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Merged: APNG Twin Otter Missing

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Merged: APNG Twin Otter Missing

Old 12th Aug 2010, 21:37
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The litigation lawyers you refer to Mach therefore have nowhere to go against APNG
Is this true??
Have see case in PNG where was very much higher payout than 30 thousand kina.
Is this case of strict liability, I think not.
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Old 13th Aug 2010, 01:25
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It may have been a PNG domestic flight, but wotif the Aussie citizens bought a package that included international travel? They got to PNG somehow.
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Old 13th Aug 2010, 01:37
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tolakuma manki,

The other case may have been a private flight? In which case strict liability and the Kina30,000 limit wouldn't have applied. This was not.


Sounds like you know what you are on about.

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Old 13th Aug 2010, 01:45
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Did they have their own travel insurance ?
Where they part of an organized tour that included insurance ?
Did any of them have life insurance policies ?
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Old 13th Aug 2010, 09:09
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Thumbs down

Regardless who had what kind of insurance it means nothing until Sid or some from the PNG DOT publishes a final report.
This is partly why Airlink closed down,no insurance paid out on the Goroka Bandit crash,the Hoskins Islander crash and the Patrick Kundin Bandit crash,hence this is one of the reasons why Sid went public in the way he did. The ATR was the final straw for Airlink. The whole thing comes back to the PNG politicians,I say no more !
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Old 19th Aug 2010, 06:03
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Thumbs down APNG to merge with PX ?

Merger proposed for PX, Airlines PNG | The National


I really hope this doesn't eventuate. I'll even start going to church to pray that this doesn't happen.

If APNG collapsed,Air Niugini would more than likely get APNG's existing contracts provided they could supply the aircraft and crews.

There is no way that Air Niugini would get something out of this,other than a hell of a head ache.
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Old 19th Aug 2010, 06:35
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Huge losses @ APNG plus losses @ Skytrans I hear...=???
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Old 19th Aug 2010, 06:45
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Old 19th Aug 2010, 08:00
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I also heard that one of APNG's most experienced DHC-6 checkies has decided to team up with an ex APNG Dash 8 Captain,to start servicing the PNG bush strips,that aren't being serviced any more.
Good onya MB and JT
PX doesn't want APNG's tired aircraft,nor do we want Toomey !
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Old 19th Aug 2010, 10:32
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Ever thought that A/PNG and Air Niugini might be considering code sharing on the Cairns Moresby route to try to offset the QF Q400 and the dumping of capacity on the route. A/PNG can do it cheaper for sure. They have an under utilised ATR-72 available in the mornings nowadays; it seems. Nice machine I am led to believe. With about 95% of the mining work in the country I would say Air Niugini would love to merge with them , but I seriosly doubt the clients-mining companys- would be to happy.

Last edited by Cravenmorehead; 19th Aug 2010 at 11:31.
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Old 19th Aug 2010, 11:33
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I dunno what planet you are on Head,why on earth would PX love to merge with APNG ?
Sounds like APNG are on the verge of collapse,I hope I'm wrong though.
PX taking onboard APNG just doesn't stack up,maybe there is some political influence ?
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Old 19th Aug 2010, 20:56
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Airfares in and out of PNG used to be astronomical! Competition has been the best thing that has happened to PX, they now run more efficiently and actually turn a profit. PX need APNG as it has made them improve and the people of PNG are the ones that have benefited the most.

There won't be any 'merger', however I do think the PNG govt need to buy into APNG and run a few auditors through the place. Then throw 'em a few more aircraft/refleet and let 'em loose.
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Old 20th Aug 2010, 10:30
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I agree with with the above post. It never ceases to amaze me the drivel that comes out of PNG. I think it is interesting that all these merger comments and talks of imminent collapse come when A/PNG have just launched a very smick ATR-72 into the system. Air niugini are you scared of a little decent competion? Tired old dash8's, at A/PNG? I remember most of yours arriving in 1997 and then on. Yes A/PNG's are old but very well maintained by great engineers, with stacks of experience.
It would have been a very expensive exercise bringing the ATR-72 into service, and no doubt this would have placed a great financial burden on the company. I imagine that the old cash flow at present would be a worry. But they did it. LGL love it and it is a good example of a company that is not scared to think outside the box. From here I should imagine more will come. Remember A/PNG was is essentially a G.A operator a few years back with nothing more than a couple of B1900's and two very tired old Dash8's. They now have nearly all the lucrative mining work. The mining companies love them they do the job well and safely.
To rumours of merger and imminent collapse I say bollocks!
I agree with Craven perhaps Air Agony and A/PNG are looking at joining forces on the Cairns POM run to stave off QF and their foray into the market. It would make sense to me.
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Old 21st Aug 2010, 04:41
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APNG chairman Simon Wild told shareholders that, in its first full year of operations as a listed company, APNG had suffered an overall loss of K24.6 million. It made a loss of K7.5 million in 2008.

Hopefully 2009 and 10 were better years.

Anyway, heres hoping the talk of merger and imminent collapse is, as you say, just "BOLLOCKS"

stave off QF
might be a quite await to see that happen I'd wager.
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Old 22nd Aug 2010, 23:08
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I am married to the son of Harold Gibson Lee (DickLee)and live in Canada.
His father passed away when he was 14 and does not have too many memories. Any thing you could tell us would give my husband a sense of who his father was.

You could email him at [email protected]

Dick is about to celebrate his 75th birthday and I am hoping you could share some memories. Thank you, Jackie Lee, Kelowna B.C. Canada
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Old 22nd Dec 2010, 19:43
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Sounds like the final report into this accident isn't too far away. Papers are reporting that the PNG AIC has handed their final draft report to the ATSB and all the other interested parties for final review before it goes public.

This report will be the most detailed accident report to ever come out of PNG. The report is expected to be released during the first quarter of 2011. No doubt it will be a very unbiased detailed report, and I hope that we all can learn from this tragic accident.

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Old 13th Jan 2011, 23:34
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Harold Gibson Lee

I am able to assist with some information on Harold G Lee
You can contact me on
[email protected]
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Old 24th Feb 2011, 15:32
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How might I contact you personally'

We are in Arizona for the winter and I just checked this sight.

I can be contacted by email @ [email protected]. thank you Jackie Lee
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Old 30th Mar 2011, 10:32
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The final accident report is being released tomorrow Thursday 31st of March. If I'm wrong about this I apologize, as the information that I received didn't come from a reliable source !

Anyone heard anything else along these lines ?
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Old 11th Apr 2011, 08:30
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Hmmm! Enough said!
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