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QF mandates Vaccine

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That is correct for tetanus, flu and a few other vacines that wear out over time. Chicken pox not so much. Hence why you have boosters for tetanus when possibly encountering it and recommended every 10 years as well. Every virus is different obviously or we would have one vaccination for all of them.

Btw tetanus vaccine has way more side effects including high rates of convulsions/seizures in younger children. But of course you would be straight stupid not to get it.
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If you are in contact with new born children it is recommended to have a whooping cough booster if you've not had one in the previous ten years. Children less than six months of age are generally not old enough to be fully vaccinated.

Ain't the internet, and Pprune in particular, wonderful, I can communicate with folk who know more about vaccines than the medical profession.
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Sorry 42, were you feeling left out mate? Add yourself to the list of the “insufferables”.
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Originally Posted by 22k
To those saying “you do know that the vaccine is designed to reduce people’s symptoms, NOT to stop infection” or some load of sh&t to that effect.

They started out as “proper vaccines”, you know, ones that are useful for PREVENTING THE CONTRACTION AND SPREAD of a disease (aka A VACCINE), then “they” saw that wasn’t happening so “they” thought, “oh ****, that’s ok, we‘ll just change the definition of a “vaccine” then……

Keep moving those goalposts and here we are today, where the WHO has changed definitions of both “vaccine” and “pandemic” to suit their ham fisted and ridiculous approach to this whole saga…… BECAUSE THEY DONT WORK.

As for “Wizofoz”, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone better or more accurately deserving for the label “oztranought”. The smug, nose in the air and holier than though attitude on the bloke is an absolute delight to watch. They’re the type that are an absolute pleasure to fly with, talk only about themselves and “the old days”, while bitching and whining about the younger generation that don’t listen to them and their pointless stories about how good they are and how **** everybody else is… Looking out the window and trying to climb out it tends to be distracting and leads these legends of their own lunchboxes to think that you’re a distracted or substandard operator when all that’s going on is another crew member thinking about how to avoid this prat at every turn when we get to the hotel.

Wiz and his mates are perfect examples of how human decency, lack of respect and perverted authoritarianism have become the dominant strain of the most insidious disease in Australia now, which largely means, more than anything that they stick their large, unwelcome and arrogant noses into other people’s lives and demand that everybody else “do what we say because we know better than you damn it and you’d better listen to me!”

FFS blokes, get your noses out of someone else’s business, if you’ve had your jab then piss off and leave everybody else alone, ITS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS…..

Yeah yeah, “bUt The hoSPiTalS” etc etc…. Whatever makes you feel better about being a nosey old **** that can’t keep it in his pants and just stay out of other people’s choices, like the rest of you rabid “pro vaxxers”. It’s you people that are perpetuating this garbage and ruining our bloody country with your divisive rhetoric and abusive stances that involve the vilification of people who wish to simply make different choices than you and take responsibility for their own lives and health. (Side note, I don’t see ANY difference in the Covid situation since the jabs were brought in, but anyway)

The weird obsession with interfering in people’s medical lives and all of a sudden demanding to interfere in everybody’s private lives is the real problem here. Justifying the persecution and abuse of people based on their medical choices is extreme and one day, people like you lot will be looked upon as the bullies and absolute abhorrent beings that you are. No one has the right to force anything medical on someone AND THAT INCLUDES threatening them, their employment, their movement or their place in society. The number of people you’re trying to “save the world” against (those who get sick and run around spreading it for fun and trying to kill the population with the dreaded lurgy) are so small that you yourself look like a loony tin foil hat wearer by trying to say that they’re everywhere and that as a result, the whole population needs locking up and being jabbed against their will.

Prune brings out the best in aviation, as evidenced by the “Wizofoz” types on this thread. When will people stop with the dick measuring and just bloody get on with life and respect each other’s choices and lives for gods sakes.
You're a fully affiliated, card carrying moron.

I'll take my pprune holiday with a smile.
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Originally Posted by 22k
Sorry 42, were you feeling left out mate? Add yourself to the list of the “insufferables”.
Can you add me to the list too? Thanks champ
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