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VH OJA off to a museum

Old 8th Dec 2014, 22:33
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There physically is no where around the museum to put it. Not unless they want to park it next to the threshold of Runway 03. Or put it well away from the museum.

The ground is not 'damn hard' either. They recently had to get a crane in to lift the nose of EBQ up so they could redo the concrete under the nose wheel, because it was sinking. Black soil country, just about anything will sink in it.

Personally I don't see what significance the 747-400 has over the 747-200. The -200 was the entry into the 'Jumbo' era, the -400 was simply just an upgrade.

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Read about that London-Sydney delivery flight.....

VH-OJA Boeing 747
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as a survivor of vh nga (check it out) I an trying to work out the emotional attachment you guys have to a number?
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It's all to do with the magic of flight and the belief that an aeroplane is not just a machine but a living breathing thing that has a personality all its own. There's also a component of new isn't necessarily better.

Are you sure you're not an accountant - or a mathematician for that matter.

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Read about that London-Sydney delivery flight.....
Thanks for the great link cdc, and a little more about the day she arrived..

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Just read a release from Longreach Museum on Facebook saying they will NOT be getting OJA but thankyou to all for showing interest in the Qantas founders museum.

The Aircraft is going to the HARS group at Albion Park.

It's now scheduled to operate an extra flight from LAX back to SYD on Dec 18th. QF 18

( it's already in LAX now sitting around I guess as that was supposed to be its last flight before going to Victorville )
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My sources who have sources in the Qantas also point to HARS.
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As a user of YWOL on an almost daily basis, attempting to land a 747-400 there would raise several significant issues.

The only runway it could conceivably use is 34/16, which is just over 1800m long and rated to 25 tonnes. It's 30m wide, with grass either side. It has a PAPI and a published GPS approach at either end. Nothing else.

I am not sure either the runway itself, or the turning bays at either end, are strong enough to suport the aircraft or to allow it to turn it around, under its own power or being towed. To remove the requirement to turn the aircraft around on the runway after landing it would have perform a full-stop landing to finish by the intersection, meaning only runway 16 is "in play", and one hell of a lot of reverse-thrust would be required. It will require an exemption for overweight operations as a "once-off".

I have doubts the taxiway to the HARS area would also suport the aircraft, since it was laid down in the days of YWOL being a 5.7t airport, although it does support Connie. (Not sure what the pavement-loading difference between the 747 and Connie landing-gear actually is. At least the 747 has a lot more tyres to spread the pressure over.)

So flying it there presents serious technical issues, but if anyone here has more detailed knowledge maybe they can shed more light on these matters.

If OJA comes to YWOL it may well do so on several large trucks, to be re-assembled in-situ. Information to hand via the council suggests it will occupy a large space between HARS and where the old restaurant used to be (where the Dash-8s of old used to park).

If it does come to YWOL, it will be a tourist drawcard indeed, and the HARS people will take good care of her. And, if someone does have the conjones to land it here, there will be an enthusiastic and numerous audience to witness what will be truly a once-in-a-lifetime sight, sound and experience.
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If It's going to KMHV, so i will see it again soon, if I'm quick enough.

The scrappies are really chomping their way through the fleets of retired heavies there, and most days the sounds of the crashing thumping and grinding sounds of these once noble airframes as they succumb to the demolition machines is like they are crying out in their death throes, doing their best to resist, futile as that may be.

Its always a bit sad for me to see another 74 with its back broken, and the compactor pit awaiting the smaller chunks as they are torn off, dragged across the sand to be crushed.

I have some pics that I took last time I was there of a heavy being reduced to scrap, but cant get one to stick. from the air it was getting smaller by the day and was gone in a week or so, then the next one gets towed to the killing floor.

Week in week out.

I was there years ago when the place was covered in Ansett jets, and it was packed there after 9-11 and the commercial/bankruptcy fall out that followed that event.

whats left is a drop in the bucket compared to ten-fifteen years ago.

youtube item is a bit long winded but there are some interesting things to see:

at 00:21 there is a 747 I saw chopped up earlier this year. It got smaller every day I flew.

at 01:01 and 4:58 is the ship from the movie waterworld which was filmed there ( not right there, it was on a concrete pan a few hundred meters away.). the Helio Courier from that film was at chino last I saw.

at 04:27 there are a couple of the remaining F-100's. I saw one of these fly away! it was headed for China lake.

04:38 is a couple of C-133's that have been there since the airport was active military base I believe.

04:42 the Gimli Glider, which now has the engines off I think,

I saw some Q jets at Victorville when I was there a some months ago. VCV is taking over as the main scrap yard. whilst some are there for short term storage, most await the huge jaws of the killing machines.

Sic Transit Gloria


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As a user of YWOL on an almost daily basis, attempting to land a 747-400 there would raise several significant issues.
Errrm .... you do realise they took a 747-200 into Longreach, right ? Min fuel, stopped it on the runway and towed it to final parking position etc etc. Pretty sure if they can get EBQ into YLRE they can get OJA into YWOL
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Last week there was alot of work going on at IRA, demolishing the remains of the burnt terminal and control tower complex.

Maybe cooincidence but it ties in here with the suggested location of OJA final resting place.

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I guess WOL would not be a real problem, seeing that SAA flew two 747's into Rand Aerodrome in Jo'burg some years back. Even landed on the grass!
Welcome to The SAA Museum Society Search U Tube for the SP landing there.

Will certainly draw a crowd I expect
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Read about that London-Sydney delivery flight.....
and the Flight plan.....

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Wonderful to see such a donation by Qantas to an aviation museum.

The cynic in me thinks that no profitable disposal option had been secured. After all, a complete and operational 747-400 being delivered FOC is a rare event indeed.

Sometimes PR returns more than the cash gained from asset sales.
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I am trying to work out the emotional attachment you guys have to a number?
This could be the subject for a doctoral thesis. You've got a savant like Rainman, who could rattle off page after page of the phone book. And also happpened to know the air safety statistics for Qantas.

Then there was the Railwayman character, subject of a recent movie, whose knowledge of railway timetables was staggering.

But more ordinary brains do retain a mass of numbers relating to motor cars and aeroplane types. What really impresses is the way certain engineers and others knowledgeable about aero engines can retain the strings of numbers and letters pertaining to a particular engine.

Remember though, the good healthy minded aviator type will always be fascinated to know (and appreciate) certain vital staistics.

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Capt David Massy Greene/VH OJA

With the impending delivery of VH OJA to HARS at Albion Park has anyone considered involving Capt.David Massy Greene in the process ?
David was the Captain on the history making non stop flight from London to Sydney on OJA in 1989.

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Hey, Cap'n.
What do you think?

See you at Albion Park.
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YWOL ... March 8
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They recently had to get a crane in to lift the nose of EBQ up
And managed to do quite a bit of damage to the fuselage in the process, having declined expert assistance, so I am told.

Tootle pip!!
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