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Looking for work Thread "NEW"

Biz Jets, Ag Flying, GA etc. The place for discussion of issues related to corporate, Ag and GA aviation. If you're a professional pilot and don't fly for the airlines then try here.

Looking for work Thread "NEW"

Old 10th Jul 2013, 05:43
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anyone who coul give me the possibility to fly?

I am immediately available with USA crew Visa unretricted passport, medical , yellow fiever still valid ans so on, in europe would be desiderable but i could fly everywhere especially in UAE,Saudi and Qatar, freelancer, commuting, willing to relocate i am a flexible person, easygoing, charismatic, for further details please contact me asap
Thank and regards
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Old 18th Jul 2013, 16:45
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Looking for A Multi-Engine Operator near NYC/NJ

Hi Folks:

I am a full time pilot, looking for an Operator who would be interested in taking me on as a Part time/as needed Co-Pilot in a Multi-Engine (preferably a turbine) aircraft. I live and can fly out of any Airport near NYC. (To include but not limited to TEB, MMU, LGA, JFK, TTN, FRG, ISP and PNE)

Current Hours: 8050hrs, First Class Medical, No Violations, ATP Multi, Commercial, instrument.
Turbine SEL-919
U.S Citizen/Passport
I am fully current, have attended FSI yearly, and fly regularly.
Any advise would be appreciated, so drop me an E-Mail

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Old 24th Jul 2013, 15:13
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G450/550 available


Gulfstream 450/550 current, looking for work in Europe and North America preferably.
7000 hrs TT/ 4600 PIC/ 3800 Jets

Flown G4/5 Challengers (typed), Hawkers(typed), Learjets
looking for full time employment, either rotational or move to the new job.

EU and US passports

Thank you
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Old 28th Jul 2013, 03:45
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Freelance Flight Attendant UK

I am looking for any freelance work over the next few months or indeed periodically over the year. UK based however, happy to travel to any proceeding airport worldwide. Availability as per my current schedule is 2 weeks per month.

Valid work visas - USA , Russian, Nigerian (2 passports available)
Vaccination certificates for worldwide travel
Food hygiene and presentation trained.

Aircraft :
Challenger 604 & 605
Embraer legacy
Gulfstream G550

Please inbox me directly with any interest or enquiries.
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Old 13th Aug 2013, 22:05
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First Officer Gulfstream G450, G500, G550

I am also looking for a job, preferably with a commutable roster. I am current on the Gulfstream G550 until September 2014.

Total time: 3200
On type G450/G550: 900
Jets: 1500

Other ratings: ATR 72 and A320 series
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Old 26th Aug 2013, 06:51
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Are you current on the 850?
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Old 26th Aug 2013, 06:53
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Do you have the vision or just the classic?
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Old 29th Aug 2013, 08:37
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ipilot check these out:

C560 Captain job in UK | Competitive | Pilots - Pilots Job

Rated Citation Ultra (C560) Pilot - Papua New Guinea-Latest Pilot Jobs-Latest Pilot Jobs

AviationJobs.Me Flight Crew: Freelance C525 Pilots Aero-Dienst Germany

Free Pilot Jobs - Pilot job search Captain Citation 525A CJ1/CJ2 India Pilot Hiring

Don't pay for a rating.

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Old 29th Aug 2013, 16:51
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4000+ hrs TT,
Ouch, its sad to hear someone with this level of experience offering to pay for a TR.... time to watch corporate terms and conditions slide right into the crapper!
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Old 30th Aug 2013, 13:55
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Any work out there...?

Former 1time Airlines F.O, still looking for work, willing to relocate, obviously.

