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Looking for work Thread "NEW"

Biz Jets, Ag Flying, GA etc. The place for discussion of issues related to corporate, Ag and GA aviation. If you're a professional pilot and don't fly for the airlines then try here.

Looking for work Thread "NEW"

Old 24th Mar 2013, 19:00
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looking for an opportunity

Hi all,
i am looking for a FA job opportunity everywhere, in Europe would be desiderable, but i could also consider to move outside Europe, willing to relocate or commuting, rotational position, 15/15, 3 weeks on and 3 off..
For further details and if you want that i send you my resume, please feel free to contact me in PM
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Old 31st Mar 2013, 23:07
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Post Looking for new opportunities

28 years old pilot with 4000+ experience: 3000+ in commercial air transport. For the last 3 years in business aviation in Europe and Asia (always working under EASA AOC). Knowledge of English, Russian and German. Rated and current on C525 and C560XL/XLS, used to fly ATR 42/72 and BAe Jetstream 31/32.

TT: 4212 h
ME IFR: 3490 h
PIC: 645 h
Cessna Citation CJ2: 723 h (still growing)
Cessna Citation XLS: 420 h (still growing)
Flight instructor: 244 h

English fluent, ICAO level 6
Fluent Russian (Russian visa valid with no restrictions)
Conversational German

Open to new opportunities, challenges, TRs etc.

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to PM me

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Old 8th Apr 2013, 16:32
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Experienced & fabulous FA looking for freelance or Contract work ASAP!

Experienced & fabulous FA looking for freelance or contract work ASAP!
Hey guys
I am seeking some Freelance or Contract FA work ASAP & wondered if anyone had any contacts or work!
Aircraft type include; Bombardier Global Express, GIV, GV, Falcon 900ex, Falcon 2000, Legacy, Boeing BBJ, Boeing 727, Boeing 767, Hawker 125, Challenger 604, Citation II, V and XL, Airbus 319, MD 83

Currently based in London but am willing to relocate for the right role.
Thanks in advance.... Feel free to PM me
Happy flying

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Old 23rd Apr 2013, 17:01
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Happy and experienced VVIP Hostie Available

Over three years corporate flying experience, independent, confident, hard working hostie looking for flying jobs on rotation or freelancing, can fly out of any london airports, full airside ID, two passports , Azerbajain Visa and USA visa. Available at short notice .
Flown on privately owned B767, falcon 7x, falcon 2000, hawker, gulfstream , challenger 605, Legacy.
Look forward to flying with you soon
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Old 25th Apr 2013, 08:56
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G450/G550 FO (current on type) looking for job

Dear all,

I am looking for a position as an FO on a G450/G550. Based anywhere except in China.
I have approximately:

3200 hours TT
700 hours on type (G450/G550)
1300 hours on jets
1500 hours on turbo props (of which 500 PIC)

and a JAR license.

Thank you for your help

Kind regards,

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Old 7th May 2013, 13:19
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Citation 550 Pilot

Jet 1780 hours
Turbine 260 hours
Twin engine Piston 280 hours
Single Engine Piston 780 hours

Total 3100 hours


I am interested in Captain or First Officer position either full time or freelance.

I have 1600 hours on C550, 500 hours as Captain. Left and right seat LPC.

I am also willing to relocate and prepared to obtain any training that might be necessary for the position.

PM for CV and references.

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Old 10th May 2013, 17:45
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Challenger 300 First Officer

JAA Type Rated on the Challenger 300.

Working as seat support pilot at CAE Amsterdam on the CL30.
103,5 hours of FFS CL30, mostly Initial Type ratings and LPC.

Total time: 414:00 hours
Total flight time: 222:00 hours
Pilot in Command: 132:05 hours
Single engine: 196:25 hours
Multi engine: 24:35 hours
Sim (FFS level D CL30) 107:30 hours
Sim (FFS level D B738) 20:00 hours
Sim (FNPT) 64:30 hours

Resume available on request.

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Old 12th May 2013, 09:13
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Looking for a first Challenger 605 job

Hi there,

I've just been fortunate enough to complete a 605 rating, but unfortunately there are no FO seats at my company at the moment. So I'm looking for that first (hopefully not too elusive !) Challenger job. Willing to relocate and I've got a useful amount of experience of Corporate operations in Europe. I'm also the Flight Safety officer for my current employer so can turn my hand to safety related pieces of work as well.

EASA license
605 rating valid till end Feb 2014

Total hours : 1800
PIC : 1200
Jet : 730 (Citation Bravo / 2)
Flying Instructor: 750

Languages : English, Spanish, French and I can get by in German !

Any leads / offers much appreciated ! Please drop me a PM if you know of anything...


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Old 19th May 2013, 10:34
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Saudi Arabian Flight Academy were advertising for a Challenger 605 SIC based in Riyadh. It should be on their website.



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Old 25th May 2013, 10:28
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Global Express Captain

Hi everyone,

I was employed for 11 years for exF1 driver,
he sold aircraft so I am looking for any new job opportunities.

