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Mainline to Jetstar

Old 14th Sep 2011, 10:46
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Mainline to Jetstar

Im posting today to ask peoples opinions of the current opportunities to move for 3 years from Qantas to Jetstar (outside of the 2004 MOU so under a LWOP situation.)

Have Qantas pilots been welcomed at Jetstar?
What is an expected salary?
Can a base transfer be expected in the 3 years?
How long is the training and how long are pilots without pay for?

Thanks in advance guys n girls.

(p.s. Not a Jetstar bash, im interested in future opportunities)
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Old 14th Sep 2011, 11:29
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Have Qantas pilots been welcomed at Jetstar?
-Don't know however I doubt the MOU guys would have. Anecdotal reports indicate they have not been. Direct entry i.e. at the bottom of the seniority list guys/gals who were not covered by MOU would probably have been as long as they don't mention cost of endorsement... I would just suggest not mentioning paid endorsements, someone/anyone 'stealing' someone/anyone else's flying and/or going back to a red tail in 3 years to hopefully maintain flight deck harmonics.
What is an expected salary?
$87,262 for first year.
$98,051 for second year.
(Approx figures based on expected checkout, year on type etc)
Can a base transfer be expected in the 3 years?
How long is a piece of string? They say yes you can go where you want within 12 months but then you have to think realistically don't you? Are they just trying to BS you and hope you don't mind being based somewhere you don't want to be for the full 3 years.
How long is the training and how long are pilots without pay for?
Depends if it is done in Oz or the UK, shorter in Oz but expect to be without pay for 2 months.
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Old 14th Sep 2011, 11:32
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you could expect pay around the 100k-120k depending on how much flying you do chase.

base transfer would be fairly quick I would think with the growth forecast
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Old 14th Sep 2011, 12:50
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How do the J* pilots feel about some mainline pilots coming over on to the 330?

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Old 14th Sep 2011, 13:28
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MOU pilots coming to the 330

Some of the MOU pilots probably flew a number of the JQ 330s before any JQ guys did....
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Old 14th Sep 2011, 13:54
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True, but there's a rumour that some non-MOU pilots are going to the 330 as FO's. Only rumour though.
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Old 14th Sep 2011, 21:51
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I'm assuming by the wording of you post Wedcue that you are an existing QF pilot.

All I can say is that things must be worse than I thought, if at age 64 you're even considering a move to that other mob!
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Old 14th Sep 2011, 23:03
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Thanks for the replies.

Yes, current QF pilot. Not 64, but getting closer by the day
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Old 14th Sep 2011, 23:15
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Let's be honest, the only reason these guys/girls are taking LWOP and flying for Jet* is because they see it as their only viable option, that is, as opposed to being without a job all together over the next few years. We all know the contributing factors as to why that is the case, but that is for another argument.

I would think that most would be aware that their arrival would be somewhat frowned upon by most of the rank and file, considering endorsements have been funded and positions are only temporary.
It's quite comical actually. Some at Jet* took great delight in 'shafting' their companions at QF, almost bragging about how they have screwed mainline career opportunities (I've heard the bravado first hand at various points around the network), only to ensure that the perceived enemy's demise has facilitated some sort of QF infiltration into their cosy little world. Who would have thunk it?

To the guys that have gone over that I know, and to those that I don't, I wish you all well. It's a shame that it has come to this, but from here on in I think it is time to look after yourself. Nobody is being screwed or bypassed. Opportunities are being taken that have existed or at least been in place for some time. I just hope common sense and professionalism reign, and that future pissing contests are avoided. Not likely.....
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Old 14th Sep 2011, 23:16
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It's more than just a rumour now. Apparently two SO's (which could mean any number in Jetstar speak) will be going directly on to the 330. In addition, there are two moving directly onto the 330 via an MOU position.
Regarding the SO's, apparently they have extensive RHS time from previous airlines.
If you can believe management (and that's a big if!) after 500 hours they will be CCQ back onto the 320.
However when it comes to Jetstar speak, four positions could mean 40 positions due to an 'operational requirement'
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Old 14th Sep 2011, 23:43
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Is there anyone out there who has a Darwin base?

