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C'mon, Someone must have some idea about that slaughter house awaits us all on August 24th - Discuss ?
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Joyce will pull of a rubber mask to reveal he is really Ms Jackson?
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In a nutshell, As far as QF international is concerned, if a route doesn't work with a 747 or 380, it's gone.

More flying for Jetconnect and Jetstar, Jetstars international aircraft to be repainted in to the QF livery, but still operated by Jetstar, the same as the current Jetconnect operation.

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Sounds like an excuse for international pilot redundancies.
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Sounds like an excuse to attempt to SCARE a disenfranchised pilot group from industrial action.

Not very sophisticated either.

Beware the trolls, naysayers and muckrakers gents and stick to your plans.
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Boys and Girls, its pretty obvious a private buyer wants the Qantas brand. They just don't want the people who built it.

The share price is being driven down, i'd be looking for someone to "short" Qantas when the offer is about to be made. There will be redundancies, but that won't help. Someone will take the corpse of the small shareholders hands and "voila!" as if by magic, the company flowers again, but in private hands!

To put it another way, the Regulator is toothless and the markets are rigged.
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Perhaps the 24 th would be the perfect day for PIA, would knock the wind out of any BS from above, the media just loves to focus on the negative stuff ( it sells papers ).

At the very least it would water down their media frenzy for, you know, the pontificating.
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very simple announcements

1) Qantas International based in SIN( remember SQ wants to open by years end an international low cost carrier. The problem for QF will be SQ low cost will tie up many landing slots in Europa).
2) pilots redundancies (cabin crew VR is at the moment actioned)
3) more route losses to QF (Buenos Aires comes to mind)
4) more routes to J*.
5)more bonuses because the share price will go up
6)Management reshuffle (watch this space)
7) a new adverstising campaign (always impresses the journos)
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Tic toc tic toc.... Goes the playschool clock!!!!
Time to get real kiddies..... Strike or be struck!!!

Bbbzbbz zzzzbnnbzzz
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I don't think I've ever hated anyone in my life.....I mean really hated....until now....
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Don't let emotions make the decisions or let the situation get to you. It will not change anything by worrying, hating etc.

Just remember..

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Resistance is useless.

Apologies to Vogon guards
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It's WAY too late already.

These plans would have been afoot for quite sometime, and by now extremely well advanced. Sad but true.

What Buzzy said!!
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To me the thing that says most about management is the fact that no-one from flight ops management has yet acknowledged that there is a friggin' great big pachyderm sitting in the immediate contained environs (elephant in the room).

Nearly a week since AJs press club speech and no communication at all from Fleet Manager level or higher.

A vague statement from a couple of managers today saying stay operationally, not industrially, focussed doesn't really cut it for those wondering if they'll have a job in eight weeks.

Someone - at Fleet level or above - needs to have the guts to stick their head above the parapet and acknowledge that people are feeling concerned and start to really manage the situation. That would, however, require a level of empathy that appears to be sadly lacking.

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Even if anyone was to stick their head up it is blatantly obvious that they will be either lied to or mislead by all and sundry.
This is a very sad state of affairs where these pretenders are playing with the lives of genuine and caring people (largely) but they don't give a toss.

How you can counter what is happening is beyond any rational thought because no one who can exert any influence seems to give a toss.

I did have a rare smile when I read somewhere that PPRuNe s causing some to get concerned.

Hello, where have they been while this orchestrated outcome has been evolving for all to see.

Since when do investors don't care about strategy risk, management integrity and blatant lies. They need to pull their heads out of the sand or wherever they have them stuck.

When the final game is played there is not a soul here who could not see it coming saving for Ken.

Hang on to your hats and coats because this is going to be a wild ride which no one but a few bonus driven individuals want.
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Qantas to ground some US flights

Qantas to ground some US flights

It's all leaking out, ...... again

Qantas to ground some US flights

QANTAS is expected to axe flights between Los Angeles and New York as part of cuts to its route network aimed at stemming losses from its international operations.
As the outcome of a wide-ranging review looms, services between the US's east and west coasts are believed to be the most likely to be ditched while the jury remains out on whether Qantas will stop flying to Buenos Aires, Honolulu and Mumbai.
However, Qantas is believed likely to cease services between Auckland and Los Angeles, and be replaced by Jetstar on the route.
Advertisement: Story continues below
Although Jetstar, Qantas' budget subsidiary, has flown to Hawaii for the past five years, it has long toyed with plans to fly to the US mainland. San Francisco has been touted previously as a destination for Jetstar, but taking over from Qantas on the Auckland-Los Angeles route is considered the most likely option.
Speculation has been mounting about the likely cuts, but insiders say the network review to be announced on August 24 as part of a four-pronged strategy to turnaround Qantas's international operations will not be as dramatic as predicted.
''It's more surgical than widespread,'' one said of the route cuts.
Top of the list of services to be axed are those between Los Angeles and New York. Qantas has long struggled to make those flights using Airbus A330s profitable because of insufficient through traffic.
Should the route be axed, Qantas's alliance partner, American Airlines, would provide connecting flights between Los Angeles and New York. The airlines are awaiting regulatory approval to deepen their alliance on the trans-Pacific route.
Flights to Argentina and India could also be axed, but it is considered unlikely Qantas will shelve services to Johannesburg because the route has been profitable.
The airline is also unlikely to want to give up its duopoly with South African Airways on direct flights between Australia and Johannesburg.
Competition on the route was lessened last year when Virgin ditched flights between Melbourne and Johannesburg because of the large losses it was incurring.
Qantas declined to comment on the routes likely to be axed. "No decisions have been taken about individual routes and any suggestion otherwise is speculation," a spokesman said.

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AKL/LAX to JQ would not be a surprise at all.

HNL is making money I believe but I am sure it will go so JQ can increase thier services.

Pulling out of EZE would be such a backward step. India will go for sure.

JFK - hmm. Big call to make - obviously a lot of J cabin is not being filled. I guess the corporates won't be happy travelling on AA's product thats for sure. Pulling out of JFK alltogether would be a huge city to take off the network - United would be rubbing thier hands together.
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Angry Drop Mumbai !!

Yep, thats what any forward thinker would do. Drop services to the second fastest growing economy in the world !
Numpties! :
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Not much left for the smartest guys in the room to chop. Either way, they have effectively ringed barked the qantas tree.
People being left behind in jfk the last few days due to aircraft being chockers.
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Flight Ops briefing 2 weeks ago said JFK ops profitable!
Last 2 flights I did were chockers!
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