TT 5000h+
Jet PIC 3000h


Fresh recurrent on BBD-700 on 14.5.2013.

Also rated on F2TH, F2000EXy, Cl604, Do328Jet, and BBD700.

Any info on someone looking for pilots would be appreciated!
Beer is included

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Old 1st Jun 2013, 12:20
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CL605 freelance gig July

Got an email about this one and thought I'd share it...

CL-605 Captain -July 2013


Must hold an FAA ATP license with CL604/605 type rating
Must have a current Proficiency Check on type
Must be currently flying as a Captain
Must be able to provide your own standard pilot uniform with white shirt and epaulets

Our Customer, a HKG based business jet operator, requires a CL605 Captain for the following dates:

Depart home on July 2
Arrive HKG on July 3
Duty from July 4-9
Return home on July 10
Total pay period July 2 to 10, inclusive. (9 days total)

Pay & Benefits-

The daily pay rate will be $800 to $1000 per day depending on individual experience and qualifications
Economy class airfare will be provided from your home airport to HKG, round trip.

Documents Required-

If you are interested in this opportunity, please send the following documents as soon as possible:

Valid Passport (with at least 6 months validity & 3 blank pages)
FAA License (front and back)
Updated CV (Resume, must include address & contact #)
Valid Medical
Valid Proficiency Check
The last 3 pages of your log book
3 Photos (For staff card)

Interested parties should contact [email protected]

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Old 12th Jun 2013, 16:55
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Looking for CL850 first officer job

Current CRJ 900 first officer looking for a move to business aviation. Differences training needed for Challenger 850.

Frozen ATPL
EU passport
1100 TT
880 CRJ 900
Fluent Russian and English (ICAO level 6)

PM for CV and additional info.
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Old 13th Jun 2013, 16:55
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Looking for anything aviation related. Ops manager/Pilot/Dispatcher

Hi all
Lots of Glass time.
C550/560 (P1000)
B200 (PL21)
EMB500 (Garmin 1000/Prodigy)
Lots of Management/Marketing Experience.

Really need a job, will relocate if required.
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Old 14th Jun 2013, 01:29
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CJ3 but looking to step up...

Hello All.
I am presently in the initial stages of putting feelers our and looking to relocate preferably for a fly in/fly out position in Mid East or China but open to anywhere really.
TT: 4000 hrs
TT PIC: 3500 hrs
PIC Jet: 950 hrs
PIC C525B(CJ3): 600
Jet Experience: CJ3,CJ1,EA50
I am looking to step up to the larger aircraft such as the Challenger or Gulfstream series but I am unsure exactly how valuable my small jet PIC time actually is.
Would love some advice on this if anyone is able.

Thanks All

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Old 18th Jun 2013, 23:36
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Anyone need a Flight Attendant?

Hi All!

I am a very experienced VIP Flight Attendant currently looking for freelance flying or a permanent position.

I have extensive flying experience on all types of large and small aircraft, and I am usually available at short notice. I am very flexible and have great references. I also have current Russian and USA visas.

Please PM me for my CV. Thanks and have a great day all!

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Old 20th Jun 2013, 15:19
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Ops / Handing Work

Hello all thought this may be the best place to Request help with Work
would anyone have any contacts or info for possible Ops / Handling Work im currently avail after the last few Corporate Jet Companies went under, so available to start asap if needed.

Many Thanks for your time

Cheers B727 Loadie
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Old 1st Jul 2013, 19:34
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Premier 1/1A

Looking for full-time position and a new challenge

Premier 1/1A Rated F/O
Also rated on Phenom 100

1700 TT
1400 JET (Premier)

UK Based
Willing to relocate

Please PM if further details are required.
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Old 2nd Jul 2013, 11:21
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Seeking preferably fulltime job on King Air 90/99/100/200, freelance is also fine..
TT 686h
PIC 418h
BE10 42h
BE20 115h

JAA CPL with ATPL theory, MCC, ICAO English Level 4

Relocation is no problem. (Currently freelancing in Germany)

If interested please contact me: +49 176 78 77 88 98

Kindest regards,
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Old 3rd Jul 2013, 15:48
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10,600 / 8000 Multi / 3600 PIC Jet
Dual Rated - Airplanes / Helos
Degree / ATP / CFII / MEI

Experience in GIV / Astra / Citations / Turbo props / Twins

US / Offshore - Can relocate right away.
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Old 6th Jul 2013, 13:07
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Looking for a permanent job, currently employed. Any type(not smaller then CL300). Rotation prefered(14/14 or 1month/1month, etc.). Location not important if on rotation roster. 19 years flying experience(14 airline, 5 Biz Jets).

ICAO Level 6 English and German

Total time 8600 hours. PIC time 5500 hours(mainly medium and heavy jet). Worldwide experience.

Current on CRJ200/CL850. PIC time about 4000 hours on this type. Total on type around 7000 hours. FLown as well the CRJ700 and CRJ900 , both in command with Linetraining experience.

Other experience: A300-600(captain), Embraer 145(captain).



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