MD80: 620.00
L382: 160.00
JS41: 594.00
Be20: 750.00
C208: 6.00

And various other P.C's

Anything and everything available? Contract would be good, Africa, or W.H.Y

Thanks in advance
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Old 1st Sep 2013, 15:25
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Legacy 600/650

Prefer Europe or Asia Rotation

5530 TT
2700 TJet
1730 Legacy 600/650 (1435 PIC)

UK CAA EASA Initial Class 1 Medical
UK CAA Telephony Radio Operators License

FAA ATPL, LRJET, Legacy 600/650, EMB135, 145
FAA Class 1 Medical
VP Validation

Passports - UK & USA

World Wide Experience
Current FAA 135.293, 135.297, 135.299
Last IPC March 2013
Current International Ops, RNP, RVSM, MNPS
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Old 1st Sep 2013, 17:02
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VIP Flight Attendant

VIP Flight Attendant
I am currently looking for VIP Flight Attendant work, either freelance or part time. I have 10 years flying experience, two of which in a supervisory role and two years VIP ground handling. I am currently freelancing for two UK based companies on G550.

I am conscientious, well presented, loyal and discreet. I have a cheerful well balanced personality and demonstrate strong leadership and excellent organisational skills. Any information and/or tips would be gratefully received.
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Old 2nd Sep 2013, 18:16
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FAA HS125 Captain ad-hoc/Short/Long term availability

Located midwest USA, available ad-hoc/short/long term

5,400TT, >2,200 on type, >1,700PIC on type
Will undertake next next 61.58 at flight safety early October 13
Currently flying the type.

Also rated

CE-500 (Command Experience, Former SPW in Encore/Bravo)
DA-50 SIC (DA-900 Experience)
G150 SIC

Enthusiastic can-do attitude please PM and I look forward to helping your flight department!
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Old 8th Sep 2013, 19:23
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I am looking for work, available immediately


Total 8700
PIC 6700
Multi pilot turboprop >5700kg 5200
Multi pilot turboprop PIC >5700kg 3500
IR 6100
FI 1400
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Old 16th Sep 2013, 08:38
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Pensioner G450 G550 Captain available

Current project ends in December.

Seek Middle or Far East Gulfstream project, Capt or FO, no problem.

English, 65 Years FAA ATP, Class 1.

13k TT, world wide experience.

Cheers all,

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Old 16th Sep 2013, 14:32
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Feel like a little Duck, but this is me.

Dutch Fresh Graduate since 6th of September 2013. The Ink on my license is still wet.

EASA License:
- IR
- MCC , Done on Level D B737 EFIS.
- ICAO English Level 5. So close to a 6 2x5 and 4x6. Here in Lithuania they hardly ever give a 6.

TT: 223
PIC: 103
IFR: 104

Passed all ATPL Theory exams first attempt. Aswell flying skill tests.

- Dutch
- English
- German
- Spanish basic
- French basic
- Learning to speak Russian

Strong features:
- Strong motivation.
- Leadership skills.
- Strong in decision making.
- Straight to the point.
- Adventurous.
- Picking up languages very easy.
- Experienced PGA golfinstructor .

I am an extremely aviation passionist, who just want to fly. The Sky Is My Home.
I am willing to work anywhere in the world.

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Old 20th Sep 2013, 14:24
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Adding my name to the long list of those looking for work.

Age 43
EASA frozen ATPL
First class medical until June 2014
Rated C560XL and A320
1750 hours TT
650 hours multi-crew jet

Getting back into flying. Last flight in an C560XL was March 2011. Also rated on the A320 but only have a few hours ferry time. XL rating lapsed in April 2011 but A320 rating is current until February 2014. First class medical until June 2014. Not flown in 18 months due personal circumstances. Happy to fly anything but can't afford to self-fund a full type rating!

In the process of sorting out a 560XL LPC in the sim. I'm London based but willing to travel anywhere.

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Old 30th Sep 2013, 19:50
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Falcon 900 SIC

Hi all,
Looking for any opportunities as SIC on Falcon 900 or similar.

7000 hrs TT
1500 hrs Falcon


Friendly, reliable and easy going, would be happy as freelance or employed - either is great.
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Old 3rd Oct 2013, 10:55
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TT - 11,500
PIC A320 6000+

Looking for a change at 55!
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Old 6th Oct 2013, 05:16
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Looking for a change from instructing

EASA ATPL class 1 med ICAO English Level 6 conversational Russian
3100 hours TT
2000 hours PIC
1000 hours multi pilot
1500 hours FI
All courses current (CRM, DG etc.)
B737 on license (not current)


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