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Brasilian Bird 30th Jan 2007 09:33

Just curious what are the hours of boys and girls getting in.
Not many, if the goss I've heard is true!!! :}

Jedi 30th Jan 2007 12:37

The last two guys that I have heard had interviews have been fairly experienced. One took an F/O spot on the braz (He held multi check and training at last job), and the other is waiting to hear about a 441 spot (~4000hrs).
Although it would seem the experience pool is drying up, there are still guys out there with alot of experince beatin it out in the bush. Have also heard that the companies that these guys are leaving are having a hard time replacng them!!:cool:

Towering Q 30th Jan 2007 13:47

and the other is waiting to hear about a 441 spot (~4000hrs).
Something tells me he won't be waiting very long.:}

Icarus2001 31st Jan 2007 08:29

Ahhhh but isn't there now one less C441 requiring a pilot?

G.A. Boy 31st Jan 2007 10:50

No ATPLS, so I guess he will be there for a while until he gets em.

Delta_7 1st Feb 2007 05:10

StaffCV for Skippers says:

Australian CPL and ATPL subjects or
Australian ATPL

but then, further down, it says:

ATPLs (Highly desirable)

A little contradictory, but I'd read that as ATPLs are not a concrete requirement.

Icarus2001 2nd Feb 2007 00:54

Was that a Skywest F50 I saw over at Skippers yesterday? Couldn't have been surely? Probably crewed by Skippers escapees...:\

Icarus2001 3rd Feb 2007 06:53

It would be nice to have a million pilots on the rosters, however it does not make good business sense.
...and crosshiring an F50 or Dash from another company is a better business decision?

Icarus2001 3rd Feb 2007 07:30

...but not better than recruiting and retaining adequate numbers of crew to operate the contracted flights.

Icarus2001 5th Feb 2007 11:04

Glad to hear that crew numbers are healthy and that it is the engineers letting the side down.:ok:

Brasilian Bird 7th Feb 2007 07:39

Was not for maintenaince.... word round the traps is that XR have picked up one of the charters that Skippers were doing... not sure if it's to do with acft numbers or crew availability though... seems like a temporary thing but who knows

Wombat 7th Feb 2007 09:47

Richard Bachman,

Sorry to pick on you, but I'm sure that all of Skipper's clients would not like to hear that it is regarded as a training airline:= .

Secondly, when you say that current Pilot's rise up to the challenge of low numbers. I think you mean that their rosters are constantly changed, numerous times at the last minute, hence they have no private life, get frustrated and burnt out, then they leave to the likes of Maroomba and Network which are just sideward steps.

You are right to say that some Pilot's will move onto bigger companies to progress their careers but I believe Skippers could hold onto more Pilot's if they just improved their T & C's.

Just my opinion.


sweetpollypurebred 7th Feb 2007 10:16

That might be a good job for Gnadenburg, he may learn how to fly without someone holding his hand:ok:

Hawk777 7th Feb 2007 11:48


Might be a step side ways as far as aircraft type, but from what I hear it's quite a substantial pay rise flying the Dash at Maroomba.

Steve Young has always paid well and that is why these long serving Dash drivers at Skippers moved across.

Good on Steve for seeing the value in paying that bit extra to keep good guys. Maroomba will never have the crewing problems that Skippers are experiencing now.

Wombat 7th Feb 2007 13:17

Hawk 777

Thats absolutely 100% correct. As I said before, if they (Skipper's) could increase their T & C's they may retain a few drivers. From what I hear, Maroomba has an excellent reputation for looking after Pilot's. My reference to sideways step was aircraft only.


Icarus2001 9th Feb 2007 00:29

It seems Maroomba pay their crews more to fly a Dash 100 than Skippers pays their crews to fly a Dash 300. I am sure it isn't all about money as you say roster stability etc must play a part? I hear three guys off to VB, well done.

Ref + 10 9th Feb 2007 05:12

Maroomba apparently pay 441 drivers more than Skippers pay their Bras captains!!

It'd be funny if it wasn't true...

Full Noise 9th Feb 2007 13:45

skippers (jokers)
I hear that the roster is changing every 12 hrs, or once every 2 hrs at times. Everyone is notified of their roster the night before.

So doesn't that mean that everyone is on "Reserve" all the time???? Not sure, but doesn't seem real good to me.........

How is one too have a life with that sort of a roster?????????

I think Skippers bring it all upon them self. Pay better you get better, i.e people will stay.................:ugh:

Bluebottle 9th Feb 2007 14:05

Forgive the off thread drift...but do skippers still own the 2 old clapped out ex- Flt West Dash 100's?

Equatorial 12th Feb 2007 06:38

Where did Richard Cranium er Bachman go?
Noticed that all his posts have dissapeared after he threw his two cents in.

Why would this be done - maybe Richard sang his 'swan' song and like his Stephen King referenced nickname decided the heat was too hot in the kitchen and vanished....

Have heard some crew have had to go back to other aircraft due to pilot shortages - I am sure they are happy about this

Like Icarus I can't see how Richard can blame maintenance issues solely for the need to bring F50's over to Skippers - chances are the F50's are probably crewed by ex Skippers people anyway! :eek:

Bluebottle - yes they are

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