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NCD 16th Oct 2014 05:57

Air Niugini's subsidiary - LINK PNG


Air Niugini now has a subsidiary airline company-LINK PNG which will commence operations on 01st November this year to coincide with Air Niugini’s 41 years of operation.

Air Niugini’s Board Chairman, Sir Frederick Reiher made the announcement during a meeting between the airline management and the union in Port Moresby today.

He said the establishment of a subsidiary company is part of Air Niugini’s restructure into the future and will open a new era in domestic air travel for Papua New Guineans.

Sir Fred said “ The new subsidiary will operate on a “low cost carrier” model, providing an affordable and safe service to the people of Papua New Guinea. The carrier will also serve PNG routes on a community service (CSO) obligation, ensuring that not only are remote and less profitable services maintained, but progressively expanded to meet the growing transport needs of the nation and its people.”
He said “Link PNG will be a smarter, less “frills” and low cost carrier that will principally service routes to provincial and district centres which are currently being operated by the Dash 8 Classic fleet”.

“Its establishment will ensure that rather than air services being reduced by the ownership restructure of Air Niugini Limited and the injection of private sector capital – as has occurred in other countries in the region – they will actually be guaranteed and increased.”

The most important aspect of the establishment of Link PNG is that it will guarantee regular, reliable, safe and affordable services to the more remote parts of the nations where patronage is less than the main domestic routes, but just as important for the travelling public.

Link PNG will commence operations as a separate company on 1st November 2014 under its own Board and Management. Mr Daniel Wanma is the Chief Executive Officer. His senior management team has been selected and they have all satisfied the PNG Civil Aviation Safety Authority (PNGCASA) requirements as “fit and proper” persons – a mandatory regulatory requirement. Link PNG will operate from its own premises located alongside the Cargo premises.

All these personnel, including the technical crew and other employees, will be seconded as Air Niugini employees on an agreed arrangement to work under Link PNG until such time all staff and employees are confirmed on Link PNG’s positions.

Air Niugini Chief Executive Officer Mr Simon Foo said Air Niugini has been operating and running its business the way it has been for the last 40 years with little change when business practices and circumstances, economic climate and technology have changed dramatically in the airline industry within the region and world-wide.

“ This move is gearing Air Niugini to engaging in smarter business practices in the delivery of its services, and in a cost effective manner. It is imperative that Air Niugini embraces new and modern ways and means of delivering its services. ”Mr Foo said

Kiwiconehead 16th Oct 2014 13:41

Didn't realise PX had any frills for there to be less of?

Metro man 16th Oct 2014 16:48

The Jetstarisation of Air Niugini.

Hugh Mungus 17th Oct 2014 00:06

The first and most obvious error to me seems to be the secondment of Mainline Pilots to the new venture,Allan has famously stated that creates pollution of cultures,perhaps Simon has not got his number.last time I checked the advice to call Allan was included in the Australian National Anthem but no Number is proffered:E

Snail Dave 17th Oct 2014 10:26

I'll go against the mundane and typical negativity in this industry (and particularly on this forum) and wish the very best of luck to Daniel Wanma and his team in this endeavour. God knows he'll need it in such a challenging place to conduct aviation operations. He's a smart guy and a real gentleman. Hope it's a success.



saabsforever 17th Oct 2014 10:38

Hugh, So I guess you figure on finding a couple of young blokes to pay for a Dash rating and rush off for a quick Wapanamunda-Moresby-Chimbu then? As for the frills the cheese and crackers made it all the way to the flightdeck along with the business class sandwiches from the previous day. While savouring these delicacies I read in the post courier that all staff had been consulted about the changes and were happy, which was a great relief since it was the first we had heard of it. While being so happy I will try not to pollute the culture unduly.

Hugh Mungus 17th Oct 2014 12:11

I feels our pain Saabs. But there is an old adage that says. " build it and they will come". So there are youngsters who will not only do the sectors you propose but perhaps four more to boot ,after funding their own Dash Ratings....but I wouldn't worry .. It only happens ...if......Simon Says !!! :}

Duck Pilot 8th Nov 2014 21:36

I heard that they were going to re-fleet the Dash 8s with ATRs, is that still on the horizon?

saabsforever 9th Nov 2014 01:14

The horizon looks very empty right now. Only good news is a couple of good people in management (against all odds). If they have any Captains left in the New year Link may well fare better than the mothership which appears to be heading for the rocks at full speed!

Duck Pilot 9th Nov 2014 04:59

"mothership which appears to be heading for the rocks at full speed!"

Hope ANG doesn't make the news headlines for all the wrong reasons.....................

Changes certainly needed to be done, however the surgeons with the carving knives (or should that be bush knives and wood saws) needs to be very careful not to cut out to much of the good stuff!

geeup 13th Nov 2014 02:45

Are the Q400s part of "Link PNG" or is it just be DH8-300s?

Unusual-Attitude 13th Nov 2014 07:58

Just classics.

balusnomore 19th Nov 2014 00:09

Duck, “the surgeons” are using a chain saw, and a large one at that. Amputation rather than delicate surgery seems to be the mission.

The 2015 contract that I have seen has a HUGE reduction in conditions that NOT IN THE LEAST includes: no more offshore basing, no tours, leave reduced from 6 weeks to 4 weeks, salary packages reduced by at least 20% (more if Training, Checking, etc) and KPI targets such as achieving min hours over contract period (now only 2 yrs) or be dismissed (they are responsible for rostering the hours, don't like you, no hours I suggest).

Many of the other conditions are just downright draconian with the company putting all responsibility onto the Pilots and accepting none themselves.

Yearly salary increase to be 1.7% (subject to meeting the KPI targets, see above) which compares badly to the latest PNG inflation rate of 5.1%. Salary paid in PGK which is a little volatile.

All new hires from 2015 will be on a pretty poor B scale salary.

A sign it or leave town (ala barbed wire compound :eek:) proposal.

got you sighted 19th Nov 2014 15:07

Hey SAABS,did you teach me about sheep based windshear detection system?

olderairhead 20th Nov 2014 21:48

Dash F/O B scale will be paid 61% less than A scale based on first year with 20% experience bonus plus 13th month bonus.

A scale $118181 B scale $46277

Killer Loop 20th Nov 2014 22:21

Will the thirteenth month and experience bonus (15%) be included in the 2015 agreement for A scalers though?

balusnomore 21st Nov 2014 01:20

Will the thirteenth month and experience bonus (15%) be included in the 2015 agreement for A scalers though?
Reading the 2015 pdf version of the contract that was sent shows no mention anywhere of:

Retention Bonus;

13th Month payment or

DH8 Experience Bonus;

in either the "A" or "B" scale salaries.

If the Experience Bonus goes that will be a further 20% pay loss on top of the 11% pay cut to the current "A" DH8 scale salary....31% reduction in salary, bet those crews are impressed:eek:

olderairhead 21st Nov 2014 01:51

For the A scalers, experience bonus yes, 13th month no. Also no level change from 2015 only 1.7% if you meet KPI's.

balusnomore 23rd Nov 2014 12:38


Is it still the case that the schedules on the international flights make it impossible for guys to make those (KPI figures of) 600 hours due to to up to 30 hours a month of deadhead paxing to pick up flights?

Still correct that there is not much night aviation in country so there so the only rostering is day hours only, makes for busy days to log 600 hours. Take a lot of Hagans a day to do that!!!!

BTW, has a new contract been drafted, the copy I have seen does not mention anything about the experience bonus at all, even though you suggest it will happen.

If it is not written in the contract, what makes you think you will get paid it?

Unusual-Attitude 23rd Nov 2014 18:54

If the Experience Bonus goes that will be a further 20% pay loss on top of the 11% pay cut to the current "A" DH8 scale salary....31% reduction in salary, bet those crews are impressed
Bet those crews won't be here come Jan.

olderairhead 23rd Nov 2014 19:21

Re the experience bonus a PX pilot told me.

balusnomore 24th Nov 2014 00:24

I hear the guys can be “domiciled” elsewhere other than Morseby, but while in Moresby will have to “HOT BED!!” in an leased 2 bedroom apartment block.

So how does that work?

What about travel to "domicile"? Any assistance there, how many days off in a row?

olderairhead 24th Nov 2014 05:50


I am confused. You say you have a copy of the contract so why ask the questions?

And FYI current expats will remain on A scale and retain the experience bonus, new hirees will go onto B scale with no experience bonus. Suggest you speak to the right pilots to get the facts.

No assistance being offered to travel. It is in your time at your expense.

Duck Pilot 25th Nov 2014 07:48

I wouldn't be surprised if they don't start outsourcing all their engineering to Asian MROs. Do they still have expat engineers in POM?

olderairhead 26th Nov 2014 19:33

Must be gone then. Just adds to the rosy future for those guys up there!

lucille 6th Dec 2014 13:00

As a PX old boy, I am horrified to learn of these new impositions.

Surely the hoof beats of pilots heading for the door must be heard on the 4th floor?

Will PX be reducing their schedule and fleet numbers as well?

If not then flight cancellations will be the norm.

It will be interesting to see if all those savings will offset the increased training costs and costs of cancelled flights associated with a pilot shortage.

Fingers crossed for everyone that saner minds will prevail before its all too late.

balusnomore 10th Dec 2014 05:15

Apparently the National Pilots Union supported by the Expats took PX to Court a day or so ago.

PX told by the Court to go and actually talk to the Unions about the Conditions for the next contract.

Hoofbeats of pilots you ask, I heard second hand that 30 have left in the last 6 - 8 months , and also hearing that that 30 will be joined by more in the coming months, especially since they are hearing first hand from those mates that the grass IS GREENER on the other side.

Unusual-Attitude 19th Dec 2014 10:19


olderairhead 24th Dec 2014 10:37

7 days to go.

Alarm bells ringing, Alliance on standby.

What, no crew?!

balusnomore 24th Dec 2014 11:38

Mate tells me 3 more resignations this week.

balusnomore 25th Dec 2014 11:28


TANGFU......I had to think... and then, Hahaha!.

This tweet from the web defines it.......

"For those outside #PNG TANGFU=typical Air Niugini [email protected]#? up"

Chocks Away 26th Dec 2014 12:13

That's their old name... "Air No-Got"
No got balus, no got pilot... :)

Unusual-Attitude 28th Dec 2014 02:25

Fit about to hit the shan...sit back with your popcorn, stubby in hand, and enjoy the glorious cluster f$&k that's about to unravel...

Kiwiconehead 28th Dec 2014 04:57

I heard someone is looking pretty ill after promising the board major wage cuts from the pilots - couldn't happen to a nicer guy

Unusual-Attitude 28th Dec 2014 09:42

Oh, they'll save plenty in pilots wages...coz there won't be too many left there to pay...:E

jackthelad 1st Jan 2015 08:11

Last one out is a rotten egg!
As at 0800 today Im told 41 pilots have left. Many did not sign the worst contract in the Southern Hemisphere.

Im told, pilots had until 1700 EST to either sign the 2015 c*ntract or be considered unemployed by the company on 1st Jan 2015. And that they would be paid their existing entitlements at the new B scale wage. According to all sources this did not cause the mad rush anticipated by Foo's crew.

According to a reliable source there where several late night phone calls made by senior management to key crew offering them to talk numbers.:ugh:

Pilots where also told that from Jan 1st they would be removed from rostered duties. Many pilots waking to 2015 to find not only have they not been removed but they had extra flights added. Sound like opps normal.:D

Sounds to me that management are putting the total blame on the crew for their own shortcomings. Do they still have 25 or 26 Boeing 767 Captains for 2 aircraft of which one is nearly always away being serviced. I wonder how many of those 25 or 26 are checkies on the highest of high incomes but hardly ever fly.

Gentlemen and Lady (i believe she is leaving or even left) there are greener pastures to feed upon, dont be worried your skills and expertise as pilots in PNG are held in high regard in other parts of the world and will serve you well.

Goodluck with it all, I can only imagine those that did sign the 2015 c*ntract signed it because it pay just a little more than a job search allowance. Cannot imagine many of them giving the required 8 minutes notice required under the new fantastic deal once the get a better ride.:ok:

olderairhead 4th Jan 2015 05:17

Had a call from a mate who tells me that the PM's plane is grounded at the moment due to a crew shortage caused by the new contract.

Wonder how happy the PM is now that the ousting of pilots' is affecting him directly?

Maybe he should utilise the 73's while they still have crew

this week.

troppo 4th Jan 2015 22:29

seek, posted this morning

olderairhead 4th Jan 2015 23:00

So obviously it is p!ss off the A scalers and get rid of em, 44 so far I'm told, and employ B scalers instead.

Gee I can hear the rush already, and it isn't from those coming!!!

Mach E Avelli 5th Jan 2015 00:53

Sadly, the rush will come from India and Eastern Europe and places like Ethiopia.
The rush to the bottom.

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