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randa 17th Jan 2007 05:24

In reply to the original post, I think after some time at Skippers in the turbo props and some multi-crew experience, the cv starts to look interesting to those operating bigger equipment.

Personally, I enjoyed my time at Skippers - good crews, nice aeroplanes, home every night, most weekends off. Sure the money sucked, but it was still more than I was getting flying pistons, and the job satisfaction was high. I would have happily stayed longer if a jet job had not presented itself. If you're only after the money, go do something else!

Icarus2001 17th Jan 2007 09:16

if Skippers (or any other charter co) are having to lower their minimums to employ enough pilots, then surely the mines will either have to change their minimums (which I can't see the insurance cos doing) or the mines will have to take their contracts elsewhere. Problem is, if all companies are having the same problem, the mines will have no choice
..there is the rub brasilian bird, they are not ALL having that problem.
Look at the other operators at PH. NJS put pilots in the RHS as FO with thousands of hours, previous Metro/Bras Captains, some were C&T crew. Skywest do the same, Alliance have only taken high time (4000+) turbine Captains as FOs for the F100. Ozjet took the cream as well. Network does take lower time pilots but not as low as I hear Skippers will take. Pilots with less than 400 hours total time and cadet pilots without a rigorous supervision and training system.
So only Skippers take VERY LOW TIME pilots for the RHS who may or may not be upgradeable. A certain C441 pilot comes to mind. Why can other operators be more choosy? The answer is very simple T & C. What they are prepared to PAY for experienced drivers so that they avoid the six o'clock news and can keep the contracts and the way they TREAT their staff. Loyalty works both ways.

Hawk777 18th Jan 2007 02:59


Skippers have just anounced a new RPT route.

PH-PH via the circuit area.

Departs daily at 1130

captwawa 18th Jan 2007 04:01

T & C's
Apparently some people that are leaving may have stayed IF money and rostering were improved. Sounds like the same old argument.

Interesting times ahead - especially if more pilots keep leaving...

Does anyone know how the mining companies / clients know how pilot hours are verified (or if they are)?????

Brasilian Bird 18th Jan 2007 04:19

Icarus, that was the point I was trying to make (not very well I might add!!! :})

They would not have such a hassle keeping pilots if they paid them what they deserve for their experience. From what's been coming down the grapevine lately, there's not many REALLY experienced guys left in their fleet... e.g. they had Metro guys who had years on type who left for greener pastures because the deal was better elsewhere... had Skippers offered better I'm positive at least a couple would have stayed (family life, all that)

But really with what they were getting, they had no choice. Like was said above, if another operator dangled a bigger/better aircraft in your face and offered better pay, would you stay?

I sure as hell wouldn't!! :E

As for management, and how they treat them, I've seen it myself. They are not nice. Reasonable people give you reasonable rosters/hours/rest, and take into account personal circumstances. I've heard of guys needing time off for personal stuff (not because of a big night out) and it wasn't given. Then it's made to seem like the pilots fault. Well who schedules their aircraft to maximum available with not a lot of leeway for breakdowns etc?? Dunno if it's improved lately but the same apparently went for the cabin chicks as well. Off sick for a week, so lets hammer them for the next fortnight. Nice way to burn them out!!!

Wonder if it is the same at Network, Maroomba et al...? Don't think so, they look a lot happier! :E

Green gorilla 18th Jan 2007 04:39

Maybe in 10 years time it may be different more advanced aircraft required by mining companies requiring more training and more respect from these folks.

Brasilian Bird 18th Jan 2007 05:07

GG, you may be right. I can see a lot of the mines going to jets if runway improvements allow it. That just leaves the really remote/smaller strips for the likes of Skippers, Network etc (if they keep the smaller aircraft, that is)

No worries mate 20th Jan 2007 01:11

I see Skippers are looking for DE Capts (already endorsed) for the Bras and Metro. They are having trouble finding non-endorsed guys to fill the seats, what chance will they have of finding endorsed pilots?

Wombat 20th Jan 2007 02:58

Yes, they certainly are going to have a hard time attracting experienced drivers on T&Cs that they offer.

The management over the last few years have always hinted, "If you don't like the T&Cs, then leave".

Well, guess whats happening!!!!:D
And this lot of Pilot's, F/As & Grd staff are not the last to leave in the near future.


Brasilian Bird 20th Jan 2007 05:39

DE Capts (already endorsed) for the Bras and Metro.
Fat chance!!! They've all buggered off to greener pastures!!! RS and all his mates in management must be doing a merry dance right about now...! :E :}

Icarus2001 20th Jan 2007 05:41

I checked with a mate the other day...Dash 8 - 300 Captain gets $68K and apparently any DE crew will still be bonded for two years, even if they have the endo???????!

Brasilian Bird 20th Jan 2007 05:46

Sounds like the usual modus operandi over there... wonder how many takers they will get..? :}

I have no pity for them any more, they had some great guys who they royally shafted. Whats that saying, "What goes around comes around"? Watch it in action! :E

Led Zep 20th Jan 2007 09:35

Check the Jobs page of the AFAP website. Looks like there is something "fishy" going on at Skippers! Maybe the whole "endorsed applicants only" is a red herring. :p Ahhhhhrrrrrrrrr Matey!

I'll show myself out. :}

Equatorial 23rd Jan 2007 07:05

More leaving?
Have heard that the senior check and trainer on the Brasilia fleet is going as well as the senior F/O both to National Jet.

With that F/O going that makes the next senior F/O's Qantas cadets!

Is this true? How does that effect seniority?

anyone, anyone?

Icarus2001 27th Jan 2007 02:31

I don't think they use the S word over there equatorial.

Latest I heard is two new dash crew are heading back to fly the brasilia to keep them in the air. The friendly neighbourhood regulator is not happy.

flightfocus 27th Jan 2007 02:46


Skippers have just anounced a new RPT route.

PH-PH via the circuit area.

Departs daily at 1130
Ha ha - I hope that I can get a window seat on the scenic flight. "Continue left orbits till advised" sounds so interesting. Can't be a lot of training benefit in that.

Would have thought bump & grinds would have been more effectively done out west (CUN?) or down south (BLN or BUN?) than getting shafted in the PH CCT area.

Icarus2001 28th Jan 2007 03:28

Would have thought bump & grinds would have been more effectively done out west (CUN?)
You have your WAC upside down again.:ugh:

flightfocus 28th Jan 2007 11:37

You have your WAC upside down again.
Bugger! Hope that doesn't give away where I might be from....:sad:

Ahhh... the big blue thing is on the left now. Gotcha :8

My bad. :bored:

Zhaadum 28th Jan 2007 12:45

Not Perth I guess! The ocean is on the wrong side, it can get confusing. Lots of strange goings on over here. "W.A.it a while, 3 hrs (2 now:)) and 20 years behind the rest of OZ".


skytops 30th Jan 2007 02:17

Anyone here get in, or know anyone who got in, following the recent Skipper's interviews?
Just curious what are the hours of boys and girls getting in.

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