What do you think of it?
How many overnights do you do?
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Old 15th Sep 2011, 03:33
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Wedcue, to answer your first question, I think you would be despised by both Qantas pilots for being part of the problem and by Jetstar pilots as being an opportunist.
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Old 15th Sep 2011, 04:34
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I suspect it will be how they react to the JQ guys....act like they know everything etc .....very likely they will receive SOP help only from the FO's!!!
The free endo hasn't gone down well with most FO's and Capt's but most understand that QF was throwing out a carrot for them.

The MOU guys who came over before all this should be really pissed now!!!

The 330 gig for QF guys...if under can fight that one but there are no slots currently on the big bus. There was a hint that it was to be use as a CCQ point but no details on the length of time they had to be on the plane prior to a move back to the 320. Still this doesn't help with the 320 FO could take 8 months form start to finish to get them through that idea of training up crews.

If LWOP bottom of the list guys getting straight on to the 330....lots of very pissed FO's on that point!!

But mainly the QFf guys are well received.....don't act like a skygod and they'll be fine!!!
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Old 15th Sep 2011, 10:24
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Make no mistake QF long haul paying for Endo is cheaper than having the pilots on their books. Whatever the cost is to endorse them on a A320 is at least half if not cheaper than paying someone 6 month severance pay. Who cares if you payed or didn't. It's what was available at the time. I would only think a selfish pilot wouldn't think it was nothing but a win that pilots didn't have to fork out for Endo. Big picture people!
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Old 15th Sep 2011, 10:42
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I would hope that Jetstar pilots will keep it all in some perspective although there are some who think that the MOU was a recent innovation put there to shaft F/O's. What should be kept in mind that it is all part of a grand strategy to get as many pilots as possible on the least pay and conditions. Any QF pilot who is coming across is doing so because of personal circumstances and career aspirations. The same reason that any pilot took a Jetstar job. Who knows in years to come it may be the Jetstar pilots who go to Mainline under the MOU.

To any QF pilot coming over to the new darkside all the best. BTW you know that scene from Return of the Jedi where Luke is getting zapped by the Emperor- thats what the rosters are like.
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Old 15th Sep 2011, 11:35
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Let's just hope that someone gets nuts big enough like Vader and ditches the Emporer into oblivion.

Won't hold my breath
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Old 15th Sep 2011, 19:17
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Who cares what Jetstar guys think. It is obvious that Jetstar have for want of a better word stolen QF airplanes and therefore jobs. There are only one group of pilots who should be feeling guilty and it won't be the QF guys. Race to the bottom led by crapstar and the like! And by the way stop overtransmitting me and everyone else just like SQ! The displayed airmanship is sometimes non existent. But what would one expect.
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Old 15th Sep 2011, 19:28
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We don't need your devisiveness. What good do your comments do? I'm also a QF driver.
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Old 15th Sep 2011, 20:28
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How could the Jet* blokes be bitter anyway? It was Qantas flying gifted to them in the first place, and now our blokes are getting a bit of the action back. They have had a dream run, whilst our blokes have been screwed.
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Old 15th Sep 2011, 21:37
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Jetstar blokes aren't bitter for the most part. If this is what guys/girls need to do to ensure an income in the future then, welcome aboard. I don't know why the MOU positions would cause any ill feelings, they have been in the seniority list for years specifically for this purpose. Those coming on LWOP are joining the bottom of the list. QF guys being given positions on the 330 etc.... if you have an issue with this then take it up with management NOT the QF guys joining. This kind of in-fighting is specifically how we have ALL found ourselves in this situation, PILOT's have always been crap at sticking together and know we are reaping the 'rewards' of this.
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