity a favour, but actually more intent an getting exactly what you could out of RW to further your own interests and now you have moved on to other things, you again think your own interests may be better served by going public.

If you think that paints you in a positive light, then to some it may, but certainly does not in my book.
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Originally Posted by MKA742 View Post
No not really. I didn't feel like writing the whole story. Was a spur of the moment thing.
So why then stick a link on here advertising "your personal experience"?

Write it, or don't write it, but don't try to make this like the winner announcement on some awful reality television show.

And the winner is......
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You are right. I'm not claiming to be any of the things you said (I don't think that hihgly of myself). And yes I did it to get the experience.
I can assure you that with each of the flights it was too late for me to prevent the loss of money for the client. I suspect 'he' made sure of that. I will spare the details for my blog.

And yes maybe I should have spoken out sooner. But all the information was already out there so you can hardly blame me for the clients not picking that up in time (I warned them but then it was too late already).
It seems he is still getting jobs in. Are those my fault too?

As per legality, I will also get into that on my blog. Maybe I did take some chances and operated in a grey zone but I don't think I did anything explicitly illegal. Otherwise I would keep my mouth shut (like some others? where are the other detailed reports?). But again I won't go in detail here.

Please hold your judgement until I finish writing. I'm not doing this for personal gain. In fact, this will probably cost me more than do good for me. And again, I'm not being altruistic. This discussion is not news.

I'll try to get to writing today but I just got home from being away for a month.
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Post Click Bait , Books, Dad, popcorn

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REWARD Robert Charles Weaver - Sky Ferry - Wanted

Anybody knowing the whereabouts of the above mentioned individual and/or having details of any known tangible assets belonging to him, please contact me here or by PM.

Aside from his ongoing and known criminal activity of obtaining monies from customers by deception [highlighted in graphic detail again last week] it is quite feasible and very probable that he is operating around your aircraft and flying over your family homes uninsured.

It is known that Weaver is promoting a bogus CV to hoodwink clients in genuinely believing that he is an experienced ATP with a valid medical to suit.
Knowing that he has neither. it is suspected he is also passing off this bogus information to insurers.

He details his qualifications here. [Allegedly, the best pilot that they have]
Global Air Ferry.

The fact of the matter is here.


Address is not available
No Medical Available.

Date of Issue: 12/20/2014
Certificate: COMMERCIAL PILOT Print


As many will already know, the authorities would like a chat with Weaver, however a syndicate of disgruntled customers has know formed to fast-track the process.

It is also now known that Weaver has set up various blogs attacking anyone and everyone who highlights his criminal activities.
Having viewed the content I would seriously consider his mental health as a medical practitioner. Not only is the content entirely
false, he also appears to communicate with himself under various identities, although that is a matter for the FAA AME to consider.

Many thanks

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I understand debiassi's points as a genuine and bona fide competitor, although personally, from a private perspective, I feel for MKA742 having tried very hard to dot the i's and cross the t's with the plank.

Forwarding just $5,000 and keeping $10,000 for himself was inevitable and par for the course of his modus operandi.

Anyway, in the interim
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No adress but...

Well, I don't know who you know but I have at least 5 people out to get him. I might also have usefull info myself.

I'll PM. It really is time guys.... Let's team up.
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But don't feel bad for me. Feel bad for the client. I was not harmed in the making of this story... However, I learned a lot and offering help to anyone wanting to undertake something. Maybe I have usefull info.
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Originally Posted by MKA742 View Post
Maybe I have usefull info.

Do you have useful info?

Or do we have to go to your blog again?
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FAA database

Any airman can request that personal information be hidden, such as the address or certificate number. To remain valid though, an airman only has 30 days to notify FAA of a change in address. I would think that a properly filed Freedom of Information request would result in FAA having to divulge the current residential on file.

This airman does not require a valid US Medical certificate as long as he is not exercising any of the privileges of his US FAA certificate.

Unless this airman took and passed an ATP practical very recently (there is a lag time to updating the FAA Airman Certificate database and the database is currently one month behind actual issuances), it is possible, but unlikely, that he holds a US FAA ATP. There are also no SIC or PIC type ratings on file, which would be required for any turbojet operations, single or multi-pilot. At the moment, the only fact that is certain is that prior to Dec 10, 2015, he did not hold an FAA ATP.
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MKA742, your blog is a good start, I'll read it. But what I really want is a movie, working title: "The Robert Weaver Story. Based on True Events." (first order of business, come up with a killer title. "Weaver Fever" "Scary Ferry" etc) One thing I must insist on is a version of that classic scene from "North by Northwest". Also a "happy ending". We could fund the film by auctioning off the right to choose the ending, surely one of Weaver's many fans has something delicious in mind. Or have a contest to pick the most imaginative denouement. Bonus- filming in Romania is inexpensive. Maybe an LA-39 chase scene?
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