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evansb 6th Sep 2014 21:05

What Cockpit?
http://i141.photobucket.com/albums/r...ps1e965f98.jpgidentify the cockpit:

BEagle 6th Sep 2014 23:27

Boeing Aircraft Co. of Canada, "Totem" flying boat CF-ARF cockpit.

There's this clever tool known as Google image search.....:oh:

evansb 7th Sep 2014 01:41

You are correct. If you use Google Image Search, there is no challenge. Are you admitting you were too lazy to objectively analyze the photo, or are you just giving me advice for future posts? Or both? Regardless, I challenge you to post a cockpit challenge.

BOAC73 7th Sep 2014 11:11

Oh dear. And now he's taken his ball home.

dubbleyew eight 7th Sep 2014 12:17

try google images on this one :E


Ian Burgess-Barber 7th Sep 2014 15:17

A Wittman W-8 Tailwind?

Ian BB

BOAC73 7th Sep 2014 16:51

I have googled & youtubed! Not exactly like the home build Wittman 8's I saw.
However I would expect doubleyew eight to know his own W-8 perhaps?
Time for evansb to bring his ball back ?

dubbleyew eight 8th Sep 2014 05:27

yes ian bb has it.

dare I admit that I was actually taking the piss :E
but I can post some you wouldn't guess.

India Four Two 8th Sep 2014 10:40


Where did you get that turn and slip? I've never seen one like it.

dubbleyew eight 8th Sep 2014 12:12

the turn and slip is an old gyro instrument.
the slip is a simple pivoted paddle bat with a weight below it.(internally in the instrument)
The turn is a gyro instrument which as it happens isn't plumbed into the vacuum.
it used to have an inop sticker over it.

the instrument is probably ww2 vintage or just after.

India Four Two 8th Sep 2014 17:28

I should have been more specific. Your T&S is not like the ones seen in British WWII aircraft. Do you know where it was made?

dubbleyew eight 9th Sep 2014 12:31

re the turn and bank instrument.
when a google search failed to give me a picture of a similar instrument I went for a look.
a 100km round trip later and I'm still puzzled.
I actually took the instrument out of the panel for a good look see when I discovered that there is no makers name on the face.

on one side of the case is stamped in
Patent No's 604208 591182

on the other side of the case is stamped
Serial No. c/908/49 Type TN300
Ref No. 6A/2676

there is no hint of a manufactures name anywhere on the case.
if anyone can give me an identification of year and manufacturer please speak up.
more of a mystery than I thought.

jez d 9th Sep 2014 13:43

The 6A/2676 is an RAF stores ref; the format of the display is the same as in the last Tiger Moth I flew in. The part is in the LAS catalogue, albeit nil stock, call for availability. I strongly suspect /49 is the year of manufacture.

Cubs2jets 9th Sep 2014 23:43

"The turn and slip was a 6A/3371 mk 1B made by Reid & Siegrist as TN300.This is calibrated to 4 minutes at full scale deflection on each side of centre."

This from another post referring to DHC-1 Chipmunk instrumentation.


India Four Two 8th Mar 2015 22:27

New cockpits are few and far between these days. Here's a rare one:


oldpax 9th Mar 2015 00:25

Could this be a Barracuda?

India Four Two 9th Mar 2015 03:01

Yes, it's being rebuilt after a crash. Not from Fairey.

Here's a closer view of the panel:

India Four Two 9th Mar 2015 12:36

Not from Hawker either.

oldpax was getting slightly warm with his Barracuda guess. This aircraft is about the same size and has folding wings.

ETOPS 9th Mar 2015 17:00

I reckon it's a Vultee A-31 Vengeance..


India Four Two 9th Mar 2015 20:49


I can see why you thought it was a Vengeance, but not from Vultee. It is however American.

Not an Avenger but you are headed in the right direction. Simple wing-fold la Corsair.

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