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aviationmug 12th Feb 2007 12:04

I applied to this mob about six months ago.
They said I had to go casual to start, and fly copilot on the metro.
I have considerable time command on turbine, and have since got a Capt job with a regional.
If they are going to give me the run around, then [email protected]#k em!

Icarus2001 13th Feb 2007 02:50

Interesting indeed. Why swan in and post a few replies only to remove them a week later?

Looks like more pain on the way for them this week. Pilots leaving just after being checked to line is not a good look.:\

Icarus2001 17th Feb 2007 02:51

Any truth to the rumour that four more pilots have resigned this week and a contract or two has been lost to (shock) Skywest?

Brasilian Bird 24th Feb 2007 16:57

Icarus, it ain't just a rumour... 'darling'! :} :E

KRUSTY 34 25th Feb 2007 01:19


What Regional are taking direct entry Captains?

Swanie 25th Feb 2007 01:30

i know a couple of ppl that just got accepted to head to melbourne for their metro TR, sounds like its quite easy to get into at the moment, now i know why ;)

Whats so bad about skip's

VH-UFO 25th Feb 2007 09:52

Friend of mine who works at the Kooly minesite emailed me the other day and said they turfed skippers for Skywest after their prang at Kooly a few weeks ago.

Flying into Windarling then bus back to Kooly (100km).

Boys/Girls at our minesite starting to grumble as well, in particular about the availability of aircraft, and the state of them.

When i tell them these aircraft (conquest) are approaching 30 years old, they shiiiivvveerrrrr, which almost turns to frosbite when they hear about incidents like Kooly.

And the availability, anybody at Skippers enlighten me as to what the deal is?

You see, we finish Thursday afternoon but dont fly out until well into the next morning.

I didnt think Skippers were that busy, as we were told there were absolutely no other slots available. Even rang after we found out about Kooly, nope, nada, no other slots.

Towering Q 25th Feb 2007 11:23

Flying into Windarling then bus back to Kooly (100km)
They might as well just drive to Perth.

Led Zep 26th Feb 2007 08:45

Skippers were going to pull out of Kooly before the conquest incident as they lost the contract to XR (what Icarus alluded to) who could provide bigger aeroplanes than what could Skippers.

Skipper's problem seems to be lack of aeroplanes and more so the pilots to fly them. I've been told from someone who knows, skippers have no problems with keeping their engineering department staffed. Getting around 3x more than the average pilot there +overtime/etc is probably why. :D :ugh:

That's what I've heard anyway. :} :ok:

Richo 26th Feb 2007 11:37

Well heres a rumour then !
Heard today from,........ well maybe I wont say, but anway back to the topic.

A US company is preparing to fly a A319 to Perth for mining contract work. The aircraft was painted white with a Blue tail and yellow feathery looking things.

So let the guessing begin?


Skystar320 26th Feb 2007 23:06

LOL richo nice info :ok: pity its all wrong!!!!!!!!!!

Monopole 26th Feb 2007 23:28


Is that the one thats parked up next to the polished silver B737 with a green tail and a purple 'N' on the tail :} :} :}

Icarus2001 28th Feb 2007 00:36

Hey Richo, has anyone over there got any jet time to drive this mystery jet?:cool:

Defenestrator 28th Feb 2007 05:37

Hey Richo, has anyone over there got any jet time to drive this mystery jet?
Are you serious? You don't need jet time to be a jet driver. But I'm sure insurance will denote otherwise.


Brasilian Bird 28th Feb 2007 06:14

Could it possibly be the A319 that's turned up in Hobart as part of the Antarctic expedition fleet?

Icarus2001 4th Mar 2007 06:08

I like the way you think.:ok:
Possibly this one http://www.aad.gov.au/default.asp?casid=29219

Come on Richo, you can do much better than that.:)

Icarus2001 28th Mar 2007 10:10

Richo come on....;)

Looks like it isn't just the pilots heading out the door in large numbers. Heard that various admin staff and engineers are moving on.

Supply and demand indeed.

Richo 28th Mar 2007 15:56

Hi Ic'ie

Desired effect, - achived

No further need to carry it on.

Speeds Hi


Icarus2001 15th Apr 2007 03:26

I have seen quite a few other operators with aircraft parked on their apron in the last two weeks. Maintenance issues again or lack of crew?

Their maintenance manager is off to Skywest I hear.

Shed Dog Tosser 15th Apr 2007 05:39

Its interesting watching many low capacity RPT/Charter operator rapidly dropping their minimums.

For example, Bras/Metro23 and Dash 8 Captains on the East Coast being advertised with mins of 2-2500 and 500 multi, 100 night, ATPL.

Where are the mins on the West Coast for similar jobs ?